Some people experience intense anxiety and panic attacks when they are going through withdrawal.   I wanted to share some what people have experience and how they describe it.

I get some EXTREME panic attacks and anxiety when I stop. The bad anxiety is what makes me give in. I found out that if you exercise everyday, it does wonders.

One of the withdrawal symptoms I get is a strong sense of impending doom, like the world is coming to an end.(crazy right??) But after a long workout, I feel almost the exact opposite. It's a natural high, It makes the anxiety and panic COMPLETELY go away. It also helps you sleep.

If your in the process of quitting, get out and exercise! Ride your bike, jog, lift weights, anything that gets your body working.

Marked Man

Well, im on day 5 of not smoking ganja. Ooh do i miss my sweet maryjane. I have a strong desire to quit and stay off because of my health. I have stomach problems (ulcer) and anxiety.

I was a heavy user since i first started, which has been a steady flow of smoke all day everyday for 4 years. Since I have been clean my anxiety has reached full blown panic attacks...

my appetite is starting to come back slowly but surely except when im dealing with anxiety. Anxiety seems to be main problem right now. Im hoping for it to be completely gone in a month or two. I feel what your going through sal ferrante.

With ganja moderation is key. If you are predisposed to certain medical conditions marijuana will bring it out after awhile. Ive seen it sooo many times, with dozens of people.

Just remember people there is a light at the end of the tunnel, u just gotta stay strong and make it there.


Hi everyone. This post has helped me substantially.  I thought my life was over. I thought I was dead and ready to go to the ER over every little thing. That was just my normal anxiety freaking out even worse due to quitting.

I had constant shortness of breath, panic attacks. Stomach aches, dizziness like I was going to pass out. I was certain something major was wrong with me... The end.

Well I'm about 5 days down and starting to feel remarkably better, no need for doctors now. I was having the worse nightmares I've ever had even worse then when I was a child. I had sweats all night.

After reading everyones like symptoms I knew I was okay. I only smoked the most crystally stanky chronic there was. After this time quitting (just to get a job) I realized I think I'm done PERIOD. how can a plant affect me that bad.... Well it's no longer a plant it's an addictive ADDICTIVE drug.


Hello! I'm 33 yrs old and started smoking pot at 14 yrs old, I smoked everyday after work and all day on weekends. I stopped about 1 week ago just bc I was done with it.

Llet me tell you I thought I was losing my mind, hot flashes cold sweats, major panic attacks, loss of where I was, very confused and scared, I was always told you can't get addicted to pot but going thru what I'm going thru I can tell you it is addictive and withdrawal isn't fun. It's horrible.

I thought I was gonna have to go to emergency room on several occasions . Went to doc they put me on meds that made it so much worse.I'm finally starting to feel normal again one day at a time, it still hard some days but I'm feeling much better. Lots of prayers and try to sleep. The worse for me is I have no appetite. If you are reading this I hope it helps as all the other blogs helped me to understand I'm not crazy, you just have to make it thru.


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    • John Anon

      I’m 21 years old and I began having anxiety attacks at age 17. I’ve smoked pot off and on, and been fine – what I have noticed is that if I get into a routine of smoking often and then stop, I have increased anxiety for a couple of weeks, and it eventually calms down. The thing is, I thoroughly enjoy smoking pot, but I think this may be the reason for me to quit for good – I’m going to monitor my anxiety and if it significantly decreases in 6 weeks I will report back in – The thing is, I think the pot is having a very minor effect on my anxiety and only causes a couple of panic attacks a week during withdrawal which could be manage-able. I’ll never truly know as science just isn’t at the level where it would be cheap and easy to monitor everything going on in my body

      • anxious

        Hey john,
        Whats your progress? are you still sufferring from anxiety/panic attacks every week?

        Ive just started having panic attacks after 10 days of withdrawal(i am scared to death)

        Any tips?

        Cheers and goodluck

        • John Mckee

          Hey Somji,

          I’m good – no panic attacks or significant anxiety issues, although they did exist and gradually taper over about 3 months.

          I cleaned up my diet and got regular exercise – those two things go a long long way to easing anxiety issues

        • david

          dude as soon as you feel attack coming on stop think relax relax relax .then start thinking of a positive thing anything ,good old grandma anything positive I focus on Christ and what he has done in my life .even feeling textures .third phase except the feeling meaning don’t be scared .and you can stop these almost as fast as they start . its just adrenal glands pumping adrenaline in your heart and it will get better and then stop .hope this helps I got it off line and thought at first what a bunch of crap .heck no it works brothers and sisters .we can do this and so much more

    • Hailee

      I’m 17 years old and I started smoking every day since march. I had a panic attack around October after I had recently smoked and didn’t think anything of it. Well recently before I would smoke I would get this bad feeling not to smoke and I would ignore (shouldn’t have). Then last Sunday I smoked before I went to sleep and I started having another panic attack and this one was worse. I thought I was really going to die especially if I tried to go to sleep. After researching, I realized that it was just the marijuana because I never had a panic attack in my life until those 2 times. I sometimes feel like I’m still going to die, but I think it’s just the withdrawals. But may I ask how long does someone know/think the withdrawals will be over?

    • Rick

      I am only 3 days in but also quitting cigarettes at the same time and I feel like a bag of crap. I have been smoking weed almost every day for 15 years and I have decided to make a positive change in my life. I am in pain. Insomnia, nightmares, panic attacks, high anxiety, and making my wife miserable. She is so wonderful and stands beside me for everything but I am not handling it well. We are supposed to leave for a trip tomorrow and I can’t have any as I will be in another country and I don’t want to risk looking for it. I just want to enjoy my life without thinking about it all the time. I wish I was stronger and I don’t want to hate myself but I do when I am like this. I am having a panic attack at this moment and I really don’t want to break the 3 days but it’s 5 am and we leave in 12 hours. Is my life going to be like this forever if I quit? I don’t want to be dependent anymore. I know I need to exercise more but that won’t help me in this moment. I could smoke some but I’ve come so far…Just want to be in control for once.

    • Lucas

      Im 21, recently took up smoking weed moderately at the beginning of 2015, smoking once or twice a month up until the fall. By the time the fall came around, an old high school buddy of mine started selling weed, so I got into the habit of buying and smoking more, hitting up at least a quarter ounce a week. I smoked every day for about four months before slowing reducing to 3 to 5 times a week just past the new year. Last week, smoking a strong Indica strain, I had a bad panic attack like my heart was pounding out of my chest and shortness of breath, with some numbness and tingling in my extremities. I legit thought I might be having a heart attack. It wasnt the first time such an event happened, I had experienced this twice or three times before in the past. However, after the attack I smoked again, thinking it was just a bad “trip”, but it did not cease, as it happened again the next day. So I made the decision to take a step back from weed for a while. But now, the withdrawals, albeit have only been a week, have increased my anxiety and panic to the point where I could not go to work today because I couldn’t calm myself down… took several hours to mellow out. I have always been a more shy, nervous person but never to the point like this… hell, even presentations in high school I never had such panic like this.

