Journal Day 14

Entry # 20 – December 5 2007

Today was a pretty crappy day…I caved again and smoked….Because I repeated the pattern of going out to a pub. I did see some great live music, and meet a potentially awesome business connection, so it hasn’t all been bad….but damn, time to reset that counter back to 0.

Days Sober 0
Days Stoned 1

Day 15 another Marijuana Relapse

Entry #21 – December 6 2007

Well, I had a little to smoke again  today.  I keep finding it and not saying “No”.  In the grand scheme of things, this is still improvement.  This weekend is going to be very tough because I usually wake and bake, then get stoned all day.   I know I need to stop smoking weed, so I will be working hard toward this goal on the weekend – day by day.

Friday’s post will be much more detailed.

Good Night.

Day 8 – Marijuana Detox and Withdrawal

Entry #22 -March 25 2008*

*The date on this post is an update date, I think the original was Dec 6th –John

Another day without smoking pot. Today was a better day. I was extremely busy today, and did not experience any intense cannabis withdrawal symptoms. The anxiety and dread that I was feeling is definitely in recession. I know that I am only 8 days in, but I feel like the worst part of the psychological detox is past me. Now I will need to deal with sobriety on a daily basis. The physical detox will take up to 3 months for all of the fat-soluble thc to be free from my system. Only after 3 months will I consider myself ‘clean’ from weed. Clean is not the same thing as recovered!

Sleep was also better last night – I got 7 hours and only woke up once. When smoking weed, I seemed to wake up a lot more during the night. Sometimes I would even awake, smoke a roach, then head straight back to bed. It appears that marijuana makes sleep come easy, but the quality of sleep is worse than a sober sleep would be. Anyone find the same thing happening to them.

Bucking Faked requested the ability to blog on their progress. I will be configuring and opening a Marijuana Addiction Support Forum this weekend. I don’t know if it will be on this site, or on another domain…I still need to work out the logistics.

Mood Swings and Withdrawal from Marijuana

Entry #23 – December 7 2007

Thanks to all of you who have been posting comments to update me with their progress or keep me on track.    Today was a great day, being that it is Friday and I have the weekend in front of me.   My entire goal of Friday night is preparing for the weekend and not smoking weed at all.   The weekends are usually when I smoke a tonne of weed so it will take a lot of will power and distraction to keep sober over the next 2 days.   I also need to make sure I don’t substitute with alcohol – I really don’t want to trade marijuana addiction for alcoholism!

I have some withdrawal mood swings over the last 3 or 4 days.   Not exactly depressed, but angry and cynical.    I remember a quote “Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm”, so I am getting somewhere 🙂    I am feeling good at the moment and looking forward to accomplishing a lot this weekend.

But hey, 1 day at a time.  I have been researching new hobbies and will be putting some time into the website this weekend.    I think I am going to wait a little longer before I do a major overhaul on the layout, categories, and navigation.

Marijuana Sobriety for a day.

Entry #24 – December 8 2007

I was sober today!  Woohoo.  It took a lot of work and I had to keep busy all day, but I managed to do it.  The relaxation techniques really came in handy.   The Sun Salutation is  great way to start they day.  I have also been working on breathing deeply throughout the day.  If I ever struggle to take a deep relaxed slow breath, I immediately do the Deep Breathing reset, and am back in no time.   I think relaxation is one of the keys to stop smoking weed.

My sleeping patterns and eating patterns are horrible, I can’t get to bed early, and I want to sleep all day.   I believe that there are 2 keys here:  Diet and Exercise.

My diet is really shitty.  I cook for myself once or twice a week and eat junk the rest of the time, most of the exercise I do is walking too or from my vehicle to the fast food restaurant or 7-11.   This was OK when I was baked constantly, but really needs to change now.   I have a lot of time, so learning to cook is a great skill to develop  in the mean time.  Ironically, I am not overweight.  I think this is because some days I only eat one meal.

I am also in poor physical shape.   My natural build and body type gives me a great frame for sports and physical activities, but my cardiovascular ability has been cut in half by the amount of weed I smoked.  My diet and lack of exercise made me again about 20 lbs in the last 2 years.  I would like to keep the weight and lose the fat!

Till Tomorrow.

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