Hot and Cold ShowerHelp for Stress Smokers

A lot of people who are looking for help quit weed are stress-smokers.   A stress smoker is a person who primarily smokes to relieve stress so they don’t have to deal with stressful situations and issues.    When things got stressful, it was easy to turn to weed to change your mental state.   The problem with doing this, is that the short term gain of stress relief is causing a fair bit of long term pain in other areas of your life.  And when you quit, you want to smoke as the marijuana withdrawal stress builds up.   Sound familiar?

When you quit marijuana, the process of withdrawal can be stressful as well.  Heck, even the decision to break up with Mary Jane can be a stressful one.
To be successful in quitting, it’s important to take care of yourself mentally and physically.    Managing and reducing stress is very important when you in the process of quitting as well as in your ability to stay quit over a long period of time.
I want to share with you a simple tip that you can do that relieves stress and provides a few other health benefits.
Today’s Tip is Simple:   Have Hot and Cold Showers

5 Reasons Hot and Cold Showers Can Help You Quit Weed

1. They decrease marijuana withdrawal stress

Many civilizations and cultures know the benefits of altering between Hot and Cold temperatures for stress relieve.   The Hot can relax muscles and ease stress, while the cold stimulates circulation and sends blood flow to the internal organs.   Cold Water promotes hardening, and increases tolerance to disease and stress.
This research: indicated that cold stimulus increases an important antioxidant called gluthathione and decreased uric acid levels

2. They Make us Alert

Sure a cold shower first thing in the morning will take you breath away, but it will also wake you up quicker than coffee.    The shock of cold water is good for you and the deep breathing increases your oxygen intake and helps to keep you warm.   Your heart also beats faster, improving circulation throughout the body.

3. Improves your Skin Tone and Hair

Ending your shower with cold water is a natural way to achieve healthier looking skin and hair.  The benefit is two-fold.  You won’t dry out your skin as easily and you will seal your pores which will keep them from getting clogged with dirt.
When you do hot and cold showers, you flush your skin a couple times.   The difference is noticeable.

4. Improves Immunity and Circulation

Smoking can decrease your circulation.   Hot and cold showers can increase your circulation and get blood pumping.   The cold cycle pumps blood to surround organs and leads the arteries to pump blood more efficiently.   It can also lower blood pressure and improve our immune system says Dr Joseph Mercola

5.  Relieves Depression

In the first 30 days of quitting, you may feel a bit blue or depressed.   The Cold cycle of the hot-cold shower can relieve depression symptoms and act as a pick-me-up by sending tons of electrical impulses from the cold receptors in your body to the brain.
Cold hydrotherapy has an analgesic effect according to this study:   and doesn’t seem to cause side effects or dependence.

 Marijuana Withdrawal Stress Relief Hot and Cold Shower Instructions:


 Start with your normal shower for 2 minutes, and gradually go as cold as you can take it for 2 minutes, then go back to warm 2 minutes, then go colder still for 2 more.    Make sure you whole body gets a good soaking directly in the water.


Start with a shower as hot as you can take it for 2 minutes, then go straight cold for 2 minutes.   Do this cycle as often as you like.

Always Finish Cold!

How do you deal with marijuana withdrawal stress?

Did you like this post?   What other types of tips do you want to hear from me?  Please share you comments below.

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    • Jose

      I quit for 3 weeks and then I smoked for about 3 days maybe 5 6 grams and I haven’t smoked in 2 days and I feel the withdrawals again is this normal? Or is it something else

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