Have you noticed that your chest isn’t as tight as it used to be…or after smoking heavily your chest and the area around your nipples gets a little tender?

One of the potential side effects of smoking weed is called Gynecomastia also known in the locker room as ‘Man Boobs’.

Why Do Some Weed Smokers Get Gynecomastia?

Testosterone Molecule
The Testosterone Molecule

Chronic and heavy marijuana use changes the hormones in your body and decreases testosterone.     Testosterone is responsible for many of the things that make a man manly, like a deep voice, facial hair, muscularity and a flat chest.

Smoking Weed doesn’t just decrease testosterone, it alters the balance of hormones in your body.  Less testosterone means more estrogen….and estrogen is what causes the growth of breast tissue and fat in men.

Although the illegality of marijuana has made studies difficult, the National Institute of Health listed marijuana as one of the causes of Man Boobs.

For a lot of guys, it’s tough to deal with and talk about, it keeps them from taking their shirt off on the beach, wearing tight shirts, and feeling comfortable in their bodies.

Is Man Boobs from Weed Reversible?

It’s possible that if you have just started to see them of feel tenderness that if you stop, the gynecomastia will go away on its own…but in order to do that you need to quit smoking weed completely AND you need to see your doctor to be sure that something else isn’t causing the issue.

Gynecomastia caused by puberty is pretty common and tends to go away on it’s own, but long term changes to your hormone profile may cause moobs that don’t go away when you stop smoking weed.

Keep in mind, it’s not just the smoke, but ingesting weed in any form: edibles, vaping etc may decrease testosterone and alter your hormonal balance.

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Tips for Dealing with Gynecomastia

Helpful Tips Sticky1) Stop Smoking Weed:  If weed is causing you to grow man boobs, quitting weed will stop you from growing them or making them any worse.   It may also reverse the process if they have just started to appear…If you are having issues quitting and need an action plan, you can learn how to stop smoking weed with the Quit Marijuana Action Plan.

2) Workout and Do Specific Chest Exercises:  Two of the best exercises to do are Incline Dumbbell Flys and Incline Bench Press.   You want to add mass to the top of your chest so that you chest is more aesthetically balanced.

Losing weight will also help you to decrease the amount of fat in your chest and nipple area.  It may not go away completely, but it can certainly help.

People who consider surgery often lose weight to reach an ‘ideal’ weight prior to getting it done so that the right amount of fat is removed.

3) See A Doctor:  Get a peace of mind by seeing you doctor and making sure it isn’t being caused by a different and serious health issue.   It can be caused by medications, kidney and liver issues, and low testosterone.

4) Wear compression clothing:  There are all kinds of special shirts, vests, and clothing that are designed to flatten and shape your chest.   They work well and are totally unnoticeable.

If you are struggling to quit weed and are worried about the side effects, you can sign up for free tips for quitting marijuana.  If you suffer from gynecomastia,  a great resource is

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