How I got Addicted

Like everybody else on this blog I have decided enough is enough. Marijuana has had a grip on my life physically and mentally. I’m 26 and started smoking weed when I was 16. I smoked everyday from the age of 18 until the day I decided to quit. The most extreme I did was an occasional bong rip, maybe once a year which always lead to a bad high. I was a casual smoker, hitter box in my pocket. Just riding out a constant low level high all the time.

My group of friends are all pot smokers so socially it was great. We always had a good time as long as we were together and getting high. Some of my best memories have had weed somehow related to them. For the ten years I smoked I can honestly say it was a great ride. Luckily I’ve stayed out of trouble with the law and really haven’t had any issues other than a bad high here and there.

During my ten years I’ve quit a couple times. Due to an impeding drug test for work. So not using for a couple of weeks left me irritable at best but in the back of my mind I knew once that cup of pee was submitted I’d be firing up on my way back home. It was manageable because I was working out (trying to clear my system) and I knew I was gonna go back smoking as soon as the test was done.

Never in my life would I have thought quitting weed altogether would be the toughest obstacle to overcome.

Why I’ve Decided to Quit

So with the back story taken care of I’m going on 4 weeks sober. I’ve decided to quit because I want to start fresh. Have a new beginning at life. This past year I’ve gotten engaged to the most wonderful woman I could ask for. We have been together for 7 years. She has put up with my pot smoking since day one.

Not once has she criticized me for smoking all the time, she even laughs at my forgetfulness and dorkiness when I was high. One day I sitting think about my future, our future and decided enough is enough. Not only does she deserve my sobriety but so do I. I was tired of being lazy and just plain boring. Weed crippled my desire to go out and do things. At the time I was completely okay with that. Weed helped me disappear from all the stress that the world brought on. It even made my aches and pains go away.

Somewhere in my ten years of smoking it turned from a social activity to a dependence. My body and mind needed the drug. Up until the final few days I was oblivious to my addiction. I was a full blown addict. I saw this a decided to end it. With a bright future in head of me (wedding, her finishing school, and plans to move out of state) essentially start a new life I knew I needed to drop my addiction. Commence absolute hell.

I’m four weeks sober.

Like I said before I have quit multiple times for drug tests so the first couple weeks were not so bad. Just the usual irritable mindset, occasional headaches and the relentless desire to get high. Week three I started to get concerned. Now mind you this entire time I had no idea that marijuana withdrawals was a real thing.

The third week in I started having minor chest pains. Right around my heart area. During this same time I stared running again after a 5 year break. I pushed myself too hard and thought that these chest pains were caused from that. So I wrote it off being just a workout injury. My chest pains weren’t constant at first. It usually hurt with deep breaths only. By the end of week three I started to develops more symptoms. Twice my left arm went cold and tingly. And I was staring to feel anxious. Like mini panic attacks.
Mini Panic Attacks from Withdrawal

Both times my arm went numb I got scared and couldn’t stop thinking that maybe I’m having signs of a pre-heart attack. What made matters worse is there is heart disease in my family. But being the stubborn sob I am I wrote if off as being a one time thing. I’m 26 I can’t be having a heart attack that’s too young. So with a few more chest pains and small anxiety attacks I roll into week four.I start the week off like normal. Monday I have a pretty average day at work. When I’m working I have my mind off of my body so I don’t really feel my chest tightness or the anxious feelings that come with it. But the job ends and I load the tools in the truck. I have an hour and half drive I head of me (my partner is driving) and as we get underway I start to feel my chest pains.

But something is different this time. Now my heart is starting to race, the same way when you have a bad high. With that comes the shortness of breath and thoughts of impending doom. Before I know it I’m in a full blown panic attack. Feeling like a bad high but I haven’t smoked in 3 weeks. My neck gets tight and I get the cold sweats. Here I am stuck in a van for an hour and I’m having the worst panic attack in my life. I thought I was having a heart attack. Going back to my stubbornness I didn’t want to cause a scene so I just rode it out. Taking a couple sips of water here and there and thinking about the happy things in life. I made it back to the shop. I got in my truck and headed home. At this point my anxiousness has dropped quite a bit. I get home and try to relax. Now it’s about 4pm and I’m not expecting my fiancé home until about 10pm. I didn’t want to worry her about what had happened so I decided to wait to tell her. From 4pm to 10pm was rough. My chest pains were constant and so was my anxiousness.

I tried pacing around and doing small chores to get my mind off of it but had no success. So convinced I’m having heart problems I begin reading symptoms of a heart attack online. Wouldn’t you know it the symptoms I’m experiencing fit it perfectly. Now I’m really concerned. She can’t get home soon enough. When she does I tell her everything even the things over the past few weeks. She convinces me that we should go to the ER. I get checked in and put in the waiting room because it happened to be a busy night. Just being in the hospital made a sense of calmness come over me. I guess I knew that I would be okay. They finally get to me and take my vitals and draw some blood. My vitals come back good. Nothing out of the ordinary. I even tell the nurse about the history of use of marijuana. I wanted to be honest because I was so nervous.

During the whole checking in process the nurse had asked me a couple times if I had any history of anxiety problems. I said no because I really never have. They get me to a back room where I wait for the blood work test to come back and take some chest X-rays. I take my X-rays and wait for the doctor to come in and give me the news. When the doctor finally got to me and overlook all my tests he gave me a clear bill of health. I was amazed and worried all at the same time. I thought to myself that I’m glad my heart and lungs are normal but I know there is something wrong with me. I’m not crazy there is something internally wrong. The doctor diagnosed me with chest wall pain (costochondritis). Usually brought on by emotion stress.

I get a script of some muscle relaxers and sent on my way. The next day I finally get some sleep with the help of one of these muscle relaxers. I wake up around noon and feel better. Almost back to normal. Fast forward a few hours and I’m back in a full blown panic attack again. This time I’m confused and scared. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me. Even tho I have my loved ones around I feel helpless and the suicidal thoughts set in. I try taking some deep breaths and go for a small walk around the backyard. It helps. I calm myself enough to clear my head and gain my composure.

I still have no real appetite going on two days now. After I calmed down asked my fiancé if she could give me a message. I threw on some tunes lit some candles and let her get to work. Almost immediately I felt calm and back to normal. During this time I talked about what I’m nervous about or what may be stressing me (wedding, work, moving,etc.) I found this to help a lot also. I’ve always been an independent person and tend to keep things bottled up and deal with it myself. Talking about some of these things that were on my mind helped clear my head. So that night I started looking into what could be causing all this.

It dawned on me that maybe it’s possible I’m going thru withdrawals. That’s when I found this website. Reading all your posts about the troubles of quitting solidified my issues. I’m going thru withdrawals. It has brought great comfort to me knowing that I’m not alone in this and I thank you all for sharing your stories. My emotions have been all over the place. I guess what’s happening is my brain is trying to come back to reality.

Finding the normal ways of dealing with stress and emotions. I know that this depression or altered state of mind will pass. It’s all been caused by that herb. I can beat it and so can you. We are in this together. I’m seeking help from my loved ones. I’ve found that talking with people about anything or reading a book helps a lot. Just trying to keep your mind busy is the trick. Just these past few days has been the toughest thing I’ve had to go through. And I know it’s far from over. Never in my life would I have thought marijuana would have such a solid grip on my emotional well being. I will be sure to keep up on this feed and anybody that needs help overcoming their addiction because I know I need help.

With love — Jake

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    • Ron Patterson

      are you still having the withdrawals? mine are really bad and I just wanted to know what other symptoms you have

      • Morgan

        Hey I’ve never written to anyone or blogged online before but i thought maybe someone else could understand. I’ve been smoking at least a half quarter to a quarter a day for ten years now and last summer was diagnosed with CHS. Doctors and specialists laughed at me and said i was being a hypochondriac. Constantly going to the doctors suffering from never ending nausea, cycles of vomiting (every morning at around 5am for a good year) cold sweats to the point of my skin stinging when its touched, vertigo that makes me feel very similar to drunk spins,and unbelievable chest and abdominal pain which was so bad i would randomly drop to the ground unable to breathe the pain was so bad and then a few mins later it would stop (or hrs if the episode was a bad one). I also thought i was having some kind of internal malfunction and ended up on the side of the road having an ambulance come. The paramedics treated me like a child and made fun of me saying it was just a panic attack and to calm down. Eventually after a stomach scope the surgeon asked me if i smoked pot and after explaining my symptoms which had been occurring for three years being misdiagnosed.. he explained about and diagnosed me with CHS. I know it sounds stupid but i get really mean and frantic when i don’t smoke and i know i use it as a crutch to deal with whats happened to me in my life. For this reason i couldn’t stop smoking even if the symptoms got bad. Guess my body had other ways to get me to listen because then came the cystic acne and small sebaceous cysts. The body has ways of making you listen if you don’t hear it the first couple of times lol.
        I also just got engaged and my life is about to change for the better. So i quit two days ago and i feel stupid saying this but the withdrawal has been unreal. I am soaked in sweat and freezing cold even after several hot showers, my skin stings, and i feel so dizzy i feel like being sick. Im losing my temper on everyone and everything in my path and im coughing up the resin that has been weighing on my lungs for ten yrs. I know im making a good choice and im not having too much trouble with cravings (a bit) but the withdrawal makes me feel like a crack head (pardon my language) but its embarrassing and i feel very alone. Anyways.. thanks for listening to whoever reads this and i hope my story helps clarify symptoms for others unsure of whats happening to them.