      SO my question is, is this normal to an extent? I don’t want to stop quit smoking weed in the future, because 95% of the time, the highs have been just marvelous, but I don’t want to go through this. Are these kind of withdrawal symptoms normal? I’ve been looking into ways to calm my anxiety down, but is this more of a phase? Does it pass?

      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

      • John Mckee

        It does pass. It’s part of withdrawal, but you will also want to be mindful of how you are feeling and how you experience your stress and anxiety. In the Members Area, we’ve got some coursework and lessons to help you to process your anxiety and feelings during acute withdrawal and afterwards. We’re also working on a supplement to take when you first quit that should help alleviate some of these anxious symptoms. –John

    • John


      It’s interesting you comment on this, as I had similar chain of events. I was smoking for a year off and on, and frequently every day use for 4 months and developed a panic attack. After coming off for nearly six months now I still develop anxiety and other symptoms. How are you making out so far?

      • John Mckee

        This is relatively common. Not sure of your age, but the younger you start smoking, the more likely you are to have anxious systems. Fear of panic attacks can be a trigger for more panic attacks, so that could be part of what you are experiencing. –John

    • Andrew

      I am a male about to turn 23 in May, I started smoking when I was 14. By the time I was sixteen I was smoking multiple 8ths a week everyday before school. I felt like it enhanced my creativity with music and made boring things more exciting(high school) I also felt like it helped me stop caring and fit in more with others.

      I went off to school at UC Santa Cruz (major druggie school) after doing well in highschool, even with the constant pot use and experimenting with lsd and shrooms a few times. At uc Santa Cruz I added the habit of adding tobacco I to all of my bong bowls and smoking numerous spliffs. And neglecting my vaporizer. I smoked everyday from 16-22 till about two and a half weeks ago.

      I quit tobacco because I wasn’t getting any high off pot anymore and was smoking constantly because of the tobacco addiction. I quit tobacco about three months ago and started only using pot, everything was fine and I felt great. I then cut back to smoking a 1/4 every month. I was only taking 2-3 small hits a day.

      Eventually I got into a relationship for the first time in years after isolating myself, leaving school after two years (decided to play music for the past three years, quit my band in December of 2015.) Started a new degree in electronics back home in socal. The weed I have smoked has always been 90% of the time high quality medical grade and I often smoked hash and would take dabs for a short period. After having a new relationship and really loving this person I realized I couldn’t keep smoking the way I was because it was holding me back in an immature mindset where I lost passion, drive, and the willpower to succeed. I realized that life was a trip in its own way and I started thinking I was having lsd flashbacks and tripping while stoned.

      I tapered down to one hit a day and started having the worst aniexty life feeling an impending doom, and that I could not control my emotions or thoughts anymore. After researching a ton of medical conditions I realized it was the marajuana withdrawal, as I haven’t done psychedelics often or in the past four years. After realizing the pot had caused all of this, I decided to quit and it was very easy to do so, because I had a mental breakdown with terrible depression, aniexty, and even suicdal thoughts. It was truly a philisophical war in my mind.

      So many thoughts that pot had held me back from achieving and made me content with being lazy. Also the thought that why did I need a drug to enjoy life more and experiment with things that could harm me kept going on. I kept asking what is the point of existence. After three days I slipped and smoked again, and I literally had that feeling of an out of control trip like the first times smoking or doing psychedelics. It made me so scared that I would feel this way forever. Before I used pot to avoid reality and calm down/forget parts of life(my male cousin a year older had sexually abused mefor a few years as a child and I played into it) trying to avoid those memories, although I told my parents a few years ago and cut off contact with that part of the family) he had gone on to abuse much younger kids, and was a terrible human. After telling my parents I felt an enormou.ous weight off my.shoulders/was glad to know that I would always have their support.

      Although I found out childhood sexuality/abuse happens to men very often. Look up the website 1 in 6 , and sexuality in childhood. My girlfriend also knows and supports me. Anyways enough of that part, it was defi.itely a reason i used pot/to mask the burden, ezcept tue past few years after telling my family i kept usong out of habit/the.fear of quiting weed. I I had nothing left and was empty/had depersonalization/loss of ego. From that moment after slipping up I have now quit and on Sunday it will be three weeks clean. I had restless aniexty and moments of sadness, but a few moments of happiness that I had quit and could take on life in a new way.

      Life is truly a trip without any drugs, and a natural high in itself. I am still feeling aniexty, some depression but it has gone from a ten to a 5-6 which feels manageable. I just remind myself my life is good and I can now tackle the world with real effort and willpower. Fortunately I only had I insomnia for about two days, and taking melatonin helped regulate my sleep. Crazy vivid dreams that I actually remember. A bit of sweating/itchy feeling at times.

      Heaviness in the head started about a few weeks later, but I believe it is.y brain adjusting to more oxygen. When I quit tobacco(only used a pack on my bowls every three weeks about) I had the same head weight/heavy feeling. Things are getting better as I approach week three, but there are still residual feelings of aniexty which leads to a depression about feeling how I felt before my major panic attack/breakdown. It is different learning how to function outside of numbed state.

      And exercising gives me a wonderful natural high and calms my nerves. I also started eating better foods, and taking supplements. My body is sore and I have been over sleeping/having some chest pains on both sides oddly. In week one and two it was the left side and the past two days has been the right side from my neck to below the rib cage. I realize my situation is different as most people have way worse insomnia/ and more loss of appetite. But I just want to feel strong and able to controly anxious thoughts. These forums help alot, and at this point I will let everyone know how long it takes for me to readjust and feel.normal again(a new normal that is better without drugs)

      • Andrew

        I apologize profusely for the typos and bad grammar. I am typing on my phone and have always been terrible at touchscreen keypads. If there is a way to edit this I would gladly do it.

        • Louis

          Thank you so much Andrew im suffering with the same kind of thing how did you get on if your still about?

      • laura

        I really appreciated your story…thanks for sharing

    • mini

      omg I am so glad I found this site!!!!! I thought I was losing my mind or having some psycotic breakdown or something, I’ve been a heavy pot smoker for the past 3 years, all kinds of strains, edible weed, kiff, wax, name it.

      Recently, on the past full moon, I smoked a bit and felt very, very weird, never in my life I’ve experienced anxiety before, I didn’t even knew symtoms or anything, and ever since that day when I smoked same thing happened, I began to feel afraid, regreting I smoked, I started trembling, it was just horrible, never happened before, so now I get it, I’m done.

      but now sometimes even sober I started to feel this anxiety and just thoughts that I’ve gone crazy, that maybe there was something seriously wrong with my brain, and now reading you guys has just made me so calmed and motivated to make it through this withdrawal,

      can someone give advice? besides eating well and excercising, I definetly agree on that and Im working on it.
      Im 24.

