I tried to quit Marijuana many times…Or I thought I was trying….Normally I would just tell myself that I this was my last bag, and not put any more effort into it than that. Clearly this wasn’t working.    This post is an overview of why I quit smoking weed.  There were some things that felt wrong in my life, and weed was a common factor in many of them.

“If you want to get the the same results, keep doing what you are doing.” is a quote I often heard.  I felt like I was spinning my tires.  Basically, I was smoking weed and not getting things done.

I Knew I Had to Change

I had to change what I was doing. It has been 10 years since I first smoked pot, and 7 of those years have been an excessive, chronic marijuana addiction. Because I was stoned so often, it was easy to ignore all of the growing problems associated with my addiction to weed. I took the time to step back and really evaluate what my marijuana addiction was doing to my life.

Smoking 4 or 5 times a day, every day, chews up A LOT of time. I wrote 4 separate pieces about how Marijuana has negative effects on my life. This is the first stage of the recovery process. It is necessary to identify why I want to quit so that I can quit more driven to quit more easily.

Why I Quit Smoking Weed

  1. Physical Reasons to Quit Marijuana – all of the negative physical effects of being a daily pot smoker.
  2. Psychological Reasons to Quit Marijuana – how marijuana affects my mood, attitude, emotions, and motivation.
  3. Reasons to Quit Marijuana – Relationships – how smoking weed interferes with relationships, social drive, and decision making.
  4. Financial Reasons to Quit Marijuana – the cost of marijuana, and the cost of living the lifestyle of a stoner.   You will be surprised how quickly it adds up.

I hope you find this list helpful. I am will continue to update it. If you have any additions to this list, feel free to add them in the comments of the appropriate page.

There are plenty of reasons people want to quit. I know I covered my personal reasons for why I quit smoking weed and they helped me to keep the motivation and desire to quit when I was going through withdrawal.

Why do You Want To Quit?

Add your comments below.   What clarified your decision to quit?

Most people can’t quit because they don’t know what to expect, or don’t have a plan. If you want to be fully prepared and successful when you stop smoking weed, you gotta check out my free book about marijuana withdrawal.  You can grab it on the main How to Quit Smoking Weed page.

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    • Mike K

      I am 56 years old and have smoked weed for over 40 years. Almost every problem I’ve had in my life had been directly related to my using. I didn’t care. I had it all figured out. I am (was) a truck driver and was able to pass every drug test I was given. Probably 30+ tests over the years. That’s a lot of money for fake urine. I had a system and it worked every time. Except the last time. I still didn’t test positive, only because I left before I finished the test. DOT considered that a refusal and just like a positive. Now I had a choice. Quit and try to save my career or say fuck it and stay stoned. I quit about 3 months ago. Cold turkey. Absolutely the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Once my system was clean and I could really pass a drug test I started the assessments required to keep drivimy. The system they have in place is easy to subvert. That’s unfortunate because everyone who does this is not committed to sobriety like I am now. I conned the counsellors into believing that it was all a big mistake. I was really a great guy who made a stupid mistake by walking out of the drug test. I’m going back to work on 2 weeks. Clean and sober. I’ll be subjected to “observed” urine tests for 2 years by DOT regulations. That’s even more reason to stay clean. I still suffer from insomnia but otherwise I feel better than I have in years. I wasted a lot of time and money with my habit. It took a real threat to my livliehood to get me to quit. I only wish I’d have done it 30 years earlier. No…I wish I’d have never started. Weed is not a harmless drug. The legalisation in some states will have a huge negative impact on people. Its a shame. Please. If you want to quit, get some help. Doing it alone was no fun but it was worth it.

      • mmm

        truck driver, i aint no truck driver i am janitor, i bought this truck straight cash, now me and my family have enough cigarettes for the rest of our lives, i am rich biotch! honk honk

    • sunshine

      I want to say thank you for starting this website and everyone who commented who has been in the same position. My life has been a downward spiral for the first 5 years of my adult life. I am a person that bases his personality and pride in my intelligence, and its horrifying to me that I still struggle with breaking from this addiction that Ive entertained these past 5 years.

      I’m 23 years old and ive blown a full ride scholarship to San Francisco state for a thirty year old pot-head mother that I thought I fell in love with, but it turns out ten years is a big difference afterall, and if it wasn’t for me catching onto her smoking habits (ever since ive been the same. Smoke weed like its cigarettes.) I wouldn’t be a 23 year old line cook that’s blown through 4 different apartments and cities and lived at the bottom of the food chain while convincing myself that my chemical dependency is my happiness.

