Hey There.

I’ve got a powerful tip for quitting weed with you…..

But before I do….I’ve got a story about this guy named Roger Bannister…

…Now you may not have hear of Roger….

But he’s the first person to run a 4 minute mile…..

… and he did it more that 60 years ago.

Before he ran the 4 minute mile NOBODY….

and I mean NOBODY…thought it could be done.

They thought he was crazy for trying…

They thought it was beyond what the human body could do….

But Bannister made other plans

Here’s what he did:

*He generated a burning desire and sense of conviction in body and mind

*He developed his desire by unyielding visualization and making the 4 minute mile

*When he trained, he trained hard.  He gave full effort.

Sure enough on May 6th, 1954….he broke the 4 minute mile.

But that’s not all…

Because once Roger broke the record…

Other elite runners started to break the record…

And the weirdest thing is the ONLY difference

Was that they had seen it done, and believed they could.

Now when you are quitting weed…

You need to apply the same tactics and techniques:

  • Set A Goal To Quit Smoking
  • Visualize a positive outcome
  • Commit to the goal and work hard

I know you can do it.

And it helps to know that 1000’s of people have quit…

….Better get training!


PS  If you need some help…..

and want to learn how to quit smoking weed

using a system that has worked for hundreds of people

Get The Quit Marijuana Action Plan….

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