The 180 Benefits of Quitting Weed

Use the 180 to Turn Your Life Around 🙂

The 180 of Best Reasons to Quit Smoking Weed

Do a 180 and turn your life around

Here's a list of reasons WHY to quit so you can keep