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I’ve launched a new poll on the blog.  You will see it below, or on the right side of the blog window.

Here’s what I want to know:   What’s the hardest part about quitting weed for you?

What's the hardest part about quitting weed for you?

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    2 replies to "What’s the hardest part about quitting weed for you?"

    • Dawn

      I’ve been a heavy smoker for 27 years, no doubt I love pot.
      I want to quit more than anything else, I want more energy and extra money….please send help!

      • Jennifer

        Hi Dawn,

        I’ve been smoking on and off for about 17 years now as it began in my young teens. I want to REALLY quit this time for several reasons. One because I think it’s impossible and I don’t want anything to have a hold on me like this other than God. I also would like to change careers and won’t be able to pass a drug screening. I am glad to have located this website and also your post! I hope to finally end this unnecessary reason on needing or wanting this all the time.

        P.S. I also do love it, however I want to be able to reflect back and notice change in me.

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