      Ive procrastinated against large parts of my life, accumulated debts as well as burned bridges for foolish reasons, lost myself time and time again, and have been living in a vicious cycle of settling with the repercussions of making easy decisions and basing my career goals on the feasibility of wether or not I can work a job with a hangover. Sure its led to cheapened versions of good times, in between the sea of negativity that I constantly must swim to keep my head bobbing above the surface of sanity.. I have got a lot of thigns I stil want to do with my life.. I still have a story that I want to tell. A life that I want to build. But I still haven’t because I’m constantly keeping myself within these internal states of chemical imbalances, smoking too much too affixedly to the point of obsession and spending every spare minute of my time otherwise trying to make up for when I’m not enjoying the relaxation of doing nothing with my life but getting fucked up (which btw is my only remaining solace).

      I say these things from my heart. I must quit. Its either that or live the rest of my life the way I have been and end up some brain-melted old geaser that repeats the same lessons learned that I recite to pass the time and compensate for my eternal inner wishy-washy state of being in no mood to do any decision making at all.. Lately ive been perusing things like youtube videos and websites such as this one, looking for help to truly quit, and though I haven’t really discovered anything I haven’t already known It has helped me just by listening to similar stories like my own, from similar people that have loved weed and loved being stoners during their lives, a little too much, to the point that they must quit but have difficulty.

      For me.. I just have to change my mind to a different state of understanding, shift the certain mental habits that it takes in order to no escape the same process from repeating, all it takes is doing it for me. I just continue to chose not to do it, I think about how I can do it, assure myself that I’m able, but still chose not to, and there in lies the problem. I’m truly afraid that I never will chose to.. Never lastingly. And shit! This is just weed! Imagine how fucked I would be with anything more good god.. I want to just go to some new place where I am forced to do entirely new things, and have no choice but to quit weed because its not around, thatd be the easiest way to learn new behaviours.. SOmething like the military. But alas. I cant join the military until I quit! And it really is.. Something I struggle with everyday.. And yet I say this, define my understanding of it as arduously and often as I can to reaffirm myself these things, yet.. I’m about to light up a bowl right now. so.

      Some brains just aren’t meant for drugs. And it raises the question for me, what happens when those brains subject themselves into liking them on a competitive level, for years of abuse and psychological regression.. Is there any hope to ever be smart again? lol. To ever be anything more than what I have become? I wonder.. Ill just have to see for myself.

      • TVGUY

        I feel your pain, but me I’m actually the opposite. I’ve smoked weed my entire life since the age of 15. but i did manage to graduate college at age 25 got into my career by the grace of God, and started really living at age 32 .But weed did hold me back I played sports in high school and college, but i never truly took it to that next level because of weed. But your still young 23 is plenty of time! pick up a hobby, I’m getting back into boxing. I know its time for me to quit. If i every get caught copping my life is over. so I cant risk it anymore.God bless you and fight until you made it!

    • Jared Koester

      Hello my name is Jared! I have a real problem on trying to quit smoking weed. My wife is pregnant with our second child and she keeps telling me that I need to quit for her and the kids. It’s very hard to stop when I have been smoking for 15years it’s been part of my every day life for quite sometime now, the hardest part on trying to stop is being off work and want to drink a beer and smoke when I have a couple beers it triggers the craving and makes it even more hard to stop. I just need to find a way to put a game plan together and find some ways to help me stop smoking

      • Heywood

        I feel you friend. My wife is pregnant with our first child n told me to stop or shell put our son up for adoption and leave me. I don’t know why it’s so hard. I try to quit every day but I’m like a land mine, a hair could set me off.