    • Mario Lopez

      Hey everyone! I quitted weed 4 months ago because I had 2 panic attacks while being high on different days,the last panic attack made me want to quit. So for the first 2 weeks of abstinence everything was nice, but suddenly I started to feel really depressed and anxious for no reason, during that time I had a creepy thought which made me panic. Since that day I had panic attacks for 2 weeks with the same creepy thought. I also had many of the marijuana withdrawals)

      After those two weeks I only had severe anxiety for 1 more month with other marijuana withdrawals. for example, insomnia, vivid nightmares, depressed, irritability, extreme foggy vision caused by anxiety and a few other more symptoms.

      In the beginning of my third month all symptoms were gone except the anxiety which was mild compared the the last 2 months and my foggy vision was 50% better. I trained my self to lose fear of the creepy thought and things started to get better.

      On my fourth month I lost fear of all scary thoughts and was fine for about 2 weeks and anxiety started to fade away slowly and my foggy vision was 75% better, until one day I freaked out about another thing and my anxiety got severe but it lasted for a week and felt better again! but it seems now I’m freaking out about other things,but they don’t last too long ( maximum 3 days and feel better again)

      Now I’m staring my fifth month and I wonder if the anxiety and me freaking out is still the marijuana withdrawals symptoms or I developed some anxiety disorder and the reason why I’m starting to feel better is because I’m learning how to cope with it? (before my first panic attack I never freaked out about scary things or creepy thoughts I feel I’m not reasoning the way I used to)

      Anyway I’ll post my progress on here once a month, this fifth month ill do things differently. I’ll start eating healthier, exercise more and go out more too. thanks everyone for reading this!

      • Mario Lopez

        Hi everyone, I wanted to make a quick post with good news, I don’t have more anxiety and intrusive thoughts, no more panic attacks, no more blurry vision. It took so long for my mind to get back to normal after quitting and going through hell. I am one of those people who can say marijuana was definitely the problem for all the bad symptoms I had. the only thing i can say is that it will take a long time for your brain to heal after quitting weed and that the best thing you can do to speed up the healing process is to quit all drugs you are using. from coffee to cigarettes or anything, even pills!. Do exercise, make sure you sweat a lot. drink lots of water. eat healthy food. sleep enough.Be strong! (if you don’t quit other type of drugs I don’t think your brain will heal.) and for the meanwhile take deep breaths while meditating for 30 minutes everyday. try to keep your mind always distracted. go out and have fun, read a book, play video games, hang out with friends. that’s all my advise for everyone who is going through this terrible experience. (the healing process can take longer for some people and for others not so much) for me it took 9 months complete. dont give up until you feel 100% healed, now I can get drunk without getting a panic attack or having terrible anxiety like for a week.

    • Alex Davies

      i am suffering really bad anxiety attacks and chest pains in the left side of my chest since i have stopped smoking weed i am 2-3 months sober i used to smoke 10 grams a week £100 worth in money i started smoking cannabis everyday all day from the age of 15 when i was having problems with my girlfriend i am 21 years old now. i am terrified incase this is not the cannabis withdrawals seen as im 2-3 months sober surely these pains should be gone by now i dont know whats wrong with me i have been to the doctors so many times i have lost count. i have been the hospital and all sorts my doctor put me on a tablet called propranolol 40mg he put me on those tablets because i was suffering really bad headaches the headaches are gone now but i dont know if these pains are because i stopped taking the propranolol or stopped taking the cannabis because i stopped the cannabis round abouts the same time i started taking the propranolol then i stopped taking the propranolol because i was not sure if it was the tablets that was giving me the chest pains but even though i have stopped taking the propranolol i am still getting really bad chest pains my doctors tell me its anxiety is it the anxiety that has been caused from quitting cannabis? please help me im scared like crazy

    • iquit

      I quit 3-4 weeks ago and the first 2 weeks were hell. I smoked for a good 3-4 years but for the past 1 year and a half almost daily like smoking cigarettes I went cold turkey for both cigs and weed but only managed 2-3 weeks without cigarettes.

      I am now feeling better but everynow and then I get depressed and anxiety kicks in like the friend you never invited but shows up anyway to the party. I hope this fades away in the coming months as I have been told it gets better.

      Thank god for this website as I actually thought I was losing my mind. I find that meditation also works (Podcast on iphone) as it affects the brain in a natural way. Getting out of the house as staying in will drive you nuts. and sarrounding yourself with as many loved ones as you can on a daily basis if this isn’t possible then just get out and take a half hour walk whenever feeling down listen to some music.

      I hope you all perservere through this struggle as now I understand fully just how f***ed up it is!
      Peace and Love

    • Lazaro

      I’ve been a heavy pot smoker since I was 19 years old, I’m 29 now. I recently smoked and had a panic attack so severe that I thought I was going to die. I figured it was time to quit! So, I’m on day 4 now and I’ve already been to the emergency room twice. My anxiety is so bad that it makes me feel out of breath and all the crazy thoughts that come along with it… Heart attack, dying, etc. However, after running extensive tests the doctors told me I was fine and I was just panicking. They prescribed me Xanax to deal with my anxiety but I honestly am not one to take pills. I tried one and I didn’t really notice that much of a difference… I’m worried I’ll never feel right again.. But after seeing some of these posts it has reassured me that I too will make it through this. As am I writing now, I’m experiencing anxiety. I have a bit of an appetite although nothing like I normally do, and sleeping has been hard to achieve. I see some people say it lasted months for them and well I honestly don’t think I have the strength to make it that long. I’m hoping to start feeling better sooner than later! One thing is for sure… I will never smoke marijuana again. It was fun while it lasted but it has done nothing for me really.. Except ruin my social life and now after its gone, it’s still causing damage to my well being. I’m really glad I found this blog/page, it has given me hope. Thanks!

      • James


      • John

        All I can say is don’t think on it to much try doing your favourite Hobby your symptoms sound excactly like mine we will get through it

      • Arthur Smith

        Hey Lazaro this is art I have been a heavy user for about the same amount of time and I just quit smoking and an on day 3 right now and I was just curios I noticed that you quit 5 months ago and do you feel any better as far as your anxiety problems because it is really getting to me and when did you finally start to feel better…

        • John Mckee

          Hey There,

          It’s common to experience pretty intense anxiety in the first few days and weeks. Typically, by month 5, the anxiety is WAY WAY less than what you experience in the first month. Meditation and exercise are two keys for beating anxiety during withdrawal.

    • Rc

      I quit smoking few days ago . I quit cause of the panic attacks . I was literarily trembling and shivering of anxiety . During the first days of withdrawal any slight irritation drove me crazy . I couldn’t stand anything that usually got me even a little upset . But I learnt that playing games and doing stuff that make me happy or talking to loved ones helped extremely . I’m still recovering but I just tell my self it’s only for a few days and I’m not going crazy . I hope this blog will help anyone else going through this and let them know they aren’t alone

    • James

      Day 3 of withdrawal I have felt the worst anxiety and panic attacks since stopping had upset stomach and sweats and vivid dreams and things from my past making me panic . I quit due to work and it was ruling my life too much . I have never felt so scared and irrational as I do when the attacks come and they come in waves I hope and pray it levels off I want to be a better person. I have smoked for 15 years and really heavy I feel now that enough is enough.
      Reading these comments has really helped me thankyou !

