Marijuana Side Effects – When to Stop Smoking Weed

Smoking Marijuana used to be a lot of fun for me, I am not going to lie. But it was a bit of a slippery slope. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but the side effects of smoking marijuana started to become worse than the ‘high’.

Marijuana Side Effects
I started smoking heavily while I was in university, at around 18 years old.   I was able to keep up my grades, and social expectations, but still enjoy a regular smoke…..for a while.     Gradually, I started to puff more often, until I was smoking 1/4 oz of fine herb every 4 or 5 days.    I would wake and bake, then smoke a cigarette (I wasn’t a cigarette smoker…but I thought it got me more high) first thing in the morning.   Then I would chase the high all day.

I carried on like this for YEARS…I was really stuck in a rut.. The marijuana side effects were way worse for my life than the short feeling of the high, and I knew I had to stop smoking weed…When you think about side effects, you probably think about coughing, red eyes, and the munchies…but what about the larger lifestyle side effects of smoking weed?

For me, there was always some anxiety about people finding out I smoked, or being stoned in public.   There was also the anxiety of running out.   I used to run around my apartment looking for scraps in the cracks of the coffee table, couch cushions, and on the floor.      There was also the $20,000 or so dollars I spent smoking weed.  That’s a down payment on house….or a brand new car.   My health suffered, partly from smoking, partly from being lazy, because that’s what happened when I got high.

I have gained some perspective in the last 6 months.   I don’t really identify with the ‘the person I was’ when I was such a heavy smoker.   Don’t get me wrong, I know that was me, but I am kinda embarassed about it.    I have friends from that point in my life who only know me as a stoner, and that’s a label no one wants.   To my close friends, I have made some apologies, because I wasn’t holding up my side of the friendship like I do now…luckily they have given me the opportunity to prove it.   Who would have thought that long term marijuana side effects would be losing friends….it happens.

If you can relate to this, and are still smoking, there are a few things I want to tell you.   First off.  You CAN do it!   Second, think of the weed side effects that you have…and don’t think of just the red eyes and stuff…think of your lifestyle, and if this is the lifestyle you want to keep on living.    Personally, I needed to quit weed if I wanted to progress as an individual.  I know it sounds a little corny….but it’s truth.

Leave me some comments if you have specific questions.  I do my best to answer them.


  • JR

    Reply Reply December 4, 2015

    Thank you for your blog. I plan on sending it to my daughter for help in marijuana recovery. You were very lucky. She ended up in the psych ward of the emergency room for 4 days after smoking “the good weed” she bought at a dispensary. The ER nurse told me that in the last 2-3 years she’s seen many cases of people in full on Psychosis with Only marijuana in their system. With whatever is going on with weed now…it’s more important than ever to give ppl tools to deal with their habits. While it may or may not be “addictive” and while you may not be able to “overdose” it can absolutely derail your life in Major ways. My daughter is now on anti-psychotic and mood stabilizer medication for the foreseeable future. And in CA where green crosses are on every corner I worry about her long term ability to cope with this drug. Hopefully, this site will help her.

  • Stonergirl

    Reply Reply January 4, 2016

    Thanks for your guidance. I am currently on my 4th day of not smoking after heavily consuming weed for three years straight. I loved to smoke, it was great! It helped me relax, unwind, and get thru a rough day filled with reality. I decided to stop smoking after my husband (he’s a smoker also) and i started developing a weird stomach problem. At first it felt like a dry gut rot with some nausea, but then it started developing into strong stomach pains. We couldn’t figure out why we started feeling this way. Anyways, the pain, nausea, and loss of appetite (even when smoking) has alarmed us to quit. We are both healthy, work out, eat healthy, and both in great shape, we can’t understand why we both have this stomach issue. Could it be from the weed? We are just so confused.

    We are both on our journey to a clean life. I know the symptoms will be gone after this week so I am not worried, I am now worried about our stomach issues. Have you heard of anything like this?

    We buy are weed from dispensaries in California.

    • John Mckee

      Reply Reply January 11, 2016

      Yes – Nausea is common, as is tension and anxiety that causes your stomach to be upset. To be on the safe side, see a doctor.

  • asherz the sober stoner

    Reply Reply February 15, 2016

    Thank you for your old blog.. today is my 1st day weed free.. i need access to a forum for support… any suggestions?? Thanks

  • Motivated now

    Reply Reply February 27, 2016

    Same exact story. I have always been a pretty motivated guy but after smoking (which I loved) for years I found myself slowly becoming In a rut. I would want to finish whatever I had to do that day just so I could go home and smoke. I was only truly not high at work only. Other then that I would be high all day and would turn my lifestyle to support my habit. I still did great at work and no one truly new what was going inside my head and how much smoking was truly effecting me.

    I found myself always needed the stuff and would also be looking anywhere for it just to get high. I also would feel guilty of doing this and spending the money but it was ok because I could just smoke myself into a state of whatever. I found myself pushing friends away and spending all my free time just getting high instead of putting the time into my social life / career

    Now for the good part.
    After stopping for a month I have become superman. All that time and effort I had to do to keep myself high now goes into my personal life and career. I no longer want to rush home just to get high and I have my hunger back also not only for food but for life. My brain is becoming sharp again and my
    Motivation is back 150%. At work I am getting another promotion and people are amazed At my level of work (which is normal I feel)

    I will always love smoking but I am done with it. It was a big black hole, a time sink, an excuse to not go out and tackle the world. Sure in small moderation maybe nobody will ever go through this but after reading these posts and feeling the exact same way I know it is an issue. Also hearing my friends say “man I wish I could quit”. I know it’s not just me.

    Good luck out there everyone and I hope this wall of text helps someone gain happiness again if they lost it

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