How To Stop Smoking Weed

It has been a long journey since last November when I hit the point where I knew I had to do something about my marijuana addiction and learn How to quit smoking marijuana.   The “Why I Quit” goes into all of the detail there!   I scoured the internet, forums, books, and magazines try to make sense of what I was going through and what to expect next.   Along the way I gained some very valuable information about how to quit smoking marijuana lot easier.

1)  You must have and maintain the desire to quit:  We are all going to face roadblocks and setbacks when we try something new, learning to how to quit smoking marijuana is no different.   The key word here is desire.  You need to know you want to quit so badly that you won’t let anything get in your way.   This was the biggest difference for me between why I thought aboutquitting and took steps to quit.    Last November I promised myself that I would quit smoking marijuana, as you can see from my previous blog posts,  I made some mistakes along the way, but I always kept trying and kept learning.  I knew I had to keep going, because the alternatives were far worse.   I didn’t want to stay stuck where I was as a dumb stoner, with low self esteem, no ambition, and poor health.

Friends Walking Together

2)  Evaluate your relationships:  If you have been a pot smoker for a long period of time, like I had,  you probably know a lot of people who smoke, and who don’t want you to quit.   Many people have discussed how hard it is to quit because that is all their friends do is smoke and drink.   I had to step away from some friendships that were based on marijuana and nothing else.   For a while, I forced myself to avoid situations where marijuana was around so that I couldn’t be tempted.   Some people were very supportive of my decision, and some tried to sabotage my success and put my down for quitting weed.    I lost some people who I thought were my friends, but a relationship built solely around marijuana smoking is not a true friendship at all.  Update:   I have reconnected with a number of old friends and made some new ones.   I still see a fair number of the people that I used to smoke with.   It’s different, but I enjoy the mental clarity, and good conversations WAY MORE than sitting around stoned in a dark room watching TV.  When you quit weed, you have more money, to do more interesting things!

Road Signs

3) You need a Plan:  Planning is 1/2 the battle.  The other 1/2 is executing the plan!  Once you have the desire to stop smoking marijuana, you need to take that desire and harness it into action!   When I first started quitting, I knew I had the desire, but I was missing the plan.   It took me a couple of months, but I finally found a system that worked for me.     I broke everything down  and discovered a couple secrets that got me over being stuck when I tried to quit in the past.

Before I learned these techniques, my mind was still stuck in “marijuana addict” mode even though I was on the bandwagon and sober. Through some of the techniques on the tape, I could identify the thoughts and feelings that were a part of my “marijuana addict” mode and interrupt and replace them with new ideas! I know that this sounds strange and its hard to explain, but it really did do the trick for me. It’s almost like when you are about to catch a puppy doing something bad, but instead you distract and redirect him to a better activity.

Do you want to successfully quit smoking marijuana?

If you have tried to quit weed before and failed, or you don’t even know where to begin, visit QuitMarijuana.Org to Get “The Quit Marijuana Action Plan”.    The Action Plan is a step-by-step system for quitting weed and getting on with you life.  I highly recommend it.

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