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 QuitMarijuana.Org is here to teach how to to stop smoking weed.  Join the 1000's of people who've helped make QuitMarijuana.Org the best resource for quitting weed online.

When I tried to quit ten years ago, you couldn't find any Real information on weed addiction, dependence or withdrawal symptoms.  I built QuitMarijuana.Org so that you don't have to struggle like I did. 

We provide online courses and a community to coach you through the steps of how to quit smoking weed, and get through withdrawal so that you can live without being a prisoner to your marijuana addiction.  We also have resources for parents, teens, and people in relationships with weed smokers.

QuitMarijuana.Org is the only place with the proven techniques, training and social support to help you stop smoking weed and dramatically improve your life in 30 days.

Our Mission is to help you quit marijuana forever and to help you live a better more fulfilling life.   If quitting feels daunting, we can show you the path that many have walked before, to a better, clearer, happier you.

My Weed Addiction...

Hi I'm John Mckee.  Welcome to QuitMarijuana.Org.

Since 2008, I've taught thousands of people how to stop smoking weed and break their marijuana addiction.  If you think you need to quit smoking weed, I am here to help you.

I know the frustration and shame of being addicted to weed and the struggle to quit.  In fact, I spent nearly 10 years stoned morning, noon and night. I smoked just to fall asleep sleep, only to wake up and do it all over again.  I became anti-social, gained weight, and lost that spark in life.  I wasn't getting 'high' anymore. I was barely getting by.  I had sunk into the deep, dark pit of dependence and stayed there for years.

Deep in my heart, I knew had to stop smoking weed all day, every day.

Before you go any further, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you avoiding reality and problems by smoking weed constantly?
  • Does your weed habit make you feel out of control and helpless?
  • Are you ready to change today and break free of your destructive patterns?
How to Stop Smoking Weed

Last Update: January 14th, 2020

Marijuana Addiction Truth:  It Can Happen To Anyone.

It's not your fault and you're not alone... about 1 in 9 daily weed smokers get addicted or become dependent!

Marijuana Addiction Statistics

I will tell you right now that you can stop your weed addiction in its tracks.  Even if you have tried to quit many times before, even if you don't know where to start, even if you have bad withdrawals. I will show you exactly how to quit smoking weed.

Quitting marijuana might not seem easy, but it doesn’t have to be incredibly hard once you know what to do.    You have to know what to expect.  It’s more than just not smoking.  It is also a lifestyle change that gets easier over time.

If you are feeling run down, anxious, and depressed about your cannabis use, you can dig yourself out of that hole.   Weed is causing the problems, it's not the solution.

When I quit, I got control of my life back and my self-esteem skyrocketed.

A couple months after stopping, I was my old self again.  My confidence and self-esteem skyrocketed once weed was out of my system.  Truth is, if I hadn't stopped, I wouldn't have got unstuck, got promoted or got married.  Weed was making me dream big but took away my desire to make the dreams come true.  

The Truth About Marijuana Withdrawal

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EVERYTHING you need to know about Marijuana Withdrawal.  Including:

  • How to survive withdrawal and minimize withdrawal symptoms
  • Why marijuana addiction and withdrawal are becoming more common and stronger
  • A complete explanation of the phases and symptoms of marijuana withdrawal
  • What you need to know about post-acute withdrawal syndrome

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How Do I Stop Smoking Weed?

There are many different options for marijuana addiction treatment.   The Quit Marijuana 30 Day Action Plan, Outpatient Rehab, counseling,  and 12-step programs, and are all options.   You can read the pros and cons of these here.

From my experience of helping thousands of people quit, these are the 5 Key Steps to Quitting Weed.

The 5 Key Steps to Quitting Weed

  • Create motivation and desire by knowing why you smoke and why you want to stop.
  • Defeating your triggers and temptations.
  • Develop a plan for withdrawal.
  • Building and following your pesonal quitting plan.
  • Substituting behaviors and changing your lifestyle.

Working through each of these steps in detail, makes quitting weed becomes so much easier.

Building Motivation to Stop Smoking Weed

The Stage of Change for How to Quit WeedAchieving any goal starts with a burning desire.  You need to want to quit so badly that you won’t let anything stop you.    Check out the "Stages of Change".

Motivation will take you from thinking about quitting to actually doing it.  Desire will push you through setbacks, hard-times and cravings.

As you know, weed robs you of motivation, so it's important to have discipline.   The first module and lessons I teach in the 30 Day action plan are motivation focused and will unleash your desire and discipline.

