Woody Harrelson. A lot of people think his name goes hand-in-hand with celebrity pot smoking. For years, he was one of Hollywood’s most proud tokers. He recently stated in an interview, though, that he quit smoking weed.

“I am a party animal… but on the other hand…. I actually stopped smoking pot a year ago.”

What?! Woody Harrelson quit smoking pot? But…. he’s advocated it for so long!

He says that it’s been so long since he’s quit smoking but that to start up again now would be silly. He knows himself, and he knows his vices – and he knows that if he started smoking weed again, he’d be right back to where he was before. A chronic.

Not that he thinks there’s anything wrong with smoking pot. He’s still got his other vices, as well – the man still drinks alcohol.

The point here is that if someone who advocates marijuana as much as Woody Harrelson was able to quit, then you should be able to quit too.

“I feel like it was keeping me emotionally unavailable,” he says. This is something that a lot of pot smokers fail to realize – chronic smoking does affect your emotional state. You may feel content and happy, but there are other emotions that should be addressed that are easy to overlook when you’re cheeched.

A lot of marijuana smokers think that, since so many famous people smoke the herb, that they have no reason to quit. What a lot of them don’t look at is how many famous folk quit smoking marijuana. Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga, Natalie Portman, Paul Mccartney – all these celebrities had  serious pot habits, and all have since renounced them.

Quitting marijuana causes a number of cognitive effects. It’s like a kind of withdrawal, but it’s a lot different than withdrawal from other drugs. It affects your emotions much more than your body.

  • You may become anxious after quitting weed, but this can be worked through. It can be a surprise to return to life without marijuana as a crutch.
  • Many folks find it difficult to cope with the return of intense emotions. A lot of people find their emotions slightly numbed when smoking copious amounts of marijuana.
  • They experience slight changes in perception that differ from what they’re used to when smoking weed on the daily.

These things might sound tough to deal with, but they’re really just a part of dealing with normal life. The withdrawal is basically a readjustment period. You’re returning to the way you felt before smoking marijuana on the regular.

If someone with a chronic habit that spanned multiple decades can quit smoking weed without anybody in the media taking notice, then I’m sure you can do it too. Life is still beautiful when viewed through a clear lens – and this is what all these celebrities came to realize.


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    • Mitzie Anderson

      I am so proud of you Mr. Woody Harrelson.i am 58 been smoking since i was 14 yrs old off & on. But am going you take your advice.Thank you so much. Because like they say if woody can stop the world can Stop lol.

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