I’m moving my old posts and journal over from the old blog here for posterity.

Nearly nine years have gone by since I wrote these original posts.   It’s humorous for me to look back at them and remember where I was at that point in my life.   Don’t judge me!

Post #1  November 18 2007
How am I going to Stop Smoking Weed?

Welcome to the First Post on my blog. I have been a marijuana smoker for the last 10 years. I plan to document my personal experience with marijuana addiction and my plan to quit smoking pot for good.   This site is about one question How To Stop Smoking Weed?

I will also be sharing what I learn about drug addiction, treatment options, and health related marijuana issues.

It is time for me to change. I am getting sick of being stoned all of time. I don’t feel good about myself because I smoke so much pot. I have about 2 grams left. This will be the last of it. Forever. I know that I will need to make significant changes in my life to make this successful. More to come soon.

Have a great day!

Post #2 – November 19 2007
Marijuana Addiction – Quitting Marijuana Cold Turkey Tomorrow 🙁

I Smoked this evening. Looks like I will have my last smoke later tonight.  I don’t know how to moderate my usage so that I am going to try to quit weed cold turkey. I am going to throw away all of my rolling papers, pipes, and other gear, then take the trash out and throw it in the dumpster. My house will be clean. I won’t have to worry about the lingering smell, or the odd bit of bud in a couch cushion or a roach in an ashtray.

I think the first couple days will be easy, it will be the weeks and months that will test my resolve. Just today I was thinking that smoking pot wasn’t so bad at all, and maybe I should just cut back.  My experience tells me I should know better! I really have made this conscious decision to change.

I am going to write a long post this evening, where I spell out my reasons for quitting marijuana.  If I get around to it….Come on its my last day!

Post #3 November 21 2007
Drinking, Women and Smoking Weed.

I went out tonight, around 9:00 to a local pub to have a couple pints, well this girl tells me her friend digs me, then her friend and I chat for a while. They both leave after getting my number and calling my phone. I headed home around 1:00 am, and I turned on my oven to hot knife the last of my pot (the 2 roaches). I was about to stick the knives in the oven, when I hear a knock on the door. So I answer it, and its a guy telling me the third floor is on fire (no joke). We head up to check it out, and its the apartment of a girl I had met a couple weeks ago. I knock on the door and she answers, she says she has burned some steak, because she fell asleep as it was cooking. We talked and then hooked up for a bit, but I didn’t want to stay because of the weed that I had to smoke and the oven element I had left on! On the back of my mind was the thought that I wasn’t stoned and could be. Just goes to show how my marijuana addiction interferes with my daily operations.

So I went home and smoked the two roaches. I also found a tiny piece in the microwave on top of my old container.

I hear another knock on the door.  But this time I am stoned and paranoid, I creep up and its the girl from upstairs, I had left my glasses.  She could smell the pot on me and didn’t look impressed.  Weed has has been a problem in many of my relationships.   All too often, I have chosen the comfort of mary jane rather than a real woman.

Looks like quit day is tomorrow. I still believe I am on the right track…Just getting rid of the last of it. Regardless, tonight was fun.

#4 November 19 2007
I have to get ready to quit smoking marijuana

This is basically how my mind functions when I am stoned and need to get something important accomplished.

I have gone through days of being stuck in a stoned stupor with a loop like this playing in my head. This is one of my major reasons for wanting to quit smoking marijuana. A-motivational syndrome is real and has been devastating to my personal and work life. Sometimes, I will let my laundry stack up for weeks at time, while I sit in front of the computer or TV stoned and bored.

Bills and Rent dont get paid on time, I don’t know how much money is in my bank account, and I eat fast food instead of preparing meals. Anything to do less, while I sit in my cannabis coma. When I run out of pot, one of the first things I do is clean up my house! Finding the next bag has been something I am good at. I will have to formulate so strategies for avoiding and deflecting those situations.

Imagine what it is like to always be telling yourself “I have to do this”, “I am going to do that”, and never getting off of your ass to do it. I feel guilty for not following through on the promises to myself. Learning how to quit smoking marijuana will help me grow in other areas of my life and accomplish other goals.

It has taken me years to actually do something constructive and and quit smoking pot by tackling the issue head on.

With the hours counting down……..

#5 November 20 2007
Down to the last of it

Well folks, I am down to the last of it, there are 2 little roaches left for me to get through. I know, I know, I thought I would be done yesterday.

The withdrawal has begun even before I am completely out of pot!  I am trying to hold on to this little bit as long as possible and postpone the inevitable. I used to hide roaches for myself, so that I could find them when I ran out! I am going to do one more check of my house, to make sure it is all gone, then throw away all of my supplies.

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