Coming to the Decision to Quit Smoking Weed

Well… I understand how you feel. You don’t really want to quit, do you? You are having fun with it, right? I know how it is. Been there. Actually what made me quit was the realization that I was ruining my girlfriend’s life with it.

See, she’s not a smoker, so she couldn’t “enjoy” it with me, which actually turned out to be good, because she didn’t have to go through detox. So what happened was when I first started smoking, everything was swell. I was happy, laughing, excited and absorbing my new experiences. It never occurred to me that I should actually quit smoking pot until the day I couldn’t control myself and got into a major argument with someone I love.

My Realization

I realized then, that smoking pot will not get me anywhere. I knew that if I don’t do something about that, I’d lose her and I’d end up a miserable man.

What did I do then? I decided to quit smoking pot.

I went to the doctor that showed me exactly what I had to do. He said I should go and follow a program that he suggested, which I gladly did. Of course I missed pot at that time. I was really easily irritated and just got mad very quickly at about anyone and anything, but I knew that if I try, I’ll manage to overcome the urge to smoke.

The program I was following was not very easy to get through. The crazy thing was that the things they tought in there were not really revolutionary. I mean, the guys on that tape got me jumping, running, drinking gallons of water and orange juice and eating lots of fresh vegetables. Not too bad for someone who would skip breakfast and have a joint for dinner.

I almost forgot about the withdrawal. Let me tell you, it was pretty nasty. I mean, I was shaking all the time, I was feeling dizzy, I was getting really light headed at times and I would wake up covered in cold sweat a few nights in a row. Not necessarily a good thing, is it?

I guess what I am trying to say is that it did work in the end. It definitely was not easy, but it was more than worth it. Don’t get me wrong, deciding to quit smoking pot was hard, but actually quitting it was even harder.

In the end, I am clean and happy. My girlfriend is doing ok as well and we’re actually thinking about getting married. I still remember the times when I smoked and miss the experiences I had then, but what I have now is much more valuable.

It’s really good to quit. Good luck!

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