Are There Pesticides, Herbicides and Chemicals in The Weed You’re Smoking?

Pesticide in Marijuana

For many smokers of marijuana, the use of pesticides is a huge concern. Pesticides can be any number of harmful, toxic chemicals the industrial growers of plants use. Pesticides control the number of pests – bugs and insects, most often – that like to feed on the plants being grown.  Unfortunately, pesticides aren’t very good…

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Marijuana And Cancer – What the link between the two?

Cannabis vs Cancer

While the debate surrounding the pros and cons of marijuana legalization continues to rage, the negative effects of marijuana are often played down by mainstream media and the marijuana lobby. Stats about the benefits of medicalised marijuana for those suffering from long term pain and other debilitating illnesses are often quoted, but the link between…

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The Effects Of Marijuana During Pregnancy

marijuana and pregnancy

Marijuana has a lot of powerful effects on the human psyche. Despite its commonplace usage, marijuana, in high doses, can demonstrate extremely intoxicating effects. If you are pregnant, or thinking about getting pregnant, this article provides an overview of what we know about marijuana and pregnancy. How Common Is Marijuana Use During Pregnancy? Currently, the…

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Is Marijuana Withdrawal Real?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer includes an answer to the question: “But withdrawal usually means there is an addiction to the drug. And marijuana isn’t addictive or dangerous like other drugs, is it?” OK, so the longer answer answers a longer question, but still … the bottom line is that marijuana withdrawal,…

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What Marijuana Can Tell Us About Addiction

With the evolution of drugs and other harmful activities, addiction has had to go through a very different definition than it used to 30 and 40 years ago. In the early days of addiction, it was usually defined by physical symptoms such as withdrawals and cravings and irritability without  a drug or activity (these addictions…

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The Uncontrollable Medicine

Medicine is supposed to be a “controlled” substance – one where in a certain dosage can provide some relief of certain symptoms in most patients safely with few side effects. However, the reality of it is that marijuana is probably one of the least controllable substances available for medicinal purposes. Physicians can try to prescribe…

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Weed Withdrawal Symptoms Makes Quitting Harder

Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

Weed withdrawal symptoms can make the process of quitting more difficult.  A recent study at the University of Illinois in Champain showed that people who have weed withdrawal symptoms relapse more quickly than people who don’t. If you understand and counter the weed withdrawal symptoms, you stand a better chance of quitting for good. The…

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What is Marijuana Anonymous

Marijuana Anonymous Logo

About Marijuana Anonymous Marijuana Anonymous (sometimes abbreviated MA) is both the name of an organization and a program.  The organization was formed in June 1989.  According to the organization’s mission statement, it is a community of people whose goal is to help themselves and others to recover from marijuana addiction. The Marijuana Anonymous program borrows…

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What is Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome?

In large doses, virtually every drug as a level in which it reaches toxic proposition to a human body. Even something as mild as caffeine could reach a level of toxicity in the body that can cause serious health issues  to a person who is a heavy consumer of caffeine. And as marijuana use becomes…

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Using Exercise to Stop Smoking Weed

Some of us know avid runners. These don’t have to be the marathon or triathlon types, just people who like to go for a run or a jog nearly every day either before or after work. When they finish, they might be sweating profusely and breathing heavy, but they are still standing erect, smiling, having…

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