This entry comes from Joe who shares his experience with weed and family members…

I searched the net to see if there was anyone else who had their relationships with family, friends or spouse damaged/destroyed as a result of their friend/family member smoking weed excessively. Turns out that I’m not the only who has damaged relationships due to weed. My story is really complicated so I’ll keep it as short and simple as i can, I also hope its relevant to this blog and not just my own experience, views or just jealousy.

I met my older half sister and her Husband for the first time since i was like 10 years old (I’m now in my late 20s) about 2 years ago. Everything was going great, We got to know each other, We went and done stuff together (without weed being present in the outings). We all become really close, My sister and i were like best friends. Until my sister started becoming more and more distant from me. I would go over to visit, and find that everyone was in the room smoking weed (including my younger full blood brother). I knew that everyone else smoked but was told that my sister didn’t smoke anymore (5 years even for cigarettes), So i had a lot of respect and thought highly of her for not smoking because of what it does tofriend/relationships (seen friend/relationships go south countless times before because of weed).

It explained why they stopped inviting me out for drives and other activities. She also use to come to me if she needed to talk to someone if she had something on her mind. She come over once to talk, So i went to make a coffee and she had disappeared into my brothers room to smoke bongs (found out then that i was lied to all along). I was always being ditched for weed. I voiced my concerns one day and said something along the lines of “Seems that we have drifted apart. You’re now with the weed smokers crowd and I’m with the “other” crowd”. That didn’t go down to well, She didn’t see where it was going like i did, She didn’t see how weed was damaging our friendship.

We got it sorted in the end and things went back to normal until i was invited to a bbq dinner by the river with my sister and her family (she invited me 3 days prior to it, So it was planned for a few days), after leaving their place a few hours earlier i was waiting to receive a text on what time to meet them for the bbq. Well the text never come, I was forgotten about because they were to busy smoking weed to remember to let me know to go down so they went without me. During the time they were living up this way i felt that i was being more of a father figure towards my 9 year old niece because her dad was always in the room smoking. I would help her with her homework, bake cakes with her just be keep her company. My niece use to love seeing me walk though the door. This all happened a year ago.

There is more to the story but I’ll be here for days going into detail. They have since moved out of the area due to more trouble that weed caused, Not only with me but my sisters relationship towards our dad (Same dad different mom). Weed destroyed our relationship because of how it was abused. I don’t condone weed but i hope that some smokers can see what it actually does to their family, friend/relationships. Just because you cant see it doesn’t mean that it isn’t causing issues between family and friends.

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