Know Exactly Why Want To Quit

Maybe you have to quit because of a new job, or you got into some trouble for smoking…Sometimes its just time to move on, and you realize that you are trading some short-term satisfaction for long term pain, stress and other side effects of marijuana.

When I took a step back, I realized that negative effects were pretty major.   I felt like I had lost some of the best years of my life to being stoned all of the time.I quit smoking weed   I created a huge list of all of the reasons why I wanted to quit:

What's the hardest part about quitting weed for you?

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Why do I smoke so much weed?

Take some time to think deeply about why you smoke, and go more than the first layer deep.  Some of use smoke to relieve stress, or to escape our current reality.   You might smoke because it's now a habit; get home from work and first thing you do is light up.

Understanding why you smoke is going to help you quit.   For example, if you smoke to relieve your stress, you are going to need to find new, healthier activities to burn off your stress.   If you smoke because of past trauma in your life, you have to consider other ways to work on that trauma without resorting to weed.

Here's an example from my life:  One of the reasons I smoked was because I had a low self-esteem and smoking made me part of a group of people that was easy to fit in with.   Joining the circle and passing a joint eased my social anxiety and helped me to feel like I was part of the group.

Ultimately, it wasn't until I quit that I was able to confront my social anxiety and manage it.  I'm still a little awkward in large groups, but hey, who isn't?

Defeating Cravings, Triggers and Temptations

Weed Cravings CycleCravings, temptations, moments of weakness;  whatever you want to call them, these are the reasons you slip-up or relapse despite knowing that you want to be sober and quit for good.

Over time, you've become conditioned to smoke at certain times, with certain people, or when when you experience a trigger that makes you smoke.  You'll learn to identify your triggers, respond to them without smoking weed, and become more aware of yourself in the process.

In the Quit Weed 30 Day Action plan, there are multiple lessons that help you identify your cravings and triggers then help you develop the techniques you need to stay strong.   Everyone has different triggers, so tracking these and developing strategies for each one is the best path forward.


Prepare for Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

Marijuana withdrawal is real.   The most common symptoms are Insomnia, night sweats, irritability, lost of appetite, and depression.

You need to know what to expect with your withdrawal symptoms.   This is so important that I wrote a free e-book "The Truth About Marijuana Withdrawal".

A recent study out of University of Illinois proves you may already know:  Withdrawal can be so severe that you will smoke to relieve the symptoms.  No surprise there, but it's nice to see that science is catching up to what I've been writing about since 2007.    There's no magic pill to relieve withdrawal, but there are natural remedies you can include in your quitting plan that will significantly reduce withdrawal symptoms.

What weed addiction treatment options are there?

If you can’t stop or quit weed on your own naturally, your may want to seek professional help:

  • QuitMarijuana.Org and the 30 Day Action Plan was created to give you everything you need to quit at an affordable price.  It combines the social support of 12 step programs, but uses best practices like cognitive behavioral therapy to help you figure out how to stop smoking weed because you will write you own quitting plan based on your unique life.  It costs far less than a single session with a therapist or counselor.  Click Here to join today.
  • A psychiatrist or doctor may be able to work with you to treat underlying conditions that cause you to smoke in the first place.  For example:  let's say you smoke to treat your anxiety, you may be prescribed medications that help with anxiety so you can stop taking marijuana.   Sometimes the meds have side-effects worse than medical marijuana, so do your own research after you consult with a professional.
  • In-patient rehab is an intensive and often expensive option.   I recommend this most when there are multiple addictions, like alcohol and weed, or you've been addicted to harder drugs in the past.  Online resources can help you locate a local rehabilitation clinic, therapy or counseling for drug and/or addiction treatment.
  • Group counseling sessions can help you find support by talking through your issues and meeting like-minded people.  Marijuana Anonymous is one example of this type of group.  The issues with these groups is that when you quit forever, you want to move on, and dragging yourself to meetings all the time can be difficult to do.   12 Steps groups have poor success rates relative to other treatment options.
  • An addiction counselor can be useful to talk to.  I know a few that work specifically with people who are addicted to weed and want to quit.  Contact me if you would like a referral.

The Truth About Marijuana Withdrawal

Get Your Free E-Book Now

EVERYTHING you need to know about Marijuana Withdrawal.  Including:

  • How to survive withdrawal and minimize withdrawal symptoms
  • Why marijuana addiction and withdrawal are becoming more common and stronger
  • A complete explanation of the phases and symptoms of marijuana withdrawal
  • What you need to know about post-acute withdrawal syndrome

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