    • PoirierOne

      I’m rather happy that I found this site. Here is my story….
      I’m a 37 year old carpenter, and only parent to a 15 year old son. I started smoking weed sometime in high school… Aged 14 was my first encounter I believe, and by 15-16 much of my daily activities with friends evolved around excessive competitive skateboarding, smoking weed, and “hanging out.”
      I was pressured into skipping grade 8 by my parents because I was a straight A student, star young athlete, blah blah blah lol. I was quite nervous and intimidated but I had two older brothers at the same school so figured I’d be fine. I became a tag-along for my two year older brother, who was now only one grade ahead. When I caught him and a few of our close friends smoking BTs of hash one day, rather than be shocked and appalled, I decided to give it a try and jump into their circle. We we hidden in the woods sitting on rocks in a circle… It was already oddly ritualistic. And then like so many bowls smoked since, all of my dreams, aspirations, goals, ambitions, successes, accomplishments, and everything else positive in my life went up in smoke…. some extremely quickly, while others smoldered, but eventually made me feel so poorly for myself that I would push them out of my mind by smoking more weed.
      During my college years I had a rude awakening. I attended college twice because I was so smart lol. In fact I was so undecided on what to do with my life and lacked even an ounce of direction at that point that I first enrolled for print journalism. I figured I loved writing, and hell, if Hunter S Thompson could be a journalist on the cocktail of hallucinogens and drugs he was on then surely someone as quick witted, clever and intelligent as me could do it. It still makes me laugh. I was so stupid. I took a student loan for nearly ten grand and very quickly dove right in… into my same daily routines that is. It wasn’t long before I was no longer attend ding that course and blaming on the college for not letting me try safer programs two months into the first semester. It really wouldn’t have mattered which program I took.
      After a year or two of the same old, I started having an unsettling problem. Every time I smoked weed I would start having ridiculous anxiety attacks. I would start freaking out thinking I was having a heart attack. It progressively intensified. I became embarrassed around my friends. I knew what the issue was. I wasn’t happy. I was disappointed in myself for not doing more with my life at that point. But then this became my new nightmare because I still actually wanted to smoke weed all the time. So I did. How ridiculous I must have looked to everyone. Hanging out with friends daily and smoking sessions. Then everything I would freak out thinking I was seriously dying and have to go home. Or for an exceptionally long walk. I would spend my entire buzz trying to reassure myself it was just the weed…like Craig (Ice Cube) in the movie Friday lol. I went through this a few times a day sometimes.
      Eventually I had quit. I had no choice or control over the matter. My subconscious mind and paralyzing fear did it for me. I had no withdrawals or anything. I never looked back. I only missed the friends I spent those years getting stoned with. Hell, I think I’ll always miss those guys.
      I wish that was my happy ending…but the farce continues.
      Shortly after stopping my life started improving. I went back to college for business sales, on another loan, and completed my first year. I then met my son’s mother. It was a whirlwind. We were both nuts. I took a job selling cars for Chrysler at the time. I had no idea why the dealership chose me to hire. I didn’t even have a license lol. I’m a bit of a smooth talker though, which is probably what did it.
      Fast forward and the marriage was a grand total of 18 months long, 10 of which I was seeking a divorce order in court and representing myself. Irreconcilable differences lol. Or as I like to say, complete and utter stupidity.
      Shortly after the divorce I left car sales over a difference of opinion with my boss. He was a crook, and I had ethical concerns with him. I don’t when it happened but I met an incredibly attractive and focused woman who I fell head over heels for. She smoked bonus in the evenings. I was eager to try at that point. She reluctantly shared and soon after we began to enjoy evenings together after work with a few puffs and incredible sex. She was ridiculously gorgeous. She began to get concerned about how much I was smoking. I had jumped right back into my old daily habit. But I had just spend 5 years abstaining. I didn’t care.
      This could go on forever it seems. I will sum up the rest….
      I’m now 37, 11 days from my 38th birthday. I’m smoking a graham a day minimum, as well as cigarettes and drinking coffee like I require it to live. I’m always tired, I have no drive or motivation 90% of the time. I am lucky to have a boss as understanding, or possibly patient a few forgiving as mine is. I have been working with him for nearly 7 years now and have missed more than my share of work. He has joked with me before about having more excuses to miss work than he’s ever even heard of someone using. In fact I’m writing this when I should be at work this morning.
      I live with my gf who does not smoke anything and our combined 4 kids. I hide my use very well. My son is aware as I had to have a talk with him when we moved into an apartment our own a few years ago. My gf hates it. She enjoys a glass of wine here and there so I have compared weed smoking to that which can be logical, lol, but she argues that she doesn’t need to drink wine a few times a day and before and after any social event…not to mention sneaking around during such events. And of course she is right. But I continue to smoke… Constantly telling myself it’s the last bad like the guy who also commented here but making no further efforts to curb my usage.
      I wish I could start having anxiety attacks like 15 years ago. Weed has definitely and without a doubt shaped me into the man I am today. The problem is that I’m not happy with the man I am today.

    • Seth Poynter

      Hi there my name is Seth. Ive decided its time to get the clarity back into my life and stop keeping myself stuck in the same spot. I deal with a lot of depression and for years have used pot to help me deal but what im thinking is that i have actually been smoking to deal with my smoking. I have thought about wanting to quit every single day and just kept smoking and I wake up with regret and feel depressed. But I need it to sleep I say and its healthier than benzos, but its not healthy for me if its keeping me depressed and stuck. Day 2 of quitting and Im also going back to AA meetings for support as i wnet to AA for 5 years to help quit booze and opiates and cocaine. Weed should be easy to quit but it isnt, but it is rewarding so far so im gonna stick with it. Very grateful I found this site.

