Just got through about 50 emails and wanted to say to everyone out there –  “Happy Holidays”.    The shortest day of the year just passed, Christmas is here, and in less than a week, it will be 2015 and the opportunity for a fresh start.

I’m excited for 2015 and for QuitMarijuana.Org.  The time and financial investment in getting this thing off the ground was about 5x more than I thought it would be but the feedback that I am getting from Members is making it all worthwhile.    I had a minor issue with integrating the forums with user accounts and making sure it was all secure..after about 20 hours of work and 3 different forum providers, I’ve got one that is going to work out for us.   The forums are ready to roll!

There is nothing I want more than to help people who truly want help quitting marijuana..The Members Area has been built to a high standard…and high standards take time.   Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Have a great Christmas.  Enjoy your family, friends, health and happiness.   The best things in life are things you can’t replace with money.  Take the time over the holiday to express gratitude and get ready to knock 2015 out of the park.

John Mckee
Founder – QuitMarijuana.Org

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