        • Leo

          I hear you. Going through this myself now.

          How are you now, where you at?

          • Johnny

            I really appreciate this whole thread of comments because I’m going through some terrible anxiety can’t sleep, can’t stay focused, and I’m losing weight at a rapid pace. This is what I think is a mixture of bad emotions from recent events and me quitting smoking weed I hope I find some sort of peace soon because that’s all I’ve been looking for.

            • Joey

              How are you feeling now? & how long after you quit did it take for you to start having the anxiety problems

        • TT

          I’m one week in and these story’s are really helping me worst feelings ever can u please tell me how long this will last or at least how long it did for you

          • Max

            Hey Im on cold turkey for 2 weeks and i having the exact same symptoms. You should be on your 5th week now and i just wonder how u feeing? It getting any better? Im desperate..

            • Davide

              Hey mate , I’m two weeks cold Turkey and I’m really struggling. Weed caused my first panic attack almost a year ago and when it did the same thing 3 weeks ago I decided enough is enough. I’ve been smoking maybe a joint or two a day since I was 20 and never felt dependant on it at all till now… I walk around daily with a constant fog like feeling in my brain and as soon as I’m alone I start to feel the onset of a panic attack…. reading these posts and doing some research has helped me realise its possibly weed withdrawal I’m going through… it is not easy and everyday is a constant battle. I find I cant be around loud noise or people as I can feel the panic set in purely from an irritable point but I’m staying strong and hoping this passes soon. This has made me realise though weed is great it’s not for everyone same as alcohol same as cigarettes… but I never imagined the withdrawal would be this difficult… we seem like we are on a similar timeline and I’d love to keep in contact to check on each others progress and anything we could suggest to help.

    • Anonymous

      I’d very much appreciate a small update entry by the author (‘Jake’). Please, be the hero… Our hero!

      PS: The poll lacks the actual answer: The hardest part about quitting THC is neither going through WD nor being around friends who smoke. Not even combined.

      It’s the realisation of being sober and NEVER EVER getting high again!

      • John Mckee

        THEY SHOULD! I will look into this and fix it.

    • MIchele

      Thank you sharing your story. I am in beginning stages and the cravings are so powerful. I am going to buy a book and try to keep my mind busy.

    • Miss A

      I too have smoked weed since I was about 16, the everyday since 17 and I’m now 26. I’ve only quit pot a couple of times, but when I did cut down it was the wrong timing as I’d have extra stress from work etc. I’ve slowly cut down the last 3 years, I used to smoke all day, before work & as soon as I got home. My social circle was full of people who smoked. But now, I’ve done it alone more then anything and my boyfriend smokes all day, and his friends etc. seeing all of them and how their life circles around it so much, has turned me away. I don’t enjoy being high, as I have also suffered extreme panic attacks having to leave work etc if I’m already stressed weed would just bring on a panic attack. I never had anxiety before but no doubt long term use has had its affects. I don’t want to suck out of a bong everyday, so I cut down to about 2 cones a night for the last couple of years. I am now on my 6th day smoke free, only symptoms are lack of appetite but still eating healthy. Some anxious feelings at work under pressure due to Christmas but no sweating. I have been dreaming a lot tho, and they haven’t all been bad. I just know, it’s gonna get better. It has too! Dealing with reality, putting your health first & being able to sleep without it is a positive. It’ll take time, I’m sure symptoms will get worse but I’m willing to fight it. My uncle has had half of his lung removed and he has smoked weed for so many years, basically lung cancer and he has to eat weed now because he’s so adjusted to having it. Everyone’s allowed to enjoy it, but it’s so easy to abuse without recognising it. I wish you all good luck on your journey of being weed free.

    • mikib

      So good to hear off these comments when going through your own withdrawals,having smoked for 37yr,im now 53 i believe its now time once and for all for this to come to an end,i have been fortunate early in life to start and run a successful business,high and lows ,children,marriage,great social life,money etc,although im told i did have a bit of an ego!,well i did not know it,then things came to a crash!,divorce,bankruptcy,incarceration,i put this down to excess drink and herb,which i actually stopped for 5 years,going through AA and counselling etc.,unfortunately went back on it gradually as i believed i could now control my habits?,what a joke im an ADDICT,been diagoinsed bi-polar and suffered depression hit an all time low, realising if i could control my vices i would have been able to by now!.
      So im taking what jake said earlier,I WANT A NEW BEGINNING IN LIFE,even at my age lol,i will be amazing to be clear headed going into my next birthday and staying clean.
      I feel so much better writing this,im 2wks into stopping,symptoms vicious cold sweats,no energy, low mood,no appetite,guilt,getting it from the wife saying i told you so!,but she is so supportive at this time and time and strength by the grace of god will get me through this i do not want to smoke again ever!,and i have said this 100s of times,everyday over the 4wks being stopping!
      I know its not going to be easy but at least i know clearly realise
      Good luck everybody on their journey to quit

    • Tyler

      Jake I just wanna day that your story is just like mine. I have been smoking marijuana every single day since I was 17. I’m 25 now. This past year I been smoking really potent weed along with drinking a lot as well and over eating. I had no problems until one night out the blue as I was almost done smoking a fat j, I had bad sharpe pains in my chest. And then I panic and my hearts starts beating out of my chest. I have been to the hospital more than 3 times from this because it literally feels like something is wrong with me internally. Like I have a blockage in my heart or something. I quit smoking and smoking cigs and drinking on October 4, 2017. I have been having “withdrawals” like panic attacks. Over thinking. Anxiety. Etc. my brain even hurts some. I even went to a mental health place to get out on anxiety and panic attack medicine just so u won’t have any more attacks cuz I can’t pay doctor bills. After taking the medications for a few days it wouldn’t let me sleep. So I quit taking them. Then a couple days later I have another bad panic attack that feels like a heart attack. So I start taking them again. It’s been 16 days that I have had no cigs, weed, or alcohol. And I feel like these “withdrawals” will never end. Can you give me any advice? How long could these withdrawals really last??

      • AP

        I’m 30 years old, smoked weed everyday , all night since I was 13, mainly high grade weed. I knew I was starting to overdo it when I would smoke and my nose and lips would sweat profusely from my heart rate going up. Then one night I smoked a fat blunt , was playing nba 2k and boom, I had a panic attack. Due to fear of anxiety/panic attack’s , I quit cold turkey. It’s now been 18 days clean, and I’m just now starting to have random panic attacks , my heart begins to pound differently , crazy throughts I’m dying. I smoked 3-4 blunts a day , smoked on my lunch break , when I woke up, you name it. This is life off weed, our brain trying to recalibrate itself from being altered by the abuse of marijuana. We can only hope this passes, because it does suck! You’re not alone.

      • TT

        I’m going through the exact same thing right now it’s so scary please update me

        • Joey

          How are you feeling now ?

      • Freddy

        Hey iv been going through the exact same thing. Iv been smoking for 10 years straight and one night i was smoking i had a panic attack that felt so sureal and scary that i had to go to the hospital. I went pale, sweating, and increased heart rate. They done checks and said all was good with my blood test results and heart. Iv been off weed for 5 days now (because of how scared i was from the panic attack) and tonight i had another panic attack out of nowhere and havent smoked weed in 5 days.
        I would love to hear your update on how you are doing? And if the attacks have gone away?

    • P. J.

      Hey guys,
      My english is quite bad, but i want to tell you my story.
      I started smoking when i was 18.
      After a half year of smoking i began smoking weed every day, like 1-3 joints.
      I always practice sports in this time (Gym/Football).
      After 2 years of strict smoking, i telled my self that i was addicted.
      So i decided to stop smoking for 1 to 2 month.
      The first 2-3 weeks all went nice, just confusing dreams/ problems to fall asleep.
      But after 3 weeks, one evening i lay in my bed and thought about that i could have a heartproblem. (Palpitations like that).
      So i started to get cold sweat and adrenaline kicks combined with heartrace (like in panic attacks)

      Before that point i dont have this type of problems.

      After this expierence i decided to use my last 3 or 4 g of weed with my friends, so i wouldnt smoke for a longer therm of time.

      It went bad, realy bad i thought i would die, cause od my heart beat.
      I couldt even walk to the next hospital.

      The next weeks i stopped smoking.
      I went to the doc and ask what it could be.
      I left some blood and got an EKG for short and longtime.

      They said that my body is healthy af but i couldnt belive it cause the the pain next to my heart.

      Now im 1 1/2 month out and it wont get better.
      I dont have panic attacks any more but im anxious cause i feel my heart beating the whole time and must think about this…
      So i try to keep my sports up, cause im addicted to it.
      Since the panic attacks i also stopped my sports cause i dont know at this time that i was “just” addicted in a psycholigic way.
      Even if its just my psyche i feeling physical pain

      I hope that could help someone
      Im just make the process

      • CaliGrown

        Have you recovered? It’s been about six weeks for me and I still have panic attacks occasionally not to do went to the ER twice vitals EKG normal. Will I ever get through this? Been thinking something else is wrong with me even trying to get my doctor to give me an MRI and other test to see if something is wrong with my brain because I’ve never been in anxious/panicky person or ever felt like this in my life please help.

