marijuana human bodyThis is Part #1 of a 4 part series on my reason to quit smoking weed.

I believe that it is a great idea to create an inventory of all of the reasons that I want to quit smoking weed. This servers 2 purposes: To clarify the negative effects of marijuana addiction in my life, and to use as a reference guide when I crave smoking pot, and think about relapsing.
The Negative Physical Effects of Marijuana:

Respiratory System: My respiratory system takes the largest toll when I smoke pot. I do not breathe as well as I would if I did not smoke at all. From attempts at quitting in the past, it takes about 2 weeks to a month to notice a change in my lung capacity. I currently have a wheeze if I breathe out quickly. My lungs have also been burnt from inhaling smoke that is way to hot, it usually hurts for about a day, then goes away. I also find myself holding my breath and creating tension in my body for no reason, like I am trying to hold in an imaginary hit of weed. I need to take slower, deeper, breaths.

My mucus production is through the roof. I don’t have the weed smokers cough right now, it seems to come and go. I DO awake everyone morning with a stuffed nose. If I get a cold, it takes me a long time to beat it. I had nasal congestion from late July to early October this year.

Skin: My skin doesn’t look good. I think this may be a blood circulation and oxygen thing from smoking pot. You know how you can look at a 60 year old and tell if they are smokers or not….I think that to a lesser extent smoking weed does the same thing. I quit smoking for about 3 months a couple years ago and noticed that my skin, particularly my face was way smoother and healthier looking. I also noticed when I quit that the bags under my eyes, and surrounding pores looked way smaller and better.

My thumb and forefinger are also discolored from holding onto joints and blunts. It is pretty common to burn the skin slightly when I am going for the last hit on a roach.

Eyes: My eyes get bloodshot and itchy when I smoke weed. When I smoke heavily, my eyes get kind of dazed, 1/2 open, and I don’t focus well. However, I will admit that smoking pot does improve night vision.

Teeth: One of my teeth is getting stained from tar and resin in the joints I smoke. I was smoking between 1-5 joints a day. So it does add up and it is visible to me.

Eating Habits: You are what you eat, and when I get stoned, I eat shitty fast food – and lots of it. Taco Bell, McDonalds, Jack in the Box etc. When I am too stoned to drive and too lazy to walk there is always pizza or Chinese food that can be delivered. Not only is this terrible for me, it also costs a lot of money. I don’t go to the grocery store that often because I don’t want to go stoned, so I would just smoke more pot instead and eat junk food. 7-11 is 24 hours, but the hot dogs are only good until about 2:30 am. I have put on about 15lbs in the last 2 years.

Lack of Exercise: I don’t do physical activity nearly enough. I used to be in excellent shape and need to get back to where I was before. Swapping the smoking habit and high for the exercise habit and high is a priority for me. My cardiovascular system has been beat up from all of the pot smoking. Once I have quit smoking weed, I should see that rebound pretty well – especially if I push myself with bike rides and hikes.

What negative symptoms do you experience? If you think I have missed anything, or would like to share some of your own, please comment.


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    • Bkhan


      Just reading through your website has given me lots of hop to quit as its creating problems with my married life. Thank you so sharing all the details with me.


      • Tommy

        Which means your wife doesn’t like it. Grow a pair of balls or tell her to leave. YOU’RE THE MAN! I’ve been looking to quit and after searching for reasons, the only benefit is saving money which you could if you grew it.

    • Andy

      I am a 18 year old boy.
      i have been smoking weed pretty much every day for the past 10 months and one thing i noticed is how it can affect ur testosterone and muscle growth if u care about that. (i do a lot) Me and my friends used to get high and go to the gym to workout, but after several months of non stop smoking, i started to notice that i wasnt really gaining anything from it. I looked into it and have read thousands of things about how weed can give u man boobs and kill ur testosterone to the point u talk and look like a female. Weed also has a hormone in it only found in females called estrogen. Estrogen plays the main role in female puberty, it helps their boobs grow, helps their voice stay lady-like, and keeps hair from growing, If you are inhaling this shit, u are basically asking to be more like a women.
      I started to notice more nipple tissue around my chest, more fat on my body, and my biceps seemed like they were shrinking, this was extremely alarming. This was the main reason i started to look into quitting, and god dammit its hard.
      I am shocked that this article didnt say anything about the decrease in testosterone levels… Its a pretty big fact left out…
      Don’t start smoking weed you will regret it!!!

      • Mike

        The reason testosterone levels aren’t mentioned is probably because it’s one of those things where half of the studies says it lowers testosterone, and the other half says that chronic use has no effect on T levels whatsoever.

        I’m not calling you a liar, just simply saying that other factors could be in play (munchies, being lazier and not going to the gym as often, the plain fact that after a while it gets more demanding to maintain and build muscles, weed or not, etc). Plenty of people are able to smoke without getting manboobs, turning feminine and stuff – even really buff people.

        Of course, if you feel like weed is negatively impairing your ability to exercise, and if exercise is really important to you, by all means continue your efforts to quit. Just know that weed hasn’t conclusively been linked to severe hormonal imbalances (but also, that this missing link isn’t proof that it DOESN’T mess with hormones either).

      • Mike

        …also, it’s not your place to advice people for or against smoking weed. Some people need it medicinally, and some people just plain ol’ use is recreationally, with no ill effects and the ability to go without smoking for weeks, if necessary, while other people can’t handle it for various reasons. The only advice we can really give is that if you already started smoking regularly, be aware of how it affects you.

    • Evan


      Why would you post in favoritism of smoking pot on a website that say “”… It seems kinda contradictiary as people who have found their way to this website are already looking for solutions in smoking weed. Yes, marijuana has medicinal and social impacts. But the possible further ramifications are far worse, and anyone who has been seeking out this sight is certainly here for a reason.
      Be positive man, your not helping a community thats trying to stay sober.

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