    • Bruce

      Well, like everyone else, I’m so glad I found this site. I have been a heavy marijuana smoker for almost 15 years (I’m 33 now) and my tolerance eventually got so high that I moved on to dabs about a year-and-a-half ago. I’ve also been a pretty regular drinker (upwards of a 6-pack a night) for the past 5 or 6 years, until I decided to cut back on the beer dramatically within the past few months. Everything has been lovely pretty much all of this time although I definitely did have a panic attack during my first few months smoking but had no idea what it was, just assumed it was something along the lines of a bad trip. I also had panic attacks for about a week maybe 4 years ago and that’s probably the only time within the last 10 years that I’ve quit for more than 24 hours.

      I made a lot of significant health changes around that time, originally thinking that I had heart problems or something more serious but once the panic attacks were done continued to smoke marijuana regularly.

      Well a little less than a month ago I started having panic attacks again several days in a row after doing dabs and decided I was never going to be able to do dabs again. After taking a couple of days off I started back just taking bowl hits and was surprised to find that my tolerance had dropped to the point where this got me as high as I used to when I first started smoking. Well then the panic attacks continued even from just taking one or two Bowl hits, mind you at the time I had no idea that this is what it was.

      I’ve had a terrible shortness of breath along with some mild chest pains and tingling in my left hand and also headaches. A few days ago at work, after a few days of very little sleep due to the shortness of breath, I got so light-headed and dizzy at work that my supervisor told me I should clock out and sit down for a while and get some water. I decided I had to go to the doctor at this point and it called a relative to come and pick me up. In the car my chest got so tight I was convinced that I had to go to the emergency room. I was finally convinced that I had absolutely no heart problems or serious life-threatening illnesses.

      I started to think it was a whole slew of different problems from possibly breathing mold to maybe being anemic just to name a couple, but still had no idea what was causing the trouble despite definitely having panic attacks a couple of weeks before which I thought may have been due to some sort of oncoming illness. I was pretty far into my research before it even occurred to me that this could be due to withdrawals. I guess I thought since I had stopped smoking there’s no way it could be the weed causing it but after seeing so many other people with similar problems I now realize that mine is identical.

      Now that I feel like I’ve nailed it down the only problem that remains is the shortness of breath which seems to be almost constant now but manageable. I’m hoping to go to a doctor soon and possibly be prescribed something for the anxiety or even better find some sort of a natural solution. It is extremely therapeutic to find so many other people with the same problems and read their stories.

      I thank every single one of you for sharing your situation and I hope that we can all find peace by continuing to persevere and cope and accept the nature of our problems. I don’t want to say I’ll never smoke weed again, although it definitely does seem that way at times, as it has been a wonderful time in my life. I love the culture and the hundreds of people that I’ve met over the course of this time and shared the experience with.

      • Dylan

        Bruce, it is crazy that I was experiencing the exact same problems. the doctors told me I was having severe migraines with aura but I hadon’t literally never had migraines prior. It wasn’t until last night I realized that the marijuana withdrawal is tied into all of this. After dealing with this I have no desire to return to smoking.

    • Junior Gee

      So recently I quit smoking marijuana …. ( due to me wanting a good paying job ) I was a heavy HEAVY smoker , I smoked every single day 1-4 times a day , and if I didn’t smoke I was cranky as heck . I realized that weed was the only thing making me happy , and I knew I had to change that but it was so hard for me to stop . My bad experience was one morning about a week ago , I went to my backyard , rolled something up an lit it up . Normally I can smoke a whole “blunt” or maybe 2 depending how strong . This time I took about 4-5 tokes an I stopped an felt my heart beating very fast an uncontrollably . Automatically I start panicing because it was something I have never felt before , I’m saying to myself yo is this some really good stuff or am I having a heart attack . So I go inside tell my grandmother what’s going on , she throws me in a freezing cold shower an gave me 2 big cups of juice . Now I’m starting to calm down but very slowly , I’m pacing all around the house worrying if I’m going to die or not , so I decided to force myself to lay down an try to take a nap. That night I had to work over night , so at work I caught a bad panic attack an I start bugging out having to leave work early because of the way I was feeling , so I went to the ER an explained everything . They checked my heart said my heart is very healthy ( because I am only 18 ) an They say I was having a asthma attack , gave me a treatment an sent me on my way . Now days later the panic attack haven’t left an it feels as if it was getting worse so I had to take a visit to my primary doctor that actually has put me on medication to control these panic attacks . An I think to myself every single day , was smoking worth what I’m going through ? And how long is this going to last? I am very young and I hate feeling as if I’m dying , I don’t want to eat I don’t really want to go out I just want to stay home an get over this feeling .

    • Dylan

      Hi everyone,

      So far what I have read has eased my mind to a degree. I had been smoking weed non stop for about the last 9 months. I was in Amsterdam and had a severe anxiety attack, my left side of my body felt numb and tingling, head was pulsing on 1 side. I thought I was going to die so I naturally went to the hospital there and 150 euros later they told me I was fine.

      Fast forward a week and I decide to quit smoking cold turkey. It’s been 17 days for me and they have been awful. Tingling in my arm and leg again on the left side, pulsing headache, shortness of breath. I went to the hospital 3 times in a week and had a ekg, mri on my head and blood work. Everything turned out ok. I sleep like garbage always having nightmares, I’ve never suffered from anxiety before but now I feel like I’m on edge and that I need to go to the doctors about everything. It has started to ease up within the last 4 days but I just had a pretty severe attack again thinking I was having a heart attack.

      I never thought marijuana could cause such severe physical and mental withdrawals but I’m glad to read I’m not alone. I just wanted to let my experience be known and after all of this I have decided that I won’t go back to marijuana for a long time. I wasn’t a smoker until I started and I think my body is just pissed off at me.

      I hope everyone can make great recoveries and we all come out of this much better physically and mentally!

