Marijuana And Cancer – What the link between the two?

Cannabis vs Cancer

While the debate surrounding the pros and cons of marijuana legalization continues to rage, the negative effects of marijuana are often played down by mainstream media and the marijuana lobby. Stats about the benefits of medicalised marijuana for those suffering from long term pain and other debilitating illnesses are often quoted, but the link between…

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The Effects Of Marijuana During Pregnancy

marijuana and pregnancy

Marijuana has a lot of powerful effects on the human psyche. Despite its commonplace usage, marijuana, in high doses, can demonstrate extremely intoxicating effects. If you are pregnant, or thinking about getting pregnant, this article provides an overview of what we know about marijuana and pregnancy. How Common Is Marijuana Use During Pregnancy? Currently, the…

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4 Common Marijuana Detox Symptoms

sweating marijuana detox symptom

Marijuana detox symptoms are something people don’t really like to talk about very much.   When I first started writing about withdrawal, it wasn’t a common topic but the response that I received in email and on my old blog showed me that I wasn’t alone. So, what are those symptoms? Here are a my top…

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The Uncontrollable Medicine

Medicine is supposed to be a “controlled” substance – one where in a certain dosage can provide some relief of certain symptoms in most patients safely with few side effects. However, the reality of it is that marijuana is probably one of the least controllable substances available for medicinal purposes. Physicians can try to prescribe…

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Weed Withdrawal Symptoms Makes Quitting Harder

Weed withdrawal symptoms can make the process of quitting more difficult.  A recent study at the University of Illinois in Champain showed that people who have weed withdrawal symptoms relapse more quickly than people who don’t. If you understand and counter the weed withdrawal symptoms, you stand a better chance of quitting for good. The…

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Medical Marijuana: Not as Safe as You Think

By Chris Elkins Chris Elkins writes for He has a passion for writing about health-related topics and recovery from addiction. He possesses five years of journalism experience and a master’s degree from the University of West Florida.  Medical Marijuana: Not as Safe as You Think You won’t find support for a medical treatment larger…

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Does Smoking Weed Effect Academic Performance?

Many of us know about the character Spicoli in the classic movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Spicoli is the pothead who is the nemesis of history teacher Mr. Hand.  Spicoli struggles to relate with the teacher, much less attend class, and out of the kindness of his heart, Mr. Hand gives Spicoli a chance to…

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New Years Resolution to Quit Marijuana in 2016?

Welcome to the Marijuana Addiction Recovery Website. This site is here to help YOU quit smoking marijuana! Do you want have a New Years resolution to quit weed in 2017?   Keep Reading! I started this site in November 2007 as a tool to help me learn how to quit smoking weed and overcome my addiction to…

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QuitMarijuana.Org Celebrates it’s First Anniversary

QuitMarijuana.Org Celebrates First Anniversary Here’s the Press Release Below: QuitMarijuana.Org, a trusted online resource dedicated to helping people quit marijuana, is celebrating its first anniversary on December 1st, 2015.  The online training and tools offered by QuitMarijuana.Org provide a powerful blueprint for how to quit smoking marijuana, and the company has ambitious plans for the…

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Curation of The Marijuana Addict Journal

For the sake of posterity, I have moved over all of my old Journal posts from when I first attempted to quit smoking weed and kept track of my progress.   The Journal will now live on in 9 parts.   I did some clean up to combine entries into a single post but other than that,…

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