    • Dr. Aftab Uddin

      The best part of quitting weed is restoration of Brain Function:

      You know that THC (main ingredient of cannabis) can acts by binding with cannabinoid receptors which present in certain area of your brain. Following exposure, it start to decrease your memory and learning function (Hippocampus) and inability of fine movement activities (Cerebellum). After quitting weed, you will be able to gain sharp memory and skillful activities in daily work.

    • Bert

      Im 34 smoked since 16. Could’ve been a doctor but settled for a lower medical field due to weed. I have managed to have a good career and have a wife and my child is 1yr old now. I have tried to stop smoking a hundred times but can’t do more than 6 months of being clean. I have a house,car and even rental properties. Son I consider myself successful in that regard (by the grace of God I am blessed and haven’t been caught). However, I consider myself a failure in not being able to stop smoking weed. I thought well I make good money and take care of my family so why stop if I’m successful and functional. The reason I want to stop is for my family, my health and our well being. I have prayed and have faith one day I will stop. I realized one thing though. Marijuana has left me with poor coping skills. Son when I quit and something goes wrong ,I immediately turn to weed. I have to learn how to cope with life’s problems and Boredoms. That is the key to sobriety. And God of course. I pray we all stop smoking in Jesus name Amen.

    • seattle guy

      i quit weed because it didn’t take me any closer to being happy. about three weeks ago. i dont want to feel like dying anymore. i want to sleep regularly. i want to like myself. no matter how much you suffer, weed won’t help you get happier. i cant eat anymore. eating feels tedious and nothing makes me satisfied or happy. i never wake up feeling ok. i want to sleep as soon as i wake up and i want to die. i hope i will get better and be happy. you can do it

    • Kiffen

      I quit weed because it changes my personality.I used to be open to people, have always smiled and worshiped among people. When I started to smoke, I always pulled back and was often alone. This has ensured that I have withdrawn from the public and live my own world. This was the biggest problem.

    • Brian

      Hello, I’m Brian and age 50 and people say I look like I’m in my 30’s, and and not because I used to smoke weed! I was a stoner in high school mainly because I hung with all of the “freaks” and years later I realized everyone in this group had divorced parents or problems at home, like I did. So we obviously felt some kind of unity by smoking in the mornings and at lunch but this kept me from fully applying myself at school, I was often just too tired or stoned. Senior year I realized every older stoner would stay in that town, pick up a menial job, often sell weed and host parties — I wanted to be more than that, the idea appalled me. Plus, these guys seemed kind of creepy, in their late 20’s and dating high school chicks.

      I signed up for the Army, it was the only way out of that town, I didn’t take any AP classes, had no money or idea of how to even get into college, and it was free travel, plus I figured it would get me away from the weed. That worked out well but one thing is for sure — at every new unit there were people in trouble, causing hyjinx, not doing their job, kind of like the guys in that town I was from, and they were the ones who had weed. Go figure? I seriously risked my career by falling into that and I was almost busted a few times — so dumb! After those close calls I decided to stay away from it. I did eight years and then went to a trade school, it was a chance to truly apply myself in class, and I did.

      In the past 20 plus years I’ve delved in here or there but am no pothead. In hindsight, if I hung around my sister, her creepy guys always had weed so I would smoke. When I had an employee who smoked, I did too. It was an “access” thing, the problem is, I didn’t have a respect for the people I had to get it from, they didn’t seem to live up to their own dreams or aspirations, they were disloyal to me, it was impossible to think that weed didn’t somehow play a role in this. It felt creepy.

      When depressed, weed just made it worse, or gave me a reason to blow off the day. As an owner of an incredible business I created when I wasn’t high, it sucks not to get a paycheck or watch business slow because you screwed off productive time by smoking pot. Recreational drugs are just that — for recreation time, not work time. Some people have told me they function best on weed — impossible.

      For those wanting to quit — I highly suggest you start by limiting yourself to it after work when all of your chores are done, you can at least wait that long, or? From there, take a look at your suppliers and friends that smoke and assess if you want to be like them, it’s enlightening. Smoking weed isn’t the worst thing in the world, drinking has more negative health effects and I completely cut that out. But it’s just not right to smoke or drink all day when you should be making a living and taking care of your responsibilities. You owe that much to yourself, your partner, kids, parents, employer, etc. I believe I look younger than I am because I didn’t overdo it, I disciplined myself and it led to success and happiness, it was a lot more rewarding than weed. My old friends look old, and it’s not from just smoking weed, it’s from not applying themselves or taking charge of their own destiny, so I believe. Don’t be like them, now’s your chance.