      • John

        These post has really helped me a lot i have been abusing weed since I was about 14-15 smoking about 20-30 pounds a day I am 18 now an I was lying in bed about 2 weeks ago smokin a joint when all of a sudden I just felt my heart pounding out my chest about 2 beats a second and it really made me panic I’ve never experienced nothing like this before it felt like I couldn’t breathe I got all light headed an felt like I was about to collapse a good tip to deal with these attacks also guys are take slow deep breaths in and out an tell yourself your ok also pinch the palm of your hand an tell your head breathe from the belly (sounds ridiculous but this really helps a lot!)I thought this was just because of the weed I was smoking an it scared me that much I just couldn’t go though with smoking any more weed but then about 4 days later it happend when I was clear of weed for 4 days an this really scared me I then thought that it was me that I was dying also with having a heart murmur it really has given me the worst anxiety ever but I got that checked last year doc. Said it was all good it feels so relieving reading these posts I thought it was somthing to do with my heart but I really think it is just the withdrawals of stopping smoking weed am about 2 weeks in now an the anxiety is terrifying it literally gives me suicidal thoughts I still have shortness of breath now an again probably just because are Lungs are clear an just not use to not smoking weed I also get chest pains on my left side an sometimes on my right almost like stabbing pains not to the point were I have to grab my chest the nightmares are absolutely depressing sometimes I think they are real life an am dying I still haven’t even been the doctors because your guys post have got me at ease because they sound excactly what am going through and I I understand what all you people are going through the only thing we can do guys is solider through this just try go out with friends takes your mind of it a lot or play video games we will get through this in the end guys an it will all be worth it I am safe to say I will never touch another drug in my life after cannabis affecting me this much I never knew it could do this to us were in a generation were people are deluded by the affects of what cannabis can actually do to you but I really hope all you guy are doing ok we will get there in the end

      • Craig

        Thanks for sharing your withdrawal sympton i have the exact same thing. Dizziness and numbness in feet sometimes. And panic attacks. 8 months non stop now clean for 1 month. Do update here when your panic attack eases guys. I want to gauge around how many days it takes.

      • Katy

        Hi, how long did this last?

    • stefan

      After smoking 4 – 7 joints every day for 10 years straight i decided to quit. Im now on month 3 and starting to feel alot better. The first month was a living hell. I had really bad panic attacks to the point that i was afraid to go outside. My vision was also very blury and i felt very dizzy all the time. I went to my doctor and took a EKG and alot of other tests, she said everything was fine. After 2 months the anxiety and fogvision was pretty much gone. im on month 3 now and i get some bad headaces from time to time and i feel alot more fatigued then i felt when i was smoking. the good thing is that i can feel it gets better every week.

    • Nick

      I’m Nick, 22. I started smoking weed when I was 15 and almost haven’t skipped a day since. I have only ever smoked very high quality weed, because it seems to be all there is around Boston. I’ve tried to quit more times then I can remember. Everytime I try to quit I get severe panic attacks. These cannabis withdrawl related panic attacks include very extreme hyperventilation, muscle spasms, eye twitching, and sometimes will bring me to the ground in a fetal position, which is usually when the muscle spasms and hyperventilation are the worst. Sometimes instead of panic attacks, I will go into a rage and punch walls or punch and kick my car. I have also freaked out on friends and loved ones, screaming at them at the top of my lungs for no reason at all. So extreme irritability is another symptom. I will also experience fairly painful headaches and nausea, and sometimes even an extreme loss of apetite; one time I forget to eat for 2 whole days. Didn’t even realize it because all I could think about was weed. So, anyone who doesen’t think weed is addictive, REALLY ought to do more research. I get personally offended when people tell me
      weed isn’t addictive. IT IS. Not for everyone, but there are a portion of marijuana users who do get addicted. Even though I am possibly a rare case, I know I can’t be the only one. The withdral symptoms for some people can be rather extreme. I can’t go a day without weed, or else I literally lose my mind. I want to quit more than anything, and I hate being a slave to this plant.

      • Andrew

        Im 24, Smoking for the past 3 years and you are not alone. Alot of these stories are all the same as mine!

      • Keith

        I’m 26 and in the same spot. I want to quit but the rage and anxiety/ panic attacks keep me a slave

      • Alan

        Im 21, ive been smoking last 3 years at uni, and i complety understand man, its the rage, anxiety and this weird feeling of impending doom for no logical reason, but we can do this!

    • Chris

      I smoked weed for 18yrs flat out with no breaks and I hit 30 decided to stop, enough is enough.
      I’m a strong healthy fit individual that’s my up point advantage
      But about 2 months in to detox I’m have anxiety attacks in my sleep (probably about an hour in to sleep) stopping me from sleeping, so the first time it happened I layed still confused hoping it would stop it didn’t started to feel sick with fever so I got up ran to the toilet to be sick I passed out and my partner woke me up this happened three times I was laying in a pool of sweat with my heart racing thinking I was dying, anyway had all test done ECG bloods X-ray all fine, now when it happens I get up before fever starts so I don’t faint the reason for this is my heart is beating to fast and blood pressure drops, these symptoms are my most extreme, nothing I can do but ride it out and it is slowing now after two months, insomnia was another issue I had all I done to tackle this was get up early (work) and totally remove caffeine from your diet if you drink a lot of coffee energy drinks as I did, stop and you will sleep, R.E.M. (Rapid eye movement) Sleep, this occurs about a week into detox you start dreaming again the dreams can be good or bad depending on the individual.
      Anger, I found hot shower or bath helps sooth anger
      Depression, honestly a cold shower helped me so much also exercising helps a lot as it will raises self esteem and confidence.
      I am still detoxing and feeling better thinking to myself that 1 puff is not worth going through this all again
      I hope this information helps someone in the struggle
      With weed
      The best thing I’m noticing from quitting is my sexual health is a lot better
      And my brain power and just general attitude towards life.

    • Rochelle

      Hey guys,

      I quit exactly 25 days ago, and have been having terrible anxiety, insomnia, night sweats on and off, as well as extremely terrible vivid dreams (some even nightmares). I smoked for about 9 years, but the last 7 have been every day, 3-4x a day after work, and usually almost all day on weekends. I suffered from anxiety for the last 3 or 4 years but the weed helped numb it. However, with the odd strong indica strain I would feel temporarily more anxious. I had a panic attack about a month ago for the first time and decided it was time to quit for me.

      I quit weed and coffee within the same week, and it has been hell on earth ever since. I find that distractions and exercise help me get through the day, but the worst part is the insomnia. I can fall asleep but i wake up 3 or 4 times throughout the night, sometimes in a sweat, especially if i’ve been having a vivid dream.

      Part of me missing how easily and peacefully you’d sleep after a nice bowl before bed, but I know that this is for the better.

    • Fi

      Have thus far spent the weekend crying profusely, repeating my “this too will pass” depression mantra and causing my poor innocent boyfriend to fall victim to a barrage of panic attacks.

      Initially figured it was a case of the holiday blues, baiting my mood disorders. Then realised the anxiety coincided with a sudden THC famine.

      My last two major anxious/depressed moments have been during periods of sobriety. I caved on both occasions and opted for a soothing new bag. Not an option now though as I’m adamant it’s quittin time.

      My mind will depend on neither pill nor plant.
      I will get through this.
      I will come out the other side.
      I am in control.

    • Kitty

      I have been using marijuana to help me sleep for a few months and it was working great. I had some insomnia and I’ve always been a little anxious; mainly social anxiety.

      Last week the marijuana suddenly turned on me and caused me to have even worse insomnia than before, panic attacks, shallow breathing, cold sweats, rage, depression, and constant anxiety about everything. Most of my anxiety is over not getting enough sleep. I dread the night now. I want this to stop. I have started taking some medication and also herbal supplements to help me, but so far it has only helped a little. I was fine yesterday after finally getting enough sleep before, but last night I only got under 4 hours and I am panicking about it again.

