Thank You to QuitMarijuana.Org Members

Hi Folks,

It’s been 18 months since the QuitMarijuana.Org opened it’s doors. It’s been an incredible journey. The support and kindness that it has received is amazing. It’s has changed lives.

Thank you to members who provided feedback on what they would like to see in both the Action Plan and the Members Area and I’ve taken it to heart.

I am thankful for being a part of your journey and for being able to provide the best support resources I can on quitting weed.

Overhaul on The Quit Marijuana Action Plan


About 3 months ago, I took a hard look at the Members area, 30 Day Action Plan and what members want and decided it was time for a complete rewrite.

It’s getting very close to being completed…it’s been a massive amount of time and effort, and what a difference it has made!

The 30 Day Action Plan has become much more detailed and easier to follow.    Each day you will get what you need to stay motivated and take a step towards quitting forever.   The 30 Day Action Plan lets you build your personal plan for quitting weed.     We start by exploring your relationship with marijuana and take you through daily activities that help you set your quit date then follow through.

The Members Area:  A Social Experience

One the key pieces of feedback I got was that Members want to communicate easily with each other.

On September 1st, all Members will now have access to:

Members Chat Room

QuitMarijuana.Org members can now chat with each other in a ChatRoom or directly in real-time.     You have the ability to create your own rooms or join one of the standard rooms:  ‘The Quit Weed Support Group” or “Social Chat”.

I am very excited for everyone to be able to communicate and have a place they can go to help each other and talk through the quitting marijuana together.

I’ve gotta tell ya – It took me a good 40 hours to get chat working and I had to bring in the hired guns to get everything set up and running just right.   Probably should have just done that right off the bat.

Members Forums

The Members Forums give us all the chance to interact on topics and help each other.   The forum and 3o Day Action Plan go hand in hand.   There are specific discussion topics included in the lessons.

You can also post your own topics and even keep a journal to share your experience quitting weed.

As of today, the marijuana addiction forum is nearly 90% completed.   I’m attempted to get them perfect, but once again, it’s time for me to get paid help so that I can get it just right….Computers are never as easy as I think.

After over 3 months of hard work and a few seriously annoying technical delays, the Quit Marijuana 30 Day Action Plan is nearly ready for relaunch.

When Does The Next Session Open?

September 1st CalendarIt’s going to be going live on September 1st.   

Early Registration on Aug 28th will be available if you register on the wait list.*   

*If you already receive email from me, you are already on the waiting list.

Because of the new features and new format, we will be limiting our class size.   I’m not sure how many students will go through yet.

Registration for the last session was full within 24 hours.

I’ll be adding more details as we get closer to September 1st so register on the wait list and keep an eye on your email inbox.





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    • Yvonne Wuamett

      I’m 75 smoked weed for 60 years then came covid
      I lit up and had a giant panic attack
      Sweating heart thumping fear horrible
      That’s it no more I said to myself
      4 days in and it’s constant anxiety which raises my BP to scary numbers but I searched found this and discovered it is a real thing .

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