      • Linda Jane

        How are you feeling now PJ? I came across your letter about giving up weed as I am going through the same now. Did it get better for you and have you recovered now?

    • tony

      +1 . . .

      • Jorge kings

        Tyler I been having the same symptoms keep up the work I been sober for a week and the withdrawals are crazy keep up the work I’m never smoking weed again that’s for sure I been smoking ever since I was 15 I’m 24 now it’s good to know I’m not alone

    • Joe

      I can relate! Panic/anxiety/mind will debilitate you faster than anything else…

      Joe, 19 male- My quick story-

      August 2017 I was diagnosed with lyme disease… I am fine now, but Jan. 22nd I woke up with the symtoms of Lyme disease! FLU LIKE symptoms! Soo what did I think? I thought my lyme had finally kicked in (knowing it is a slow growing/spreading bacterium) and practically broke down to the lowest point of my life (this week). Now to clear things up, take a look at lyme symptoms and then look at THC withdrawal symptoms! (VERY SIMILAR) Like you, I did not know withdrawals were a thing either! Thankfully 2 days after breakdown and a lot of Prayer, a friend of mine (health freak) had let me know that he’s been feeling all of the same symptoms i have (note- he had no idea that i was going thru it as well) so that’s when the connection was made! We both quit at the same time, and exhibited the same symptoms, at the same time. Literally snapped out of it when he had told me (this goes to show how debilitating your mind can be, and how sometimes it’s better not to know than to know) the news!

      Today (jan. 27th) I am still detoxing after 2-3 years of heavy marijuana sessions, but I feel great knowing im not actually debilitated (lyme)! So this story is actually something that I can relate to very much, although i still have anxiousness because im also a hypochondriac (i think lol), I have come to the ultimate realization… HEALTH, health is by far the most important thing one can strive for! So thanks a lot for your share as I only searched this website due to my anxious mind and the need for answers! Your story is the closest to mine, that I have found so far! I hope anyone who feels anxiousness/doom (which is just another withdrawal symptom) can come to their senses that they’re going to be just fine!

    • Joe

      Btw I got Lyme bc of i love smoking in the woods! There’s no problem with smoking in the woods, but take this advice (advice i did not take seriously)… If you love the woods and nature, please, please CHECK YOSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOSELF! Check for ticks damn it!! Im lucky! Many are not who get Lyme, many suffer lifelong! I dont want to scare you out of loving nature, but be smart damn it!!! Don’t let a substance take you over like it did me! Moderation is needed 100% but im not telling u to quick smoking weed! Im teeling you to stay healthy mentally/physically, but most importantly, DO NOT LET A CRITTER THE SIZE OF PINHEAD DICTATE YOUR HEALT AS WELL AS YOUR FUTURE!! Vigilance can save a life! So please once again… CHECK YOSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOSELF!!!! Stay positive everyone, keep that head up, as it will save your health!!! Good day to everyone!

    • Joe

      My last two comments may very well reinforce the idea “quit weed” as I wouldn’t of gotten infected (lyme) if it weren’t for the drug!

    • Alexander weingart

      Hello, I’m Z. I’m 31 and had been smoking daily for about eight years. Over the last year I have been smoking very heavily. Up to five grams a day. When I finally decided to quit, I began experiencing very intense symptoms.

      The anxiety attacks started around one week in, and as of writing this, I am now 17 days into sobriety. I still have very sudden and terrible anxiety attacks, but reading these stories has been the first real feeling of relief I have had since this journey started.

      My story is much like Jake’s. The feelings of impending doom are much the same way he described his own experience.

      I will try to remember to update this when I make my full recovery.

    • Lonnie

      I am 57 an have used mj for years – once a day at the end of the day usually and more on weekends. I recently stopped altogether and my bp has been about 160/95 to 170/100. I haven’t checked my bp frequently, but every time I have for the past 2 months my bp has been high. I was diagnosed a while back with pre-hypertension but am not currently on meds for anything. The last check in the Drs office was 130/85 but that was maybe a year ago or so.
      I have all the usual detox symptoms – ups and downs, depression, anxiety, dreaming, smoking dreams – still after 2 months. I have read that it could take upwards of 2 years to completely detox.
      I deliberated on my choice for a while. I am not going to say that mj is bad or good or whatever – it was a conscious choice to stop…for good.
      Yesterday my bp was high and I had a mild headache. After working around my yard yesterday and physically exerting myself I relaxed and rested up. I expected everything to be calmer, but found my heart was pounding in my chest as I was relaxing and my headache was still there. I didn’t take my bp but expected it would be high.
      The feeling of getting high was great. But I have to say that stopping altogether and the after effects makes smoking/vaping/ingesting pot not worth it. It will be nice when I have all of it out of my system.

    • Judy West

      Some one please update their story. I quit smoking weed, and I have never experienced anxiety in my life. Now all of a sudden it is all I feel, its to the point where ima terribly light headed through out the day and it makes me very nauseas. I don’t want to diagnose myself with anxiety, because I was a very active person and very stress free. It just doesn’t make sense. So knowing this is a withdraw can someone please update if they have surpassed the anxiety over time. I don’t care how long it takes, I just do not want to turn to hard anxiety relieving medications if there is hope that this will pass over time once my brain chemistry goes back to normal. Thank you

      • John Mckee

        It does get better with time. How long have you not smoked for?

        • Ryan brow n

          Same here i smoked the thc vape pretty heavy for 8 months in a row now im on my one month and a half sober from smoking concentrated amounts of thc and im still dealing my anxiety panic attacks fear insomnia dreams and some sweats here and there , my dr said im healthy that its withdrawals i can say that i do feel slightly better then last month not much last month i was dying cold hot sweats and panic attacks omg crying because i wish i could change my mistake of starting to smoke for those 8 months in the first place when before that i was clean and sober now im just hoping praying and fighting that it will get better with time and before finding similar stories i felt truly alone and doomed for life sorry but im going through this now and i had to message someone who has went through this hell

        • Ryan

          And i know 8 months aint shit but i overdid it smoking that vape , do you think with time and sobriety a full recovery is possible to feel the way one fid before smoking in the first place

          • Ryan

            I smoked Heavy the THC Vape for eight months and now I am dealing with the exact symptoms anxiety panic attacks insomnia fear of impending doom strange dreams everyday fighting crying wishing i couId go back in time before i made the mistake of smoking in the first place when i was sober am on my one and a half month sober and I can say I am doing slightly better than last month not mich better and still nowhere near the way i used to feel before i started smoking and before reading the stories I thought I was alone and truly doomed for life even though my dr said im healthy that its withdrawls it wasnt until reading some others exact stories i thought i would be doomed for life and i thought i was alone now im just staying clean struggling fighting praying hoping to recover to the way i used to feel i used to be bored now i pray that i can one day go back to that feeling i truly know now what i had before i started smoking . Sorry i had to message someone who went through this any i would appreciate any info thank you

            • CaliGrown

              Omg this is me!!! I’ve been the the ER twice with a pounding heart, numb sweaty hands/arms completely out of it, lightheaded, mind goes crazy swearing I’m dying and this is the end. Happens for 20-30 min at a time almost every day, especially if I’m thinking about it, which I can’t stop doing. Doc thinks anxiety or panic attacks. I literally feel like I’m dying. Been in and out of the docs office trying to figure out what was wrong with me. (Haven’t told them I smoke though) Cause I’m like weed wouldn’t do this!!! I’ve been smoking out of a vape pen for about 6 months (due to convenience) but the last oil I had caused me to have these episodes every time I hit it. I thought it was a bad batch or just too strong so I quit all together after about a week of using it. This was 1 1/2 weeks ago and I’ve still been having these episodes. Insomnia just started but I’ve been so freaked out about what was wrong with me I figured I was causing even more anxiety and insomnia. How long did your symptoms last or what did you do to help rid yourself of them? I can’t function, I’ve been in and out of work because of it. I’m literally wearing a heart monitor as I’m typing this because I swore it was my heart and my doc wants to confirm but now I’m wondering if it’s withdrawals???? I had a missions trip to Iraq coming up so I thought it was anxiety from that too. Never thought withdrawals. Please help, I’m still going through these symptoms and it’s been 6 weeks since I stopped the vape and I will do anything for them to stop (except start smoking again of course)

          • John Mckee

            Hi Ryan – Yes i do think you can get back there. It might take a bit of time, but your brain can return to normal.

          • Nathan

            Finding this blog is going to save my life. Thanks everyone for sharing to know I’m not alone. Been to the ER twice and my long journey is just beginning.

            • Brayden Justin

              Thank you, I cannot stress enough this blog is the reason I’m still here, I for real read this everyday. I’ll write my story so far and maybe help others as this has helped me. I’m 18 years old.
              1 week after quitting weed: I smoked vape carts for about a year straight stopping a few times but what is weird is I stopped for a month and felt nothing wrong then started smoking again. Anyways one week wasn’t too bad I had a pretty bad anxiety attack after the end which is when it started going downhill.
              2 weeks: I started convincing myself I was gonna die at least once every couple days from a heart attack because my brain would overtake me. I would think to myself I would only have a heart attack if my left arm hurt, well what do u know a few mins into thinking that it would start hurting scaring me even more. I’ve never had anxiety attacks before these withdrawals so they scared me a lot.
              Week 3: well this has been the worst week for me I have attacks everyday and have feelings like I’m gonna pass out but all my anxiety attacks are about me dying (heart attacks mostly, lung problems…exc)
              Week 4: this is the week I’m on currently. It sucks a lot so far but just reading this has helped me thru it so much. I feel no need to ever smoke again due to these withdrawals and honestly I’m glad this has happened, in a weird way I know I will never smoke again it is not worth the terrible withdrawals. I’m hoping they are almost over but they might not be, I had a small attack just before writing this so I pray for everyone going through this, please don’t start again think about the withdrawals you will have to sit through again.