      The last time I had any weed was four days ago and all of this has been hell. I attempted to take it again to see if it would help like it did before. I thought maybe the couple day’s break would help. The weed still made me have insomnia when I took it and now the withdrawals are even worse. I cry every day. My body is tense and hurts. If I knew marijuana could do this I would have never had any! I thought it was harmless, but it just magnified everything.

      Reading all your comments makes me feel a little better. I hope we all get out of this soon.

    • John Bas

      I have been a weed smoker for a couple years due to stress etc. i have always smoked in large quantities everything was fine until a couple days ago i had one spliff then i had another one and that last one made me end up in ER i was shaking nearly puking and since then i have been having panic attacks and weird heart beats i cant eat anything due to feeling sick all the time and just lost my appetite just feel isolated at home and not wanting to go outside i have only been clean from weed and cigs for a couple days but if I’m going to feel like this everyday i don’t know if i can

    • Dave

      Hey everyone. I’m 29 and have been smoking all day everyday since I was 18. This is getting repetitive but these post have helped me so much. I am on day 4 of quitting and have been to the doctor 2 times already for anxiety. He prescribed me and anti-depressant to get me through the next 30 days. The stopping and the cravings havnt been hard yet, as I have not wanted to smoke. The panic attacks are the worst part so far. My appetite is already slowly coming back. But the panic attacks have been bad and often. I can’t concentrate on prettt much anything. I just keep telling myself get through the first week and everything will be ok. After reading all these posts I know I have a lot of time to deal with this. I’m thinking about going to see a therapist once a week just to keep some piece of mind. I don’t know if I’m going to go through with the therapist tho. I’m hoping these symptoms do not last months like some of you have said. But it sounds like I’m in for a hell of a year. I never felt like a drug addict before until I stopped using 4 days ago. Thank you all for sharing and reading as I plan on keeping this page saved so I have something to read when I start to feel like I’m panicking.

      I’ll keep everyone posted each week. I know it will help just like everyone else has helped me by writing in.

    • Ellie

      Hi I’m 15 year old girl when I was kicked out off school I started smoking weed a lot then I was placed in a college with a bunch off friends that smoked weed i smoke it more a less everyday for 8/9 month but this one time I had it it made me proper dizzy didn’t know where I was or what I was doing! A few days later I stayed at a friends house whilst they was all getting high but I stopped I came home the following moring I felt dizzy couldn’t breath and had a massive panic attack and felt asif I wasn’t real this was the 1st off January 2017 but now it’s the 25 off February 2017 I’m still feeling like I’m not real and that I’m in a dream is this normal? And how do I overcome it? I’m really scared and no idea what to do or what my parents will think?

    • Jay

      hello everybody… well i wont say much but this is for sure.. i feel so so so MUCH better after reading all this… i have been a regular weed/hash smoker and never really had a problem until 10 days ago when everything was fine and i came home and was having a panic attack ( i didn’t even know that it was a panic attack) threw up and went to bed, next morning it was the same.. crazy heart palpitations.. feeling like my heart is gonna fail..i’m gonna die.. but then yes.. i can relate to all of it now…. its been 10 days since i haven’t touched either a cigarette or a spliff.. yesterday i felt like phew its all gone.. i had the same energy and all and right in the night i read some disturbing article which i shouldn’t have and i could feel it has triggered something and i had a bad panic attack thinking i have lost control over my mind and bla bla.. but YES its the withdrawal symptoms and WE WILL ALL MAKE IT THROUGH GUYS….. the reason is that i have abused my body so much.. i invited it myself ignoring all the little symptoms which it tried to give me earlier… WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS.. EAT WELL. SLEEP WELL. WORK OUT. MEDITATE. AVOID ALL THE NEGATIVITY. and we’ll be fine 🙂

      • Michael

        Thank you for your post. My name is Michael and I am 26 years old. Reading some of this comments makes me feel better and that im not alone and that this will pass, but others just trigger my pannic attack because others having worst symptoms. I am very anxious right now because I am on my first night of cold turkey the weed after 6 years of smoking daily, the recent years even smoking wake and bake before going to work. I want to stop because I started getting pannic attacks when smoking and didnt feel I had the control anymore. I know this is mental because I was with my girlfriend a few hours ago and I felt great, but when she left and I failed to sleep for 1 hour and it triggered my pannic attack because back in my head i though that a pannic attack will happen again. I did pushups this first morning because i felt anxious in the morning but i didnt had appetite to eat the entire day and had pannic attack at work too. I went to the bathroom to pray and cried a lot and this helped me. But now is back and i feel is physical too and not only mental. Pray for me, I will post my journey here .

    • Rob

      Hello, my name is Rob and I have been basically a daily smoker of cannabis from when I was 18 until about a month ago. I am 31 now. During that time I have also been a heavy smoker of tobacco (cigarettes), and at the beginning of this month I had a bad sore throat that wouldn’t seem to go away. I decided that it was due to the smoking and the fact that I regularly try to hack up then congestion in my chest. So I decided to quit both, cold turkey. Since then I’ve had a dry spot or sore in the back of my throat that started out bad, and has gotten incrementally better, but for some reason the, the whole time this has been happening I’ve basically convinced myself that I have throat cancer. Been to several doctors and they all said I was ok, but will actually go to an ENT doctor this Friday, so they can look down my throat. Hopefully I won’t have any bad news. So, earlier this week I had my first panic attack, which I think I have brought on by working myself up about my throat. Never had a panic attach before, wasn’t sure what was happening when it occurred, I thought I was having a heart attack or stroke or something, and had to go to the emergency room. Doc said I was having a panic attack and gave me some pills to take if it starts happening again. Well today I had my second panic attack, and the EMT came by to check on me, basically said the same thing, that I was having a panic attack. Finding this site has been very helpful, I didn’t realize that my anxiety and panic attacks were also a result of the cannabis withdrawal, thought it was just from the nicotine. When they happen I get a weird feeling like my throat is going to close up on me, and I can actually feel the muscles in my throat tightening up. This makes me feel like I am going to choke to death or not be able to breathe, and obviously makes my anxiety worse. So that is my story in a nutshell I guess. I’d just like to say that finding this site and reading all of your experiences has actually calmed me down and lessened my anxiety as I was reading them. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences, and now that I’ve had a chance to read them, I know that I have a long road ahead, but I am ready for it. I’ll try to up date periodically to check in and report on how I am doing. Never realized I was going to have to deal with such a heavy response from having smoked cannabis for so long, but it’s nice to know that there are other people out there who are going through what I am going through. Good luck to everyone and take care.


