Marijuana Withdrawal Anxiety

Day 5 – March 22 2008

It’s been a weird couple of days. I have had all sorts of nervous energy and anxiety…I don’t want to call them panic attacks, but rather feelings of intense dread for no reason. Sometimes my mind races. It kind of feels like a ball of energy heating up at my center and moving up the top of my body. I think this nervous energy is the cause of my insomnia as well.

I notice that I have been ‘holding’ my breath a lot and have been tense or fidgety for no reason. I have been doing some of the stress relaxation techniques and deep breathing drills which are actually working ! I haven’t experienced the marijuana withdrawal anxiety before to this severity.  Usually it was only mental, but the physical withdrawal symptoms from cannabis are discomforting. I need to bleed off more stress during this beginning transition phase.  With the right stress management program, the stress and anxiety from marijuana withdrawal can be minimized.

Quitting Marijuana can cause anxiety in some people, but I don’t know how long it is supposed to last, and what to expect. Needless to say, the last couple of days have NOT been fun. I got about 6 hours of solid sleep. Normally I wake up a lot during the night, but this was a nice uninterrupted rest.

Only one dream of note so far, all I remember is being hit in the liver by something, then someone I knew (don’t know who) hitting me in the same spot.

Tired from Weed Withdrawal

Day 7 – March 24 2008

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update – I am going to sleep like a baby tonight.  I only got another 5 hours last night.   I am seriously wiped out and looking forward to nodding off immediately after I post this.   I have been through this kind of weed withdrawal insomnia before, so I was prepared for it.

The anxiety is still there, but the worst of it was Saturday.  I was not prepared for it, and am hoping the worst of it is over.  I am going to meditate and stretch before bed to release some of the tension.  The marijuana recovery process is stressful!

Marijuana Dreaming and Weed Nightmares!

Day 9 – March 26 2008

Another busy and productive day today, with a good sleep last night. Last night was the first night that I had vivid dreams after quitting marijuana. The majority of the weed addicts that I know don’t recall their dreams, or have fewer dreams than non smokers. I have heard that it is pretty common to have ‘end of the world’ nightmares when quitting weed. In my previous attempts to quit, I have had some crazy nightmares.

This dream was definitely strange – and I got stoned in my dream…This doesn’t count as relapse right 🙂 . The Dream: So I was outside on the main drag of a town with my colleagues, and a bunch of them were up ahead in a circle. One woman came up to me and said something along the lines of “I smoke, but don’t tell anyone”, and joined the circle. I followed behind her, and next thing I new, I was passed a joint. This was the end of the dream as I remember it. Shitty description, but dreams are hard to describe.

One of the reasons that I wanted to quit is because I didn’t want colleagues to find out about my marijuana habit. I am sure some of them know and don’t say anything to me. Weed made me paranoid so I always wondered if they DID know.

‘Til Tomorrow – which will be double digits sober! Wooohooo!

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