            • Jason

              Good luck buddy I’m having anxiety attacks and pannick attacks as well after quitting now for two weeks. I used to smoke from morning until night probably about 7 to 10 times a day from a one hitter. It’s tough but you will get through it. I find cardio helps slow down the attacks. It will take probably a month or two for you brain to get back to normal. I’ve been in and out of the hospital like 5 times thinking I’m going to die. But evertime they do all these test on my hear and my lungs and everything always comes back fine. Just remember when your having an attack it’s all going to be fine. Practice breathing deep breaths and exhaling slow. Good luck bro you can beet this

    • Zac

      I don’t want to hear someone just saying it’ll get back to normal, I want to find someone who has come out the other side of withdrawal and it’s completely gone now. How long did it take for you? Do you have any tips for what to focus on during the “terrible doom” phases?

      • Paul

        This is what helped me:

        -Read up on CWS
        -Stay busy and keep your routines (try not to be alone)
        -Talk to people about your feelings
        -Understand that it will pass
        -Use sleep aides like wine, TV, reading, set sleep routines, etc. to help fall asleep
        -Go see a doctor, to understand that you’re healthy and not dying helps a lot
        -Although I’m not a church goer, I tuned into spirituality to help my heightened struggles with mortality

      • CaliGrown

        Yes, me too. Please someone save us!!!

      • Scotia

        Hello this blog has gave me hope, im a 31 yr old male from scotland .I was a hash/pollen smoker for most of my life since about 14, then started smoking skunk since about 21 but over last 2 years I have been yousing stardawg heavy (very potent and high thc strain) for about 2 years every day I smoked it ,6 weeks ago I had a doctors appointment that I worked myself up about and feared going but I did and broke down crying to the doctor,long story short he gave me a script of 20 mg escitalopram tabletsfor anxiety I took one when I left the surgery .I ended up in accident and emergency 2 hours later and didnt have a clue wot was up but evry symptom I had was that of a panic attack but at the time I thought it was a heart attack, I couldn’t understand why I took the panick attack and still dont (BAD REACTION TO TABLET MAYBE ) but the hospital didnt seem to think so and at one point whilst getting an ECG the nurse asked if I used cannabis and said this was the reason I took a bad turn, but I didnt yous cannibis that full day because I knew I had the doctor appointment later that nyt,so the next day after that ordeal I decided i was gonna taper down off weed and quit i was still having panick attacks the next day that persisted by getting worse for the next 2 weeks I had to get a sick line from doctors,over the next 2 weeks I went from at least 2 gram a day to virtually nothing ,,I was getting pain all over my torso and I was certain i had lung cancer or something up in there. i went to A+E at least 3 times over that 2 weeks and also twice to out of hours and kept getting told I was fine nothing to worry about but the pain I was getting in my neck,back,chest and hips was unbearable I couldn’t understand how it could be nothing.after 2 weeks of googling evry possible thing that could be wrong with me trying to find an answer the best I could find was fibromyalgia or costochondritis but was told there was no way I had that ,any way 1 day I felt the pain leave my body I felt great but that night insomnia kicked in I never slept for two whole nyts (sunday and monday)insomnia strikes fear in me) I ended up saying sack this shit I’m smoking weed again but as soon as I smoke I would start panicking anxiety through the roof didnt know how to deal with it but have tries slowly building a tolerance back up over the last week but sleep still ain’t better,and tbh I still get anxiety and bad feelings when I’m smoking after I’m now stuck in limbo and dunno either to keep smoking n maybe sleep will return normal n things get better ,or should I have rode out the insomnia and got of weed for good

    • Paul

      GOOD NEWS: I survived cannabis withdraw. Here’s my timeline and what helped and didn’t help me to get through this really tough period of my life:

      About Me:

      49 years-old
      Father to two kids
      I have a good job and I’m a positive and outgoing person
      Smoked heavy indicas and hybrids for nearly two years (3-4 times a week)

      Onset of CWS (Cannabis Withdrawal Syndrome):

      I’ll never forget when this occurred. After two weeks of going cold turkey with zero symptoms, I was taking a shower and thinking about a crazy science article on pig brains when I was hit with a massive panic attack. I had to rush out of the shower, literally tripping over myself as I thought I was dying. This was the start to a nearly two month onslaught of anxiety, restlessness, nervousness, insomnia, and a sense that my life would never be the same again.

      After this panic attack, I would have several for the next two weeks; although these attacks would never be as bad as the first one (I wasn’t prepared for them), I would have to struggle to contain them as they were triggered by my troubled thoughts and mood, often related to the fact that I’m older and sensed my own mortality. This sense of doom and death was a dark cloud that hung over me nonstop, draining vigor and happiness from everything that I used to enjoy. I couldn’t take pleasure in anything: sex, eating, watching TV, and worse of all, spending time with my family.

      These first two weeks were absolute hell. To make things worse, I didn’t tell anyone as I thought I was having a midlife crisis and felt ashamed and weak. To anyone reading this, this was my absolute worst mistake. If there was ever a time to speak to someone, it was during this period. However, I began researching my condition and realized that I was suffering from CWS. This discovery helped me to no end–it was my lifeline.

      Things got better in the third week (five weeks into abstinence), but a dampened sense of doom was still permeated with a general anxiety and restlessness. I sought distractions to keep my mind off things, but they would always return, especially at night, and I fell into a cycle of watching TV all night long and waking with an hour’s worth of sleep, and then crashing out of pure desperation for sleep the following night (only to reawaken after 4-5 hours of sleep). This was also the week that I finally told my wife the truth. She was surprised. She thought that I was going through a midlife crisis but didn’t realize the depth of my former cannabis habit, nor the crushing withdrawal symptoms. Other than discovering CWS, the fact that I could open up completely to someone helped me tremendously (by now, I was also openly discussing my CWS with friends). Another thing that helped was to get into a regular routine: go to work, take care of the kids, do things on the weekends, etc. Crashing out–in my mind–would make things worse. Keep it together. Keep moving forward.

      For the next three weeks, I could sense that my symptoms were abating, but at a pace that was painfully slow–more like a crawl. I would have good days followed by bad days; a great day that would end with a bad night and vise-a-versa. I finally saw a doctor but it was a waste of time. He knew nothing about CWS, only diagnosed me with moderate to severe depression and asked if I wanted to see a psychologist. Fuck getting on anti-depressants, I’m trying to get off THC! OK, maybe I should’ve seen this through his eyes, but after spending weeks reading about CWS, I knew that more drugs were not the answer; however, I was despondent at times, thinking that my life would never be the same again.

      But then my wife chimed in:

      “Don’t be stupid. You shouldn’t have quit cold turkey and now you’re having withdrawal symptoms. You’ll get better. But don’t you ever smoke again. It’s dangerous!”

      Here’s where the light pierces the dark clouds.

      By week seven, I can definitely tell that the CWS is finally winding down. I beginning to get some regular sleep (but I still need aides like wine and watching TV until I fall asleep) and I experiencing real interest in things instead of doing them for routine and distraction (watching comedies really helped!). Not a 100% but 75-80% there, almost normal. But by week eight, I having longer stretches of feeling normal and I even forget that I had anxiously, and then one magical day, I feel normal. Then another day, then another day. After eight weeks (ten weeks of abstinence) my CWS finally is over.

      I can go into a dark room, close my eyes and fall asleep.
      No more panic attacks, sense of doom, or anxiety.
      Interest in life has returned.
      I feel normal.

      Hang in there, CWS will pass. It may take eight weeks like me, or it may be shorter or longer for you, but IT WILL PASS. YOU WILL RETURN TO NORMAL.

      Sincerely hope that this helps.


      After going through this experience, I never really understood anxiety or depression, or other psychological issues (sure, on an intellectual level but not on an emotional level). CWS was terrible but it was only temporary, but to understand that for some people, that this is their regular existence, gave a me huge jolt of empathy for their plight. I smoked cannabis for fun and then experienced its dark side, so if there was anything positive from this stupid thing that I did, it’s to understand and help others with real and paralyzing anxiety and depression.


      • M

        Dear Paul,
        Thank you for sharing your story. I am in my first weeks and have marked my calendar 8 weeks out.
        You’ve restored hope for me at start of my own journey. I’ll be re-reading your post often.
        Bless you.

      • Thomas

        Did you ever feel a sensitivity to light? Cus everything feels so bright all the time and that puts me into a panic pretty fast

      • Brandon Banos

        Good afternoon Jake I’m Brandon I’m 20 years old and forgive me for the lack of punctuation I just had to say man thank you so much i literally thanked God and told my girlfriend and her mom which are in the car with me as I read your article blog whatever it helped me! Everything you stated I am going through at the moment it’s so good to know I’m not having a pre heart attack or an actual one just the anxiety and paranoia has been getting to me but this helped a lot and congratulations on your sobriety I’m about 2 weeks in and going I can honestly say marijuana is never having a part in my life again. Thank you and much love!