    • Ryan

      Hi guys I recently quit weed myself after always feeling like I was going to pass out after smoking I decided enough was enough, I have always been quite a heavy smoker, but a few days after I quit I went shopping and everything was fine until I was waiting in line to pay and all of a sudden I felt like I was being swarmed by everyone in the que almost like I was claustrophobic and I was going to pass out I saw coloured dots and felt my heart pop out of my chest,ever since then whenever I walk into a shop or even a crowded street I feel like I’m going to pass out and I get tingling and numbness in my face and feel like I’m going to constantly pass out while having severe dizzyness, in a way I’m glad to see I’m not the only one suffering through this but as most people have said I had no idea the withdrawal could have such an effect physically and mentally, stay strong guys and gals

    • Taylor

      Just randomly a freinds was talking about panic disorder, after having weird sparks of feeling in my head along with not being able to think or get out of my own head for 20- 60 mins. I finally understand what’s happening, I started not wanting to go to my new home because iv had three attacks just as I’m going to sleep. Luckily I’m already 8 days in so it’s only getting better. But thank you all the same. I felt a inkling of panic so I started looking in to it and feel so much better. I smoked for 6 years since I was 13 I can’t imagine the difference in brain chemistry between smoking everyday to quitting cold turkey. Doesn’t help I smoked Tabacoo with it. Thanks again it’s made a huge difference.

    • Keith

      Thank you everyone for posting your experience with panic attacks from weed withdrawal! I have been smoking weed and tobacco daily for the past 8 years. For the past year I have been smoking 3 to 4 spliffs only at night. A few months ago I started getting panic attacks and couldn’t figure out why. As of about a month ago the panic attacks have been getting worse and started occurring daily. I have been starting my day with massive panic attacks that make me feel like I can’t breath, my throat is closing up, and makes me want to get up and briskly walk around. On occasion I randomly get a huge rush that feels like it is shooting through my brain (similar to the feeling of taking a huge bong rip of tobacco) and it makes me feel cloudy after.

      After reading these blog posts it has really opened my eyes to what my smoking habits are doing to me. At the same time it makes me relieved that I am not the only one that has been experiencing these panic attacks.

    • Greg

      First of all thank you for this forum, it’s reassuring to know that others have the same experiences as myself.

      I’m 47 and have used marijuana off and on for 30 years. I started experiencing anxiety attacks about 7 years ago and have found that marijuana usage and withdrawal is the main reason why I have these attacks.

      At this point, my anxiety attacks seem to occur as I drift off to sleep in the week after I stop using. It is scary to suddenly wake up feeling that I can’t breathe with my heart pounding. This leads to a downward spiral of impending doom making the symptoms worse. I have found, however, that drinking a cup of chamomile tea (Sleepytime works great) is the best way for me to get calmed back down so I can sleep. Of course, this may not work for everyone but when you’re desperately trying to stop an anxiety attack, it’s worth a try!

    • Mika

      Hello everyone, thanks for sharing your experience, it helped me a lot. Let me tell you mine: I am 31, heavy smoker for 5 years, not one single day pause. I quit cold turkey 12 days ago, and still have withdrawal symptoms.
      1st day, all good. At night, cold sweat, changed clothes several times.(my doctor gave me Imovane and Melatonin to sleep)
      2nd day, appetite loss, energy loss, angry, anxiety, paranoia, nausea, diarrhea, confusion, memory problems, panic, dry mouth, sweaty palms, racing thoughts. Some days were better, some days were worse, depending on eating and how busy I’ve kept myself. These symptoms continued all week.
      Because I couldn’t eat all week, yesterday I arrived to emergency room during the biggest panic attack I’ve experienced in my life. I thought I’ll go insane, I forgot who I am and passed out. At ER, they said I am fine, but I have a low level of sugars in blood, so I want straight to a restaurant and ate a soup and a cake. Today I feel better, I eat, food has no taste and the dizziness is still here. Like my brain is stuffed with cotton. I hope I’ll recover. I want my strength back.

    • David

      Hi, I’ve only been using tincture for a few months on and off to alleviate pain from RA, but now I’ve quit and about two days later lots of the symptoms have appeared, and although the severity is now (3 days later) lower, I still feel like I’m gonna pass out just about any time without a warning, plus some tingling sensation in my limbs and even face. Is that normal for a light user who doesn’t even smoke?

    • HenryJ.

      I will share my experiences to you guys but feel sorry for my grammar.
      So, when i was 15y/o, I tried to smoke weed for the first time because of peer pressure. And it get me really really high to the point i cant already know what am i doing its like im already in heaven(foggy,white) but that just last for an hour. After that bad feelings, so ive decided to quit because weed is really not for me. After a week of that strange feelings, my mind just having a severe thoughts that i will becoming insane/crazy,insomnia,lost appetite,irritability. But i overpass it, i fight it because my friend told me, its normal and it will only last for 6months. But i battled it for almost a year with keeping busy(driving,working,playing video games etc),eat healthy foods,family/friends bonding,and always praying to God. And it works, it just vanish. I feel like normal again. My life is become wonderful and i curse marijuana after that.

      After 6years(now)
      I dont know why i smoke some joint again after cursing that many years ago. I think its because of friends again. I smoke last month but only one joint and the effects this time is different when i was 15. Because it just blackout my mind,shaken my body,and palpitation for about an hour. And after 4days of that experience my feelings when i was in 15y/o went back again and i dont know why. But this time its more different “Feeling of being insane/crazy,lack of focus,forgetting places,forgetting about past days events and im afraid of having amnesia or what.

      But God dont gave us problems that we cannot get trought “IF GOD BRINGS YOU TO IT, HE WILL BRING YOU TROUGH IT” im now on 5weeks with this feeling. And it always creeps me out. And when i feeling this, i just open my phone and search about this blog and feel me better and sleep. i think its a long journey but good because all road has dead end. Pray and believe. Godbless you guys.

    • Mike

      I am 45 and have been smoking steadily for… about 12 years. Day 10.. I’m sitting here having an anxiety attack. Insomnia, appetite changes, mood swings, anger, and panic attacks. I keep telling myself it will be over soon. Just want to thank everyone for posting their experiences because I feel better and see there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    • James

      You’ve all literally calmed me down, god bloody bless you all!

    • Anon

      Thanks guys you have no idea how much all your comments have helped my brother who has been having crippling anxiety attacks and thought he was going insane and he described his anxiety attacks” like being stuck in a bad acid trip for which there was no escape and thought he was going crazy and was going to end up in a psych ward” After realising the anxiety has been brought on by an accumulation of stress and being in week 3 of weed detox he feels like a weight has been lifted of his shoulders and that it’s basicaly chemical inbalances brought on by weed leaving his system and his body compensating for the loss of cbd (which he has smoked for 18 years) by pumping adrenalin through his brain, hence bringing on the classic fight or fligh sensation which produces the anxiety. He doesn’t even crave the weed anymore, however the body and brain still need it cause the body gets used to it if youve bwen a long term user. Also Valium absolutley helps you get through the worst of it! And without some form of assistance you would just be a nervous wreck the whole time you were detoxing until you were completly clean and the brain no longer required it.
      Thanks guys and stay positive and DO NOT LET YOUR MIND WANDER TO FAR ON A NEGATIVE THOUGHT, get up and move around or anything but stay busy and strong!