    • Bret A. Foss

      i found this today and am relieved, I am 43 yrs old, I have been a daily smoker since I was 17. 26 yrs of daily smoking. I started with the wake and bake, lunch time bowls and a couple of joints each night, sometimes it would be alot more, but rarely less. Right up to my late thirties I didnt think it was going to be a problem. I had a run with meth in my tweties that was bad, weed just didnt seem that bad to me. but after 40 things started changing. I have 5 kids always something to do. I found myself unable to finnish projects with them, my shop fell apart and i havnt been out working in it for over two yrs. now. I get up get high( not even an enjoyable anymore, functioning addict type now) go to work, come home and hide in my room the rest of the night getting high. I have allowed my drive to be sapped from me, ignoring my kids and thier needs, I ahve stopped going to functions with lots of people. I am going cold turkey today 6/4/2018, i will be 69 in another 26 yrs. and i want good yrs.

      • B

        I feel the same way. I have missed out on my prime years.
        I hope you were successful!

    • B

      I started using marijuana as a teenager 16 years ago. I can remember telling myself that if I got addicted, I would quit. I was so young and stupid. It only took a matter of months before I was smoking it every day. I knew I was addicted and I did not want to quit because I convinced myself that my addiction was not a problem. I convinced myself that the world was the problem and marijuana was what kept me sane. If anything went wrong, I was the victim and marijuana was the cure. By the time I was 19 I had 2 kids and a girlfriend. I worked at a computer repair store and made good money, I had a car, top end electronics. I had it all but all I wanted was marijuana. My girlfriend (and also the mother of my kids) was completely against marijuana and that caused a lot of our fights. We broke up several times. Every time we started dating again, she and my kids were second to marijuana. I would go see her and all I could think about was going home and getting high. Eventually she found someone else.

      You would think this would be a wake up call. – Nope.
      I used that as an excuse to smoke more marijuana. Losing them started a very long ‘poor me’ phase of my life. I started to grow marijuana. I got very very good at it. So good that anyone who smoked it wanted to buy it. So I started selling what I grew. I made so much money that I quit my job. I used to brag how I made money grows on trees.
      One day I was driving with a friend. I had a freezer bag full of marijuana and we got pulled over. I quickly hid the bag under my seat but forgot I had left my marijuana grinder that had some weed in the cup holder. The cop saw it right away. I told him I used it for medical reasons but he did not care. I was arrested and charged with possession with the purpose to distribute. I was terrified. They wanted to throw me in prison. I went online and read as much as I could about the laws and medical marijuana. Now I am a pretty smart and crafty and as much as I am ashamed to admit, I am good at manipulating situations to get what I want. I went to my doctor and told him I wanted a medical marijuana lisence. I brought information on the benefits of marijuana and used my previous medical history (ptsd) as a reason to use medical marijuana. I even found a release of liability form and signed it. It worked. I presented my new cannabis license to the judge and I was free. She even asked if I wanted my marijuana returned.

      This only made my problems with marijuana worse.
      I was now legally allowed to smoke and grow marijuana anywhere I wanted. Nobody could say anything. This was my medicine and screw you if you don’t like it. I managed to manipulate doctors and the Canadian justice system to smoke myself stupid. That is exactly what happened. I grew and smoked marijuana legally after that for over ten years. 3 years ago I started hearing hearing voices. At the time I didn’t know they were voices. I thought they were my neighbors. The voices would tell me how bad I sucked at guitar when I played music, the voices would call me stupid and say they would kill me. Because of this, I would hate my neighbors and create problems with them. I would hack them, block them from accessing Facebook and ddos their wifi. All because I thought they were saying thing that they were not. Of course this made them retaliate and would only fuel my hatred and smoke more weed. Then my life was ripped apart for real in a way that I will never forget. My mother got very very sick. As she layed in her death bed coming in and out of psychotic delusions caused by her brain eating itself, she looked at me as said “your not still doing THAT are you?” I knew exactly what she meant. That was one of the last things she ever said to me. After she died I thought about how much money she gave to me prior to working for marijuana. She was dying of chrones. She was on social assistance and would give me her last $10 so I could get my weed. I thought about what I put her through because of weed. I still didn’t quit until recently after realizing that I was hearing voices. I am now 35 and I can safely say that marijuana has ruined my life and has taken away time I will never get back with people that I loved. If you are using marijuana and any of this sounds familiar, please PLEASE don’t lose yourself. Please get help. Please stop lying to yourself. Because I promise you will regret it and it will be too late.

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