When Is It Time to Quit Smoking Weed?

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I’m rather happy that I found this site. Here is my story…. I’m a 37 year old carpenter, and only parent to a 15 year old son. I started smoking weed sometime in high school… Aged 14 was my first encounter I believe, and by 15-16 much of my daily activities with friends evolved around…

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Why I Quit Smoking Weed For Good


I tried to quit Marijuana many times. Normally I would just tell myself that I this was my last bag, and not put any more effort into it than that. Clearly this wasn’t working.    This post is an overview of why I quit smoking weed.  There were some things that felt wrong in my life,…

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I Quit Weed and Had Withdrawal Panic Attacks: Jake’s Story

I quit weed

How I got Addicted Like everybody else on this blog I have decided enough is enough. Marijuana has had a grip on my life physically and mentally. I’m 26 and started smoking weed when I was 16. I smoked everyday from the age of 18 until the day I decided to quit. The most extreme…

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A Chiefer’s Marijuana Addiction Story

This is from on our blog readers – If you are interested is writing on QuitMarijuana.Org and sharing your story Email Me! I have been a chiefer for probably about 10 years, since about 16 and I am almost 26 now.. steadily increasing. God I loved weed, still think its a gift, but after reading this…

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What’s it like being in a relationship with a chronic marijuana smoker?

From one of my readers: Reading these comments make me sad but I’m also full of encouragement and hope for those of you who have decided to quite this horrible drug for good. Before I write anything else, I’d like to let you know I am a woman in my mid 30s who doesn’t take…

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Anna Deeds on The Legalization of Marijuana

 Hi Folks, Today I have a guest post from Anna Deeds.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a recovering addict.  She has a website for addicts that offers online counseling, articles and workbooks about addiction and recovery. Recently, Oregon and Washington legalized recreational marijuana use for adults over the age of 21.  While I…

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Guest Post – Adam from Seattle

Well… I understand how you feel. You don’t really want to quit, do you? You are having fun with it, right? I know how it is. Been there. Actually what made me quit was the realization that I was ruining my girlfriend’s life with it. See, she’s not a smoker, so she couldn’t “enjoy” it…

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The Marijuana Addict Journal – 39 to 42

Marijuana Withdrawal Anxiety Day 5 – March 22 2008 It’s been a weird couple of days. I have had all sorts of nervous energy and anxiety…I don’t want to call them panic attacks, but rather feelings of intense dread for no reason. Sometimes my mind races. It kind of feels like a ball of energy…

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