Day 11 – Finally the weekend

Entry #30 March 28 2008

This week has been successful!  Things are going well.  I will have to keep myself this weekend to avoid temptation.  I have had a few beers tonight, and didn’t enjoy it that much.   I will be setting up the marijuana addiction forum this weekend, and hope have it running by Sunday afternoon.

Marijuana Addiction Forums Coming Soon!

As stated in my previous posts, I will be starting a Marijuana Addiction Support forum on this site.   I have been playing with different pieces of Forum software for a few hours and am almost ready to roll on out for The Marijuana-Addict website.    I am trying to get the Blog and Forum to talk to each other so that you only need to login once.  Once I have that completed, I will open the forums up for everyone to use.

Day 13 – Eating Lots of Food 🙂

Entry #31 March 30 2008

I seem to have a lot of time on my hands this weekend, because I haven’t been smoking….My new hobby is gorging myself on food. 🙂 I am so full right now that I think I could pass out and hibernate until the middle of April.

Pretty much all I did this weekend was stay at home and work on the site. The forums are functioning properly – so come on in and check them out! Everyone is welcome to create their own journal in the Members Area.

I’m going to be working hard to make this forum a success. If you have any questions, please contact me on the forum or @

Day 14 – I have Quit Smoking Weed for 2 Weeks

Entry #32 April 1st 2008

Hell Ya. Day 14 and going strong although I did go out to the pub last night and have about 5 beers. I haven’ t done that in a long time, and woke up feeling a little hungover this morning. I think i am a little allergic to beer – I get congested in the morning after drinking more than 2 beer. Normally I don’ t learn my lesson, but I think that I need to put in a 2 beer maximum rule into effect. This will help me save a lot of money to boot.

I have saved about $150 bucks because I quit smoking weed. It feels really good to write that statement. I just wish I could get back the $25,000 I spent over the years. Ugg!

My sleep habits are still way off – I wish I could nap at work during the day.

Day 17 – Craving Marijuana but getting things done.

Entry #33 – April 4th, 2008

I have been working away at getting my backlog of “to be done while not stoned” activities.   I will be filing my income tax for the first time in a couple of years 🙁  – should be interesting to see if I get a refund, or if I owe money.

The hard part of having quit marijuana is starting to take hold.   Today is an example of a day where I feel like I have accomplished a whole lot, and a reasonable reward would be to have a puff at the end of the night.  This *would* be reasonable if I could limit what I smoked, but if I bought a bag, I would smoke through it without control until it was gone.

So I guess the 2 week mark is where the cravings have started to kick in.  I have lost steam at around this time period in previous attempts.  I have to keep myself busy and my mind focused.  It’s helpful to remind myself that I am addicted to marijuana, and can’t control my consumption like most other people.  Just because I haven’t had any in two weeks, doesn’t mean I am cured.  There is still a long way to go!

Stop Smoking Weed – 24 days in

Entry #34 – April 11th, 2008

I have been really busy in the last week.  I am working on the site almost everyday, but many of the changes, you just can’t see!   The week has been good – I have stuck to not smoking pot, but have drank quite a bit of booze this week, and I haven’t gone to the gym.   Drinking became a reason for relapse thelast time I quit, so I need to stick away from getting drunk, and that whole bar scene.

Now that I haven’t smoked in a while, I can see clearly what my life has become, and how I am unhappy about it.   I feel like I have a HUGE amount of work to do in order to achieve the life I want to live.   Dope always held me back, but now I feel like I have about 10 years of work to do in 2 or 3!   I haven’t had a girlfriend in about a year, don’t have a lot of friends outside of the bar, and am broke!    This is better than rock bottom though, I am rising up…..and I have a girl in mind.

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