    • Jbird

      I took too large of a dab this past Friday and wound up in the ER thinking I was going to have a heart attack. I swore off of smoking that night. Now, 4 days later, I am experiencing panic attacks every hour or so, and until I came across this site I thought that I was going insane or possible experiencing the symptoms of a brain tumor. Now I know that what I’ve been experiencing are withdrawals.

      Thank you all for sharing your experiences, they have provided me much relief. I will provide updates soon.

      • Titan

        I had the exact same thing but I was smoking a four paper joint and I was having chest pain and went the the ER and now I’ve been having these panic attacks thinking I’m going to have a mentor disorder. I’m also only 15 years old

    • Titan

      I’m just 15 years old. I’ve just quit smoking MJ, I’ve been having panic attacks for no reason, I feel like everything I do I need to go the the hospital. I’m looking for something that can help me understand that I’m ok. It’s very stressful and making it worse is that I’m only 15. Please someone help me it’s scary to think about.

      • Sophie

        Hey Titan! I’m in the exact situation as you. Went to hospital a couple of times and was told that I have cannabis withdrawals. I couldn’t believe it, however it is true. I went to a drug counselor and I’m still in the quitting process. Do not stop cannabis immediately, I would suggest you to try reducing it by one or two per 3 days. Hope that helps.

    • Mia Rose

      Hi Everyone

      First, thank you all for your stories, as many have already mentioned, it has already done wonders for my nerves and general anxiety.

      Im a 39 year old woman, who has been using cannabis daily, for around 1.5years – never missed a day and I made sure of that. Was smoking, ingesting, dabbing, vaping – you name it, about 2oz a month. Just a little back story, im no stranger to addiction or withdrawal symptoms. In my early 20’s, I was a heavy coke user, scripts, club drugs and of course alcohol. I kicked the hard drugs by 26 but had struggled with alcoholism till about 35, when I finally was able to stop for good. I am now 5 years sober.

      I got my medical cannabis card about 1 year ago, for ironically anxiety, prior to that, I was just getting quality street bud. I always thought weed was, well, just weed, nothing serious or even close to my past substance abuse. It was just the lesser of two evils, between hardcore drug use and stone cold sobriety. Boys and girls, was I wrong!

      About three months ago, I was experiencing horrible anxiety/panic attacks while high. This was never the case prior. They grew increasingly worse, along with greater frequency, the longer I used. I always would rationalize my next session, literally convincing myself I wouldn’t xp another attack and the last million were just flukes. Of course i knew this was bs and sure enough they continued.

      What actually prompted me to quit was not even the panic attacks but an upcoming elective surgery im having next week. My plan was to stop weed, caffeine, nicotine replacement and nose spray (the worst shit), could not breath without it, about a month before surgery. I stopped all of these without much trouble, in about 3 weeks of each other. Nicotine was the hardest initially but what actually made me stop weed immediately was an awful edible xp I had, just after quitting NRT.
      I had begun tapering weed intake about two weeks prior to this ‘event ‘. Not really mindful of the immediate tolerance loss from the tapering, i foolishly took a normal dose. What proceeded was by far the worst drug xp of my entire life and I’ve had a few close calls before this. I was lite, blazed as high as anyone could possibly be x log100. I was peaking for 12hrs. I just wanted it to end. All I could do was ice myself down, and take hot baths. I became almost content with my upcoming demise. Nothing I did really helped – I must have taken 10 baths, preparing to numb the cold embrace of death, i thought for sure was just around the corner. At 4 hrs, I was like, “ok this should winding down soon” Ha! Not chance. Full blown anxiety for what seemed like an eternity. This was my seminal moment, my Agencourt. I was done with this shit.

      Anyone who has ever had a near od, and yes I know you can’t od on weed, but the feeling of renewed hope and sheer elation whence you realize, you are no longer on deaths door, is something very special. It changes you and in this instance, it changed me.

      2 weeks sober from weed, 3 from nicotine and 4 from nose spray and caffeine all seemed pretty bearable. I experienced the night sweats, awful vivid nightmares, gruesome and as gory as any thrill slasher film to date, and the worst -The Panic Attacks! What actually prompted me to seek out this site, and pen this account was when I just woke about 2 hours ago and felt odd. I was short of breath and felt my pulse, biggest mistake I made, was through the roof. When realizing my pulse was way to high for someone who just woke, from a seemingly good night sleep, it just compounded my anxiety. I felt light headed and realized immediately I was feeding it with my irrational thoughts. This did little good because I was having a full blown episode. I ran a warm bath and got in shaking and shivering like my apartment was sitting in the middle of a snowy tundra, with fern fronds as walls. My heart was pounding out of my chest, with the speed of a jack hammer and with just as much force. Light headed and with all the fear of near death weighing heavily on my mind – I finally regained my composure and got out of the tub, still slightly shaken from the xp.

      I can say that finding this site and reading all your accounts has definitely mollified and eased my anxieties. Im better prepared for them but please know, you are all not alone and most importantly, YOU ARE NOT DYING! Im going to go for a nice autumn walk now. Good luck to you all, sobriety is wonderful in all its forms! Keep focused on the end goal and dont give into the temptations. The farther out you get the easier it becomes. I can say that unequivocally for all addictive substances. Xoxo <3. Mia-

    • Nqthan

      Hi. I’ve been an avid weed smoker for 2.5 years every day at least 4 blunts, it was recently downgraded to 2 or 3 tokes every 2 hours or so cause of tolerance
      I have also taken 80 proof rum everyday for about a year and have abused rohypnol, ecstasy, spice, codeine, tramadol. I’ve also enjoyed a little bit of cocaine3 or 4 times a week..i just started having panic attacks although I didn’t know it was panic attacks. I also have mad rage issued in the morning if I haven’t taken my 2 dabs.. I’ve always been a little anti social and have had anxiety in the past but nothing compared to this. I also started having insomnia. Whenever I try to drift off to sleep I get this surge that goes through my body like an electric shock. It jolts me right out of sleep. I’ve also had cold sweats, on and off numbness in one or all limbs, chest pains sore throat. I’ve also smoked cigarettes for about two years, afraid that I might have throat cancer cause of the sore throat and chronic. Throat clearing. it might be bronchitis from tobacco . I’ve also experienced dizziness and foggy vision. Also head aches that cause pain in my eyes too. I also have joint pain..
      I thought these were all symptoms of tobacco and Ive been tobacco free for about a month now. Never in my life would I have e thought that weed could have so many negative adverse effects…. I still smoked my normal 2tokes before stumbling onto this site.. I’m happy to say I flushed my remaining weed down the toilet just before typing this. Hope I never go back to any drugs prepared to ride out these symptoms and feel better. Just remember, it gets better

      • Nancy

        I hope you feel better Nathan and I will pray for you. Please pray for us too to get through it.

    • Nancy

      Hi everyone,
      I’m so scared. I’m 25 and having marijuana withdrawals. I had a really bad panic attack and was hospitalized. I don’t know what to do and I’m so scared. Please help. Any advice to get back to normal will help. I miss the old me and I don’t know how to get her back.

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