It’s been a while since my last blog update, but I wanted you all to know:

I quit smoking weed.

It has been a long time since my last blog update, although  have been dropping in and posting on the forums.   It has been close to 1o months since I began my voyage to rid myself of my marijuana addiction, and it has been quite a ride.   I haven’t smoked anything in the last 3 months and am beginning to experience a new feeling of freedom and confidence.

I’ll be honest folks, I really struggled when I first tried to quit smoking.   I knew that if I persisted, I would be successful.   I don’t think that I can define success in the long run – just that each day that I choose not to smoke is a positive one.

I have kept myself very busy during the last 3 months – one of the things that I have spent a huge amount of time on was researching marijuana addiction, withdrawal, and struggles facing people like you and I.     I will continue to update the site with the best knowledge, help and guidance I can find.

When I started, I didn’t really have a map to help me through the quitting process.  Each hiccup along the way was unexpected and stressful.   I truly believe that  making a plan is a key step to the quitting process.

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    • meshion

      Omfg I have been having bad anxiety and insomnia and I can’t eat since I quite its been 3weeks.. This is the worse..

      • John Mckee

        Meshion, It gets better. The first month can be the hardest but you’ve already gotten through the first weeks. You can do this!

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