I decided to add up the grand total of how much my cannabis addiction cost me. This is a major motivational factor in helping me quit my addiction to weed.

My Marijuana Usage

I first started buying pot about 8 years ago. Within 3 months of buying it myself, I was smoking anywhere between an eighth of an ounce, to a quarter of an ounce every 5 days. This time of my life was my heaviest usage.

A 1/4 ounce of bud cost about $60, if you think that is cheap, I WAS a regular.

I moved to another city a few years ago, the pot here is way more expensive. I would guess that I have spent roughly $10 per day over the last 3 years on smoking marijuana. I would definitely say I cut down on the amount of weed I smoke, but the fact that it is more expensive means I was not saving any money.

If you are going to smoke that much, you need something to smoke it with. I would say I spent close to $400 on smoking paraphernalia over this time period. I have had several nice glass pipes (all broken or gifted), 3 good bongs, and a tonne of rolling papers, blunt wraps, and lighters.

I also went through a period where I invested $800 to grow my own marijuana. I bought the light, hydroponics, fans, and everything. I did get once harvest out of it, but gave away all of the equipment after one grow. It was too much work.

My Cannabis Addiction Cost me $25600

Years 1 to 5:
$60 per week x 48 weeks in a year x 5 years = $14,440

Years 6-Current
$10 per day x 330 days per year x 3 years = $9900

Grand Total:

Marijuana Purchased $24300
Paraphernalia: $500
Grow Show: $800
Total Cost: $25600 over 8 years! I didn’t even include the amount I have spent on the munchies.

That is just disgusting to see that total. . Before writing this post, I had no real concept of how the $40 here, $60 there added up over time.

Use the Marijuana Addiction Expense Calculator

Try our online calculatorto find out How Much Money Have You Spent of Weed?

Simply fill in the fields and it will calculate how much you’ve spent.   It’s a great motivator.

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