Launch is imminent – May 1st

Launch Countdown

It’s been a busy month and almost 20 days since the last update.   QuitMarijuana.Org is completed and ready to roll.   It has been a lot of late nights and weekends getting this thing off the ground.  I am working on getting a programmer to hook up the payment portal to PayPal as well as do a couple of changes to the Quizzes and Exercises in the course content.  All of the modules are completed, translated to the web, and uploaded.

The first two sets groups of people have gone through the program and the feedback has been incredible.    Some people are blazing through the 8 modules in a weekend, others are taking it a day at a time.      The Quit Marijuana Action plan will take you all the way from trying to quit, to actually quitting, to getting through withdrawal and getting on with life.   That’s the beauty of the program.   It’s there when you need it.

I’ll be sending email updates.   You can sign up for email updates on the right side of the blog, or just go to

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