What Does Your Marijuana Habit Cost You?

When I was thinking about quitting, I wanted to figure out all of the reasons that I had to quit.  One of those reasons, was the amount I spent.   At my peak, I was spending about $300 a month on weed, and little more weed related things…bongs etc.    It’s very empowering to know how much you can save and put to better use when you quit marijuana.    If you have dreams, and you don’t have the money yet, plug away at the calculator.  You may be closer that you think.

When I calculated it all out, my total is over $25,000…Since Quitting I have saved myself from spending about $20,000


If you’re numbers above are bigger than you’d like, that’s OK.  At least you know where you are at.   Pay closest attention to your Weekly total.   This is money that you can use to reward yourself when you are in the early stages of quitting.   If you spend $50 a week and you quit, go book yourself for a massage or a nice dinner as reward.   I always recommend stress relieving activities as a reward.

marjiuana-surveyLeave you comments with you results!

Just wanted to share the results of my blog poll now that we have nearly 2000 responses. Looks like quite a few of our readers are spending a good chunk of change on a monthly basis. I was pretty suprised to see that 71% are spending more than $100 per month


It helps to have the numbers right in front of you.   How much can we save together.

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    • julia

      I’m trying to quit I realize what I spend I use to say it OK because I had know other entertainment no special occasion don’t go to clubs totally agree this cost me to much

    • Becky

      $19,440 was my total. $18,720 was just on weed. That’s a little higher than actual cost because I’ve quit a couple of times for a few months each time. But the difference is under $1000.

      Looking at the overall cost makes me very sad, that’s money I could have been using to pay my bills and put into savings to help me through the times when I didn’t have a job.

      • John Mckee

        Becky, no need to feel sad about this…while you can’t get the money back, you can know that if you make a change, you can have way more money available by quitting!

      • Latifa Waters

        Have you quit and if so what are you doing to stay strong

    • Chi

      I really want to quit.

    • Redd

      It’s been hard journey, sometimes I still trip and will smoke a bowl if around weed. But I’m glad to say I have dropped so much weight and do feel better about myself that I no longer smoke the amount I used to.
      Thank you for showing me how much money I could have had but will now be saving since I have stopped.

    • Jerry B

      Mine was $12,000. Wow! Time to quit and buy the boat I’ve always wanted.

    • Kevin Walz

      It appears I could have purchased a nice home and paid it off, the very thing I want right now.

    • Nikki

      I’m with Kevin, almost $200, 000. How embarrassing and what an absolute waste… I’m 2 weeks into quitting and this will help keep me going.

      • Lawrence W

        Same here I could have had alot more in life…now that I have 2 kids I’m ready to quit and spend my money on there needs.

    • fit stoner

      im not surprised by the number, may be a little high given the pockets of time not smoking but the point is clearly made, i would probably be more shocked by the missed opportunities in life due to my addiction all these years.

    • Tony's Girl

      I cannot get over spending over 100,000 in all the years I’ve been smoking – this is soooo not worth it -especially when I’m no longer getting high – its just maintenance. I absolutely cannot stand being crabby those first few days – but you know what – if I have to lock myself in a closet to quit I will – my family deserves better than this – I could have had a new car – nice vacations – etc… This is very depressing and sad – the upshot is I have quit- threw EVERYTHING away and am staying away from people who still smoke and think I’m an idiot for quitting. It just always amazes me that people who have no job, no money and live on Public Aid always have money for beer, pot and cigarettes. I no longer wish to be a pothead – thank you so much, Mr. McKee – you cannot believe how much you have helped in this decision. The next time I get crabby cuz I’m missing weed – I’m gonna think about that 83,0000 I spent smoking over 32 years. God Bless you, Sir. Deb Lydon-Saenz

      • Lisa

        Tony’s girl. My reading what u wrote is like reading my own story. I would be interested to hear how you are doing. I’m starting my weed free journey into life after 28 years of smoking.

    • Luc

      Wow I have spent over 67k on weed. Man o man

    • Clare Dews

      It’s been a week now since I gave up so I’ve saved money already this week but today I’m really fighting with myself today

    • Joseph

      Mine was £26,475 wow I would really love to quit

    • bob

      239000 wtf i need to stop

    • robstory

      I agree, what a waste; I was no longer getting high… Just maintaining to avoid the dreaded with-drawl, like there was a voice inside my head constantly reminding me to feed it dope.
      Its been about a month and I still feel like a pot head looser.
      Life time user and have quit many times before, but think that this is it and I’m finally going to quit forever!

    • prashant sirohi

      Hey john
      You got the great wisdom if you really have smoked that much weed. Weed helps to think and think a lot. And then you start realising. So I was just saying why don’t you write your own book. To share your thoughts to helping more people all over the world.
      I am writing some stuff. Dude you should give it a try. If need any help feel free to contact. From India.

    • Rach

      $146,000. That’s so depressing. If only I had that in my savings account. but on a positive note, I can save $26,000 in the next 5 years. That’s a lot of sushi, mani-pedi’s and vacations to tropical places!!!! A new car! Thinking about what I can do in the future is a great motivater!

      • John Mckee

        That’s the right attitude Rach. You can’t change the past, but the future is yours!

    • George

      $32,000 – Dam! .. and that’s only the money NOT all the things I could of had and enjoyed, if I bought cool toys for myself. At first it was fun with friends, and then it just became smoking alone like a nervous nelly taking valium – so lame. I wanted to buy Facebook stock 3 years ago, but had no money. Now it’s up five times as high as i would of bought it!!! So you could multiply my number by five!!

      • John Mckee

        Yeah George. I know how you feel! It’s pretty crazy how much the little bits add up! When I did my calculation it was at $25,600 over 8 years!

    • Jim

      Wow. I’m such a loser.

      I hope I can do this.

    • Rebecca

      So $79,000 in the last 5 years alone, and i’ve been smoking for 11 years but only by myself, alone at home for the past 5 years. I am on day 3 of quitting today, its going ok. Very up and down mood wise but this aint my first rodeo, for a 25 year old, i’ve tried to quit ALOT. Here’s hoping this time I can finally succeed 🙂

    • Carol

      Wow never thought about how much money I could have saved over the years. This really helps me abstain. I’ve stopped now for 2 weeks and it hadn’t been easy but I’m so sick and tired of going back. Ready to move toward and stay moving in that direction. This cost analysis really makes my desire to stay away even greater. Thanks so much John for all your help and support! Your info is a great source of encouragement. Seems like what’s been missing from the past times I’ve tried to quit with no success. Hoping this time I can truly quit forever!

    • Louise

      I know I spend lots of money on this but I doing it though what a loser am I.

      But so far I have one week but in the meantime my beau wants a seperation but I can’t blame him it is all my fault.

    • Matt

      This calculator was pretty dope man but I thaught about this for a second a said no weed is awesome man haha peace out ✌✌✌

    • Jay

      £149,800!!!! That is disgusting. I try not to think about it or i get pissed off. I could of nearly paid for a house by now. I don’t smoke weed now and every day I don’t smoke, I save myself £20-£35. I’m no longer regularly broke. I’m glad I quit.

    • SB

      This is my #1 reason for quitting. Makes me sick to think about the money I’ve spent on drugs. So depressing.

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