It’s scary to talk about marijuana detoxification. People try to avoid that subject like a plague. However, detoxification sure does sound better than winding up in Axis Residential Treatment for a drug problem. The reason for that is that it’s pictured as something that’s very hard to do and extremely complicated. Here are a few points to consider.

Know that it can be done.

This is the most important step. See, belief is the very first thing that needs to happen here. After all, belief is what pushes people to act. It’s impossible to achieve anything without taking action, and it’s impossible to take proper action without the belief that it can be successful.

There is a system.

Marijuana detoxification is not about being sporadic and unorganized. It’s not about deciding to quit one day and never taking that cigarette again. Although that’s possible, it does not work with everyone. That’s why proper systems and plans have been developed to help the addicted to overcome their harmful habit.

Support is needed.

One of the most important things that almost all of those systems have in common is the need of support. As people, we need a push that will motivate us to act and a mentor that will make sure that we don’t only get on the right track, but also stay on it for as long as needed. That mentor can be a friend or a member of a local support group. It’s your preference.

The one thing about support that’s worth remembering is the fact, that whoever provides it, should be educated as to what can happen when a person undergoes marijuana detoxification. The reason for that is so that he can react and help as needed in any situation that might happen.

Doctors aren’t enemies.

Talking about addictions is a hard thing to do. I encourage anyone who needs help, to go out and get it. The best thing that can be done, obviously, is talking to a competent professional who will provide direction as well as confidentiality required.

Persistence is key.

You will encounter some struggles when you quit weed. It might be very painful at times, but in order to succeed, persistence is needed. It is absolutely necessary that once you take that first step and decides to quit, once you have a plan of action that will lead them to that outcome, once you have all the help you need, that you keep going. Keep fighting for it no matter how hard it gets.

People are strong and if they try hard enough, they’ll get what they want. No matter what it is. Marijuana detoxification is a process that’s not necessarily a walk in the park, but it’s not impossible to go through either. Follow the tips above to success.

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    • Matt

      Hey John, My name is Matt. I’m 27 years old. I’ve been smoking weed for 13 years. It started slow, but got worse, with the only breaks being while I was on probation. I’ve done harder drugs…All of them and quite a bit of them. Now I smoke weed, cigarettes, and drink.

      I’m working the program. I’ve set a quit date four days away. I feel with your help I was able to create a strong foundation for the structure of quitting smoking. I like the part about people with addictive personalities being obsessive-compulsive and how to achieve greatness when unleashed.

      That described me very well. My biggest breakthrough was that now I know how to stay calm because I have so much energy that I could become overly neurotic and extreme. I am serious about quitting. For once I know I will prove successful. Thanks again for this program

      I hope it helps.

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