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I have been a chiefer for probably about 10 years, since about 16 and I am almost 26 now.. steadily increasing. God I loved weed, still think its a gift, but after reading this whole page I have some doubts!

Any who, I had reduced my intake, and because of my anxiety and an ear ache started on an anti-depressant called “effexor” felt good but woke up biting my tongue and it was bleeding. I didn’t take it again and switched to “zoloft” after that single dose.

After my first of that, I felt great and thought “this is exactly what I needed” I was 2 days not smoking but felt so good, I said screw it and cooked a batch of brownies with my much extra stash…

I barely ate much of a brownie and I absolutely FREAKED out, I am talking GOONED and this was the first day I was on the zoloft. What an idiot I was to eat the brownie after a trial of a new anti-depressant!!! I guess I was so used to being high I figured it wouldn’t be any issue. Anyway I thought I really bugged up my brain, but after a 2-3 long days my mind wasn’t crazy, but still had some other withdrawal issues…

9 Days Weed Free

I am on day 9 I think, I have been doing yoga, meditation, and just trying to get out of the crib as much as possible. This is key, you gotta be keeping busy (acting like I know even though I have no clue, seems like it helps tho). I got a one-a-day raw vitamin from whole-foods and have been eating very healthy as well as consuming lots of liquids, I would use this as an opportunity to purge yourself and make some new better habits.

Here is what I am still experiencing

  • Weird Dreams (not smoking in them)
  • Tension headaches, wasn’t sure what these were but it almost feels like my brain is swelling (its not). I have done research and it seems like I am not the only one!
  • Mood swings – Sometimes ill be feeling great and then pretty quickly fall into a depressive state, and not want to do what I thought I was kinda excited for (e.g. my work)
  • Tired – seems like my arms and head are heavier than they have ever been, its a little weird but according to other research this is also quite normal.

Johns Note: These are all common marijuana withdrawal symptoms

In conclusion, I thought I may just quit for a few months and then maybe get back to a one-rip a week because I loved the CHRON so much. After thinking about it though its dumb, really dumb.

Think when you were a kid, you didn’t need anything and were happy as a (whatever). This world is amazing and has TONS to offer for ANYONE, and weed maybe (and probably is) an innocent plant, but for those of us who have had trouble keeping it in moderation in the past have SUCH a more likelihood of abusing it again, and going through this shit again is simply a non option!

I have decided that I wish to quit for the rest of my life, try hard to make money, and enjoy it with my family and (hopefully future) kids. I have a great girl, great family, why would I let a stupid plant “consume” me. Don’t let anything EVER consume you.

Best of luck to all my fellow chiefers. Most all of you are awesome people and are cooler than the non-chiefers, let the world know how cool you are and get out and do something legit!! LEGGO

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