        • Coen

          Hi Brandon!

          Two days before you wrote this post, I decided to stop cold turkey. I’m also 20 years old, living in Belgium and have been a daily smoker for a year. The first two weeks I had withdrawal symptoms like not felling asleep, sweating, heavy dreams… But thats was okay. Then the shit started. I’ve had massive panic attacks two weeks after I stopped smoking. Now in my fourth week I’ve a feeling it’s getting better, although I’m still nervous to get such a pannick attack again. Felling asleep at night is the worst moment of the day due to these possible attacks. But like I said it’s getting better.

          The day after tomorrow will be my fifth week. How is your situation now? If I understand it well, this is your sixth of seventh week?

          Thank you and hoping you’re in good health. Stay safe my friend.

      • Chris

        I had all these symptoms. I am on weeks 4 and have some chest pains. I know they are weed withdrawal. Stay the course, like I keep telling myself. Drink a lot of water, eat a good balanced diet, and don’t worry too much as the symptoms seem to get better the further away you get away from the issue.

      • Chris

        When I read your post it sounded like I was looking in the mirror. I’m 46 and I’m on week 4 and I have been through hell this past month. I even got diagnosed with diverticulitis. I am on week six with a relapse on week 2 so technically I am on week 4. Chest pains and my anxiety seems to pass. I’ve lost 40 lbs, been drinking lots of water and change my diet. I just want to sleep for 7 hours straight. I’ve had broken sleep for 6 weeks and take naps in the late morning/early afternoon. I have lucid dreams, sweaty feet and palms periodically, and irritability often. I’m hoping things will adjust sooner but I’m impatient. I smoked daily for 3 years straight and have smoke for over 20 years. The idea of my own mortality was the kicker that drive me into a panic attack in early June. I was loaded of course when I had the panic attack but anxiety kept coming back after I quit. I feel much better now but still have insomnia or broken sleep during the night. Crazy.

      • Jason

        I agree with you about watching comedies it really helps with my anxiety. And dont laugh but I find myself watching my kids Disney movies to help me calm down hahah whatever works

      • Waheed

        Same me . I quit weed on 3rd aug 2020 . I been er same like u . Two weeks was very hard . Panic attack. Now I feel little batter then before. But still I panic after three days . Trying to control. But it take while ………. thanks god I quit. I don’t know how long it will take normal mind . Trying to find something to fix it . Please do not smoke again. Thanks

      • 0Trak00s

        This helped me soo much im a 17 year old who has been smokng dabs, weed, carts ect sence. Was 12 . well about 3 nghts ago i was up late having a deep conversation with a girl freind … Then Boom i started feelng heat and a uneasy feeling littalry hell on earth. That was the only attack i have had . sence the attak i have stopped smoking well i have hit a blunt or 2 semce but everytime i do i take me back to being parnoid . this was soooooo crazy to me because i smoked about 3 grams od dabs ans 7 grams of flower a day . i am 3 days in and i honestly feel sooooo much better after reading all of this . i do take a half of a perc sometimes when i feel too panicy. Well this is only the beginning. Wish me luck i know ill be praying i dont go thru what some of yall had to. Hope everyone on here finds what they are looking for.

        • John Mckee

          Good for you for quitting. Stay away from the Percs though. They are far more dangerous than weed.

      • Joey

        I’m literally going through the same thing , my panic attacks didn’t start until week 3 I’m now in week 4 with a long way to go your story has gave me so much hope , thanks brother

        • John Mckee

          Hey Joey,

          It always helps to know you aren’t the only one, does it! Would you be interested in sharing your story for the blog? You can write me:


    • Mike

      I had the arms go completely numb. Thought that was the end for me. Got to the hospital everything normal. I’ve been without weed for 3 months. I still have problems. If I go outside in the heat I fill like crap. Like I get these hot flash fillings. When I’m in the a/c I’m fine. I cant stand being outside. And my job is outside this is crazy. Any one else have that problem?

    • Bunny38

      I feel for you as I am experiencing the exact same thing with my boyfriend right now. We smoke heavily daily for years and years now and we’re suddenly stopping. It’s been worse for my boyfriend as he is having these attacks of depersonalizations and panic wondering if his life will be ok without the weed. Marijuana has such a strong hold on your entire self, it becomes you in every way.
      We cannot wait to beat this evil addiction that takes so many people in. People believe you cannot be addicted to smoking marijuana and I tell them to get fkd! How are you doing Jake?

    • CaliGrown

      The cannabis vape additives that company’s add mixed with the oils effect the nervous system, the nervous system controls your fight or flight (ie panic attacks)

      Flower only contains appx 20% thc, the last vape pen that did this to me was 80-90% thc. I started at 60-70% pens. I vaped for 6-8 months before I got these symptoms

      I’m def still going through withdrawals 6 weeks after quitting.

      Some tips that help me with panic attacks and insomnia (my most worrisome symptoms):

      Drink lots of water daily. Alkaline water if you can (even at Walmart) it’s ph balanced-read about it

      Vitamins- a daily vitamin, potassium, b12 for nervous system and brain I even take a vitamin D too

      Work out 30-60 min daily if you can- those who live a sedimentary life like me can def feel a difference

      Breathing- breath deep down tummy breaths not deep chest breaths. Tell yourself your fine, because you are

      Meditate- I don’t do this but heard it helps

      Melatonin for sleep, it’s natural and will help you sleep through the nightmares (at least 5-6 hours I would get off 5mg)

      Diet- stay away from sodium and processed foods. Eat healthier foods especially super foods for the brain, try juicing too. Look up good food for the brain

      Go to a cannabis/narcotics anonymous, find someone going through the same symptoms and support each other

      I have high blood pressure, diagnosed while going through all these symptoms. As soon as I got off my meds thinking I was better I had a panic attack 3 days off. Bp meds seem to help.

      Realize these are withdrawals has helped me so much. I’ve been in and out of the Er all tests normal. In and out of the doc, had a heart monitor on for a week and ultrasound of the heart from palpating during the attacks. Knowing these are just withdrawals from a high amount of thc has helped me to not freak out and claim I’m dying. We can do this!

      I know all this sucks but you gotta live a healthy life at least until you get through this….good luck!!!

    • Philipp Reiss

      Since these stories really helped me, to understand my own situation I want to share my experiences as well.

      I was a daily smoker for the last 7 years. I quit around 7 weeks ago. It was not really a planned move, but I enjoyed it less and less. When I was sober, I wanted to smoke, after I smoked I felt bad about it and wished I was sober again.

      During day time, I had depressive thoughts and anxious moments. Not overwhelmingly, but uncomfortable nevertheless. After smoking in the evening I usually went through a paranoid period, before I could “enjoy” the high.

      Since I am in a new relationship I found it a good idea to cut down on my consumption and after a few days of sobriety, I just did not want to go back to my old behavior anymore. Anxious moments and paranoid thoughts basically where the main reason for me to quit.

      Funny enough exactly these things are my worst enemy now.

      The first few sober days were great. A clear mind, more joy and fun in my life, higher levels of activity and so on.

      But since week 2 or 3 I have huge issues with anxiety. Especially in the morning.
      Every day my brain thinks about new ways to torture me, forcing me to suffer from the most random things.

      Sadly a lot of these weird thoughts and anxious feelings are somehow related to my new relationship. Since we have to live in a long-distance relationship for a few months there is a lot of free time for me to make up shit that I can worry about. It has been a while since I was in love and it is really frustrating, how much joy I lose, due to my current state of mind.

      I took on meditation and take long walks, to clear my mind a bit, but it does not seem to help so much.

      I absolutely underestimated the withdrawal of weed. It somehow makes me aware of how much I do not want to go back to this drug. On the other hand, I start to really feel affected by my anxiety and by little panic attacks.

      7 years of abuse cannot be reversed in a few days, I understand that, but by now I would be fine if a new, more enjoyable phase of withdrawal would set in.

      To all of you!!! I wish you guys the best luck and strength. Even though I am not in the best state of mind at the moment I embrace the pain and I am proud of me and of you, for our decision to quit smoking.

      • John Mckee

        Best of luck to you too Philipp. You are doing the right steps. Exercise definitely helps as does meditation. It takes time, but the acute phase should be over soon. Remember what life was like before weed? Chances are there were ups and downs back then too. Have reasonable expectations about what life is going to be like without weed.

      • Scotia

        How you doing now mate?

    • Bill

      Man I am 16 and I’ve been an on and off smoker since 15. Recently I had started to vape cartriges everyday for almost 2 months. One day I ran out and decided just to stop. Then a few days later I had nausea and diarrhea. Then panic attacks followed, feeling as though I was dying. My heart rate was out of my chest and I was having terrible anxiety so I went to the hospital.the doctors said nothing was wrong with me, even x rayed my lungs for vape cart damage. I was okay. Sent me home and I have been having small episodes of panic attacks and anxiety. They come and go maybe have 2 a day. We will get through this. Any tips ?

    • Charlotte

      This post has put my mind at ease a lot, I started having major panic attacks just over a week ago and put it down to anxiety as I’ve suffered with that for about a year, stupidly not knowing that withdrawals can cause panic attacks! So I went back to my doctor yesterday and told her I’d stopped smoking weed 4 weeks ago and could this be because of that, she said yes, I went home feeling a bit better. Until last night I got into bed and felt myself getting panicked again I had bad chest pain and started telling myself what if the doctors are missing something and I’m actually having mini heart attacks or another more serious problem? I suppose that’s what panic attacks do to you but I’d just like to know if anyone else has the bad chest pains? And are they normal?

    • Bizarre

      Man… This spoke to me.

      • John Mckee

        Glad we could share a story to show you that you aren’t alone! There are lots of resources on the site to serve you.


      • Tara

        I am so glad I found this thread. Currently dealing with the same thing myself. I’m 39 and have been smoking on and off since I was 15, quitting for a year or two here and there when I was pregnant. The stuff I smoked back then wasn’t really that strong , my husband and I would smoke a whole blunt and just be high and chill. But for the last few years, I’ve been smoking very high grade stuff that I couldn’t take more than 2 hits or I would have a panic attack. For the last few months, I’ve decided that I just didn’t want to smoke anymore because I don’t like the way it makes me feel, plus my kids are getting older and I don’t want them to catch on that I’m smoking pot. 6 days ago, I just quit cold turkey. The first few days I was ok and stayed busy, tried not to think about it. Then the panic began. Literally out of nowhere, my chest hurts, my left arm hurts, my upper back, I sweat, heart pounding in my throat. I become convinced I’m having a heart attack. I have an Apple Watch and I check my heart rate every 5 minutes and run the ECG feature 10-20 times a day.
        4 years ago, in my last pregnancy, my dr discovered I have an extra heartbeat at times and sent me to a cardiologist where I had a full work up, EKG, echocardiogram, 24 hour holter monitor. Diagnosed with a mild mitral valve regurgitation, which is common, and released with no follow up required. So for the last few days I’ve been convinced that my symptoms were because my heart is suddenly very sick and I could drop dead from a heart attack at any moment. You have no idea how much better I feel reading your stories and knowing this is common and I’m not alone. I’m done with weed. Forever.

    • Scoony

      I quit smoking 4 weeks ago and I had a really bad panic attack today. It felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I went to the E.R. and my EKG, labs and Xray came back normal. I explained my the E.R. doctor that I thought it was panic attacks and she pretty much shrugged it off. I work in Health insurance so I am very weary of unnecessary tests and all that jazz. So I am going to decline the event monitor and following up with a cardiologist. I am however going to my primary care doctor and explain all the stories above as there has to be some truth to what you folks are saying. Thank you all so much for sharing your stories as it will save me a few bucks and my sanity. Side note: I thought it was really strange that this happened right after I got the largest raise in my career. Scared the hell out of me!

    • TM

      I can 100% relate. Which is nice finally being able to 100% relate to someone/something… because all I’ve been doing is googling heart symptoms ( definitely doesn’t put my mind at ease )

      I am 22, smoked since about 15-17, on and off. Last 2 years, I’ve been smoking constantly. At least 3 times a day ( It made me ” feel good ” and ” less stressed ” about normal life happenings )
      Well the other day, about 10 days ago now, we went out to a birthday dinner, I drank a very small amount of a strong margarita, sobered up on food, drove home ( I never drink really ). Pretty much went straight to bed, but smoked like one or 2 small hits before laying straight down. ( I always smoked before bed, sometimes 2 bowls and straight in bed I went, not a single problem ). As soon as I layed down, I suppose I had a bad panic attack ( which is also very new to me ). I started getting very cold, couldn’t handle any cold, couldn’t even get warm. I was shaking sooo bad, my heart began to literally beat out of chest. I thought for sure a heart attack or some other weird attack. I was beyond scared, rushed to the ER. Immediate EKG, which was 157? And they rushed me back, but my on and IV and heart monitor. Was decent, still racing heartbeat and feeling of room. Then all of sudden it shot up to almost 180 ( they immediately gave me anxiety medication ). From there, I slowly calmed down, obviously. They sent me home. Now, about 10 days since, I’ve been into the ER 4 times with the same exact feeling of doom, sweaty palms, numbness, fear, stress, throat felt like it was closing, all that. Each time EKG and basically same procedures. They did mention weed withdraw once but didn’t make any deal out of it. They gave me x-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, many blood tests, IVs, muscle relaxers, everything…and I was fine according to them. They even mentioned my heart was handling the fast, crazy rates well…( Whatever that means , still scary ).
      Now, still feeling weak, tired, scared, stressed, feeling as if they’re just not finding something or doing their job right. My life feels very much so on the line! But when I google any symptoms, because I can’t seem to quit doing so whenever I feel a sharp pain, a panic attack seems to set in. I do have medication for anxiety now, but it also makes me feel weird af and doomed a little, especially since it barley helps my heart rate in that time. I’ve even set up with a cardiologist, being how scared I am. I am hoping to see them still, just to ease my mind a little more ( though I don’t think it’ll ever be completely there until these issue stop ).
      I am just worn out. But so so glad I found this site. It has opened my eyes A LOT. I also will never smoke again, as much as I wish. But I just can’t take this feeling. My poor body! Lol. If anything, this has really helped my health out overall…I’ll start eating better, exercising more, and no more smoking. I just really don’t want this to be a life long issue, I could only imagine.
      Wish you all the very best, and updates are awesome.
      I never write these things but for once I related so well.

    • Drew

      Man I had the same shit happen to me
      I would check my blood sugars blood pressure almost daily was convinced something was wrong with me called my buddy at the fire department got hooked up to the ekg 2 different times feel numb tingles all the time panic attacks all my blood work and ekgs are perfect I’m on day 23 of not smoking after 2 years of dabbing all day everyday I think I’m getting better but still have panic attacks wish I. Now how much longer I need to fight this and hide from my wife and kids so I don’t scare them

    • Steve

      Wow crazy I’ve been going through this now for 3 months panic attack went away after 2 1/2 months but still very anxious and chest tightness everything you said is exactly what is Happening to me I did everything you did just crazy how it can do the same thing to a lot of ppl.

    • Saoirse

      I had a very similar experience but all in my stomach. I went straight to my doctor as I knew it was anxiety. I was given 5 Xanax tablets in case of a panic attack, 7 days of a tablet that simulates sleep hormones (I think you can get this over the counter in the U.S) and a blood pressure tablet called Propranolol, only to be taken when I felt my stomach getting into knots.

      I could not believe how well it worked. The first night I took the sleep aid and the Propranolol, my pressure dropped and my stomach went bananas with flutters. I wanted to avoid the Xanax but I needed it that night.

      After that I didn’t need to touch the Xanax again. I stayed on the sleep aid for 7 nights and on the Propranolol for a month. It worked perfectly. Propranolol is even prescribed to people to calm them before public speaking and there are no mental side effects.
      I went back for my checkup and all is well. This worked for me. I avoided weeks of anxiety by just going to my doctor and asking for a treatment plan. Don’t do it by yourself. Go to your doctor.

      Xanax can be very addictive to some people so do not take it unless you are having an episode. Any responsible doctor will only give you a few tablets to get you through the first stages.

    • Mat Bcks

      I’ve heard it can take quite a while for things to get back to normal depending on how heavy you smoked. It seemed like a standard for full recovery was around 6-9 months clean. Not sure if this is accurate because I haven’t fully made it that far. A few months clean right now, really with no urges anymore to smoke. Change your environment if possible. Stay as busy as possible. See weed as not even an option anymore. Brain will try hard to trick you figuring every way possible that it might be ok to smoke, and this is why it’s most important to no longer see even the smallest amount of weed as an option period. Currently experiencing periods of heightened panic, shortness of breath, almost going in to a full panic attack and it’s been months since I’ve smoked. Just accepting this is how it will be for a while and it will get better. The only possible way it will get worse is if you go back to weed. If you do experience symptoms of panic it can be extremely scary but what helps me is just try to do something else like any random task or activity, it might sound too simple but just taking your brain to another focus can get you out of your head. The brain is very fragile, it deserves the time to heal, be patient, and look forward to getting your life back.

    • Samuel

      Does anyone know how long this lasts for ? So good to hear that everyone else is going through this I honestly thought I was alone.

      BIG TIPS —
      Valerian tablets
      Aromas pure essential oil
      Eat Brazil nuts and bananas and egg whites

    • Alby

      Hiya all iv been doing cold Turkey off cannabis for 16 days I’m 35 and been smoking heavily like a half ounce plus a week from morning till night. I woke up 1 morning didn’t like the feeling of getting stoned anymore so decided to stop not just for myself but also for my wife and 2 children. I’m on day 16 my symptoms whereby really too bad just sweaty hands and feet heated head headache and iv just started to feel a slight pressure in the middle of my chest and it dose make me worried I’m so glad I found this blog as it has helped me a lot I’d just like to know if anyone else has felt this type of pressure in the middle of there chest area is there any advice on how long this can last untill I start to feel normal again .

      • John Mckee

        Hey Alby,

        Yes – I’m familiar with that chest pressure. In my case, it was a symptom of anxiety. Chest pains are not something you should ignore. I recommend going to the doctor to get it checked out. It may make you less anxious to know that it’s just anxiety that causes it, instead of the anxiety of not knowing!

        Normal is going to be different that before, quitting is a process. I find that the 30 day mark is a good point to assess how you are doing. Compare day 30 to the first week. Compare Day 90 to Day 30 and you will see progress for sure. Exercise helps so much with the tension and anxiety. Hope this helps. John

    • Victoria

      Thankyou for this. It has really helped me. I started smoking when I was 14, I am 24 now. 10 years seems to be something I noticed quite a lot here. It was 5 years ago when I quit the first time, and the weird thing was, I even didnt try.. My boyfriend at the time didnt smoke and I stayed with him and his family a lot and none of them were smokers (my whole family are smokers) so I just didnt do it very often anymore, once or twice a week? Compared to the 2 grams a day I was going through constantly that was quite a lot really! I was getting the train to work during that time, and it was one really random time while I was on a train on my own that a panic attack set in. The first ever one, it was nothing that I’d ever felt before.. To help things out, one of the staff in at the train station feels my heart beat and says ‘oh that is going quite fast isnt it’ as if I wasn’t already terrified that I was having a heart attack at that moment already, I guess she wasn’t to know though!
      It happened quite a few times after that, lots of calls to 111 that only made me feel like was having real issues more because they would sound concerned. And so I HAD to stop smoking then because even 1 puff would bring on the worst panic attacks. After about 2 months these stopped, but my anxiety about my health has never stopped since then. I’ve been for countless amounts of heart scans and I still can’t really believe them when they say I’m fine, I just feel like they’re missing something!
      I actually came looking for this forum because I did start smoking again, being around it in my family made it hard not to and now I really want to quit. Mostly for my health, I’ve been having some chest pains lately and I never know whether to put that down to actually having something wrong with me or it’s just anxiety.
      It might sound strange but I always feel like I can feel my heart in my chest? And that thinking about a possible heart attack feels like it will bring one on? Does anyone else feel like this?
      I am really scared to properly quit again, I feel like my heart won’t be able to handle the massively rapid palpitations. I just need some help.

      • Courtney

        Yes Victoria, I have totally felt those massive pounding heart beats and it’s terrifying isn’t it? We feel like we’re going to fall on the ground and just die pretty much. You’re not the only one with this feeling, I too have had this. It’s gotta be our stress and anxiety that causes these physical signs in our body. I take very deep breaths when this happens and eventually I am able to calm myself down and my heart slows down.

        • John Mckee

          It helps to cycle through all of your senses to reconnect with reality. Washing your hands under cold water, smelling coffee, etc all help. See, Touch, Taste, Smell, Hear to reconnect and exit the panic loop.

    • Courtney

      Guys, I’m so happy I found this blog and hearing about how everyone is going through what I’m going through. I’ve been so scared lately and have the most anxiety I’ve ever had in my life. My mind runs and keeps going and sometimes I can’t control it and that’s what makes my anxiety worse. It’s been about 2 days and I know it’s going be tough….. but you all have given me some hope and confidence that we can all get through these horrible, real withdrawals. I had been smoking for a long long time and I knew one day enough was enough and I wanted to change who I was and gain creativity back in my life. I had my first real panick attack the other day. I felt precisely what John described happened to him and shit that is so scary. In praying to God that I don’t go through one of those again – I thought I was dying. I also think this pandemic we are going through makes our new sober journey even harder and increases our anxiety and dooming thoughts. If anyone has some advice on how I can manage my stress and anxiety, please reach out and help me. I would appreciate it. I’m thankful I’m not all alone here. I know most of my anxiety is coming from my withdrawals of course but also I can’t stop thinking about work and how I feel so dizzy when I look at the screen and I can’t concentrate and I lose focus and these things scare me a lot with my job. I’ve been thinking i was going crazy but it’s just intense withdrawals from marijuana. They are evil!

      • Nick

        Try mindfulness meditation its help me tremendously you just have to do it every day maybe even twice a day or anytime a panic attack happens. Im in the same boat, you will be ok and you will make it through to the other side and be happy again.

    • Ryan W

      The blog has saved me. I’ve smoked high quality medical grade flower for 13 years. The last 2 years I switched to dabbing (70-90%) Thc live resin. So after 15 years something happened. I was walking my dog and three pit bulls charged me and my pup. Very scary to say the least. So I went home to take a dab to relax. Unfortunately it had the opposite reaction. So I decided to quit cold turkey after 15 years of Colorado THC. It’s been hell. Diarrhea the first couple days and vivid dreams of my ptsd experiences. The first week was the worst for me because of the heart palpitations. I went to the ER and got a ekg, blood work, and chest x ray. All came back normal. 7 days later my palpitations seem to not get any better and I went to the ER again. The doc was cool and explained that I’m dealing with panic attacks and anxiety. Tomorrow marks day 15 and I’m seeing very little improvement; even though it is improving. Some days start off good and end bad and vice versa. My panic attacks have gotten a little better but my heart still beats out of my chest and that scares me a lot. I’m so blessed to have found this blog. I was so close to relapsing tonight until I read all your stories. All of you are warriors. Keep up the good fight and have faith that it will get better. Like I said, I did this shit for 15 years; my I know my road will be long. Thank you all for sharing your stories it helps a lot. One last thing; try to stay away from the tobacco and caffeine, that will mess with your palpitations.

    • Waheed

      Same me . I quit weed on 3rd aug 2020 . I been er same like u . Two weeks was very hard . Panic attack. Now I feel little batter then before. But still I panic after three days . Trying to control. But it take while ………. thanks god I quit. I don’t know how long it will take normal mind . Trying to find something to fix it . Please do not smoke again. Thanks

    • Taylor

      You are not alone Jake!! So not alone!

    • david

      Hi guys, David here from NZ. I want to thank everyone for sharing their tips and experience as it made me feel so much better knowing that I wasn’t alone. Here goes my experience.

      I am 30 and the first time I smoked weed was November 2019 and never smoked before that. It was only once and then did not smoke until March 2020 due to lockdown thanks to COVID-19. I and a couple of my friends kept smoking lightly between late March 2020 and late April 2020 (that’s one month). After April 2020 I started to go hard out on my smoking habit and would take anywhere between 5 to 10 kon a day. My smoking method was squizi and occasionally J. Loved smoking from March to late July and then started to get Panic attack regularly in august. I ended up at the hospital emergency department 4 times in one week as well as visiting my GP like 3 times in the same week for the same reason. I experienced chest pain, shortness of breathing, anger, loss of appetite, and fear of dying as well as my heart pounding and increased heartbeat randomly. My GP and the doctors at the hospital kept saying I’m young and fit and there is nothing wrong with me but wasn’t convinced. So I kept searching until I came across this site, which I felt really helpful and comforting. So I decided to quit for a month at least and how it goes. First 3 days I experienced the Panic attack, anger, loss of appetite, and sweating at night time. I also realized that my sleeping hours are shorter and disturbed as I keep waking up like around 3 am sometimes 4 am and 5 am. on the 4th day, I had a nightmare and sweating as well as headache. 5th 6th and 7th day, the panic attack has reduced a lot and I have come to accept it as part of my life now and I don’t freak out anymore. Every time the Panic attack comes, I try to take a walk for like an hour to 2 hours, take deep breaths like many mentioned here, and found it to be helpful. I also have been taking panadol for the headache twice a day which has also helped with the sweating at night time, I am on day 8 now and so far I am experiencing a mild panic attack, a mild headache during afternoon and night time as well as anger but at a reduced level by like 50%. will keep updating if anything changes. Hope this helps and sorry for long writing. stay positive and strong everyone and don’t give up.

    • Steve

      Hello my friends, I recently quit at 16 years of smoking weed myself and the first 3 weeks were so hard( lack of sleep, being bored, not being able to eat, numbness in hands, felt like always something new was wrong and depression). I’ve fought through most of it and I’m about 3 months into being sober as it stands. I was told to try having a few drinks to relax me which kind of helps but soons I’m by myself it all crept up on me and didnt rly help(I have liver problems for 1 or 2 is my limit anyways). I’ve been drinking a glass of wine with dinner and that does help or talking to someone about my problems. I’ve been to the doctor few like 5 different things until it dawned on me it was withdraws from not smoking in the first month. EVERYONE KEEP AT IT! you can do this! Keep positive and breath when your anxiety or depression come on to you! Life is so beautiful and we make it what it is. Do good and change your life style and if you continue to smoke dont do like me and smoke a hq/quarter every 2 days, maybe just once and awhile but I’m staying sober. GoodLuck everyone and peace love and harmony!❤

    • Anon

      Same here. Quite cold Turkey after smoking with concentrate and edibles. I am 51 female.

      Its been about a week of a almost daily binge for several months.
      Yesterday i had a anxiety attack with feelings of dissacociation. Very scary. Then cried…. i felt far from being myself. I experienced this in 2014 when i quit that time. I think i have learned this time.

      Holy Basil and Ashwagandha are helping me feel calm. I am also commited to walking everyday to burn off stress hormones.

    • Nick

      I suggest getting into meditation as I’m in the same boat as all of you. I woke up one morning smoked and felt like my counciousness was pooling at the top of my head and was about to jump out of my body and I was gonna die. It felt like I was in a horrible fever dreamish nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. I took a walk around the block after having a brief moment of contemplating taking my own life. As I was walking down the street it felt as though the grim reaper was right behind me following me ready to take me. I continue to have thoughts of impending doom and I can’t stop thinking about death. Ive been getting panic attacks and what feels like heart palpitations. The only relief I’ve been having is doing mindfulness meditation twice a day once in the morning then before sleep to help go to bed. Just make sure to keep with it maybe one day this whole message board can meet up and laugh about how scared we all were and that all it took was time to feel normal again.

    • Nick

      I may have just found a solution honestly. Did some research and prolonged Marijuana use can throw out the balance of the Endocannabinoid system due to thc binding to the receptors that usually have anandamide binding to it. The funny thing is although weed may have put you here weed or hemp I should say could help you out. Scientists discovered that CBD, when consumed, inhibits the production of FAAH enzyme that is responsible for the breakdown of anandamide in the body. So in simpler terms, a lesser quantity of FAAH in the body means less breakdown of Anandamide thus leading to more anandamides in the body for a longer time thus enhancing the properties of anandamide in the ECS.

      • hunt

        I just read something similar. I am now 2 months clean after quitting and I had smoked since I was 15. I have been doing so many different things to help but keep having setbacks. I take CBD in the morning and at night. It doesn’t quite fix everything but it for sure helps. I actually have considered getting stronger CBD or even gummies.

    • Cesar

      Reading these comments honestly made me feel better.. I’ve been struggling so much with my withdrawals that even my blood pressure became an issue, I can’t remember the last time I woke up with a positive attitude about how my day will turn out. When I first checked into the ER my blood pressure was 190 over 120( lungs and heart were in good shape) and I figured damn maybe I’m just eating really bad and not taking care of myself so I made a change started eating better, cut off red meat and any processed foods. More greens and all that good stuff, it worked my blood pressure was controlled and I felt better but as time passed I was still getting anxiety attacks, even checked my blood pressure and it was perfect 114 over 83 but my pulse rate was at 127 I was scared shitless. Sure enough it was my withdrawals.. made me afraid of these random anxiety attacks, that it makes it impossible for me to ignore. I’m 29 and I’ve been smoking since the age of 13. It’s been a little over 3 months since I stopped and like Jake said I know it’s not over but I’m happy that I am on a path to change.

      • John Mckee

        Blood pressure varies at different times of the day. You have to be still for 10 mins or so before it’s accurate. And pulse of 127 is fast for sure…but not dangerous unless it’s like that for many hours. Do you have a heart monitor watch that shows what your avg heart rate is?

    • Keemo

      Man, I just wanna say I’m so fucking happy I found this post and read your story because I swear to god i could copy and paste everything you wrote to describe exactly how I’ve felt. I didn’t realize it was the weed I always thought it was from me not being as active as much but man do I feel 10000000x better seeing this. I’ve told multiple that I’m gonna die because I kept feeling mini panic attacks and the tightness on my chest, the arm going numb and tingly everything bro. I literally changed my whole diet because I thought maybe I’m eating too much of something, I was going insane. I’m feeling a lot better now it’s been about 3 weeks or so & ive been more active to try and flush the THC out more but holy shit I am so glad I stumbled upon this post I really thought I was gonna die bro it’s crazy because I’m 26 as well so I’m glad I wasn’t the only one going through this. Hope you continue getting better & overcoming the withdrawal symptoms my man, salute.

    • Claude

      As many others this post has both scared me and let me find a sense e of peace…. been smoking everyday for 15 years.. and in last two years have developed severe anxiety and several panic attacks while not high….

      Two days ago I woke up chest tight, short of breath and my arm numb. Immediately thinking heart attack I went into full panic attack. So I spent the last 36 hrs in the hospital. Had cts, x-rays, blood draws, and an ekg all to find out most of my symptoms were due to the anxiety and I actually have a healthy heart and lungs not bad either. My time in the hospital was soo filled with anxiety I suffered at least 3-4 more panic attacks and despite doctors asking clean bill of health know there was something wrong…. well apparently not cause they gave mea Xanax, told me to see a mental health care worker and kicked me out.

      So now its only been about 48 hrs since I’ve smoked and I of course crave it like crazy. I’m not looking forward to the next month but seeing how common withdrawal symptoms are but the doc was kind enough to give me a handful of Xanax for future attacks… I’ve quit b4 and experienced irritability and insomnia and lack of appetite.. however this anxiety thing is way more terrible than any of those ever have been…

      I have a diet plan, exercise plan, meeting with shrink, yoga, and meditation and breathing exercises all laid out for me over the next month…. hopefully I can beat this thing and one day be able to enjoy the occasional joint again… but right now ways too dependent on it

    • Paul

      Thanks to all for your stories. It has helped me distract myself from the intense anxiety I feel much of the time. I quit pot two weeks ago today. This is my story…

      I’m 55 years old. I have been smoking/vaping pot off and on (mostly on) for about 20 years. Sometimes I would quit pot for a week, sometimes for over a year. In the past I would decide to abstain because of my lungs but would not commit to never using marijuana again. This time I am.

      I was off pot for over a year and started again in July basically due to boredom. I planned on moderating my vaping but within a week or two I was back to doing it day and night. Maybe two grams a day? Not a great idea to start again during a pandemic. Everything was fine until my coughing became out of control. The coughing gave me headaches and eventually panic attacks. I also had an insatiable appetite and gained 40 lbs giving me major digestion problems and feeling like a failure. I was vaping pot before work, during, and on my way home. My blood pressure became very high and I felt feverish four separate times in October. I kept getting tested for Covid but all tests came back negative. My partner encouraged me to stop. I bought some low THC pot (3% instead of 22% which I was used to) and vaped that for about a month. I started to feel withdrawal symptoms – racing thoughts, no appetite, stomach aches, chills, sweating in bed, headaches, insomnia and anxiety. Then nocturnal panic attacks. I would leap out of bed and scare the crap out of my partner. It terrified both of us. So, two weeks ago I finally stopped.

      And what a stressful journey it has been. Waking up in the early morning with terrible anxiety that lasts for hours and hours and hours. Sometimes all day and then all night. I would take a sleeping pill and still feel like I couldn’t relax. I became obsessed with my breathing thinking it was about to stop. Like tonight. The only thing that helped was trying to distract myself with my work or having deep conversations with my partner and friends trying to be honest about everything and not worrying about appearing vulnerable. A few months ago I started exercising again by doing two half hour bike rides a day and no more binge eating. It’s been hard but I want to get healthy so I can enjoy the rest of my years with a clear head and clear lungs. I have lost half the weight now.

      Two weeks in and I’m still having a hard time with anxiety. Did a lot of crying today thinking it’s never going to get better but reading some of the posts here made me realize it could take months. I never, ever want to go through this mental and physical turmoil again. I know marijuana helps some people, or is just a benign bit of fun, but it is not right for me. I have abused it long enough. Unlike others, I can’t moderate myself with it. I will not go back to it.

      Thanks for reading this.. Good luck to all of you.

    • Anonms

      Thank you all very much for sharing your experiences. I wish I would’ve found this site/thread a long time ago, but am grateful to have found it now.
      I’m 36 and have been a regular cannabis user for about 17 years.
      I used to have very high tolerance for the first 10 years of using… smoked large amounts and throughout the day, everyday.
      Around 7 years ago, I noticed a sense of paranoia and anxiety creeping up after smoking what used to be a standard amount. I’d never experienced that before. I started to decrease the amount I smoked, but those feelings kept persisting and steadily increasing in intensity over time… until one night, around 6 years ago, a ‘hit’ of concentrate from a bong sent me on an absolutely crippling panic attack. This was the first time I’d ever gotten a panic attack and was convinced that I was going to die that night.
      Long story short, I continued using cannabis at a reduced rate and amount, though still daily, and experienced anxiety and panic attacks on many more occasions over the years, at random times, regardless of the significant reductions in the amounts I used.
      Unlike many of you, I never went to the hospital/ER/doctor… I just thought I’d potentially die without troubling anyone or worrying any of my family members in the process.
      My experiences in thinking that I have heart issues, lung issues, etc… is very similar to many of yours. I’ve been living with those paranoid thoughts for years now, keeping them to myself.
      Fast forward to about a month ago, after experiencing a horrible night of endless panic attacks (from apparently consuming too much cannabis butter without realizing), I decided to quit. Surprisingly enough, I had no withdrawal issues for a week other than insomnia (which is something I’ve suffered with since early childhood)… this made me confident that I’m ok and can start having a small ‘hit’ every night just to help me sleep. All was fine with that plan for over a week, then one night I had a really hard time sleeping with just one small hit, so I took a few more, and it pushed things over the top once again.
      So now I decided to quit for good (this was about a week ago), except this time I had panic attacks the following day. This was the first time I had full blown panic attacks while not ‘high’. I thought I must’ve really messed myself up permanently this time. That thought would only validate itself further when I had a full day of panic attacks on my 3rd day sober, 4th day was relatively ok, and yesterday (5th day) I had another bad attack while stressed at work.
      Finding this website late at night (it’s morning of 6th day now), has been a blessing. Reading your posts really gives me hope. I never realized that my experience is not unique to myself, that maybe I haven’t broken my brain and body beyond repair.

      BTW, I’ve found that oral CBD really helps alleviate some of the withdrawal symptoms. But large amounts work better (100mg+), and preferably twice or 3 times throughout the day.
      Also, some adrenal health support supplements seem to help a bit with anxiety as well. They usually contain Ashwagandha; Rdodiola; Ginseng; L-Tyrosine, and other natural herbs. There are a bunch of options if you search for “adrenal support” on amazon. L-Theanine also helps with sleep quality (amino acid found in green and black teas). And of course multi-vitamins.

      Thank you all once again and good luck!

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