I was first introduced to marijuana at a young age. My dad smoked so I knew what the smell was but wasn’t sure what it was just that he sure liked it. I guess I was fourteen the first time I tried marijuana with a group of guys down at the park.

I remember that day clearly, which was thirty-two years ago but I can barely remember yesterday. That was a life changing day for sure. I continued to smoke through out my High School years. Wish I could take that back. I continued smoking, quitting when I needed for jobs or court but always replacing it with  another substance, usually booze.

I now find myself 46 years old. I have been able to maintain my same job for 20 yrs  but have let numerous advancements pass me by do to weed. Weed causes me so much stress but yet my mind that I need it to relieve stress. Last time I attempted to quit was almost three years ago and I was such a dick to my young son that I went right back to weed and haven’t attempted since.

I now smoke 24/7 and I am at my wits end. As soon I can find that elusive motivation I will order your program and hopefully get on with my life. Right now I am just surviving not living. I seem to let anxiety get the best of me and it holds me back from doing the things I truly would like to try.

I was just recently diagnosed with cancer and has had me thinking hard on whether I want to let life keep passing me bye. I think not. So I hope my motivation comes soon we never know how many days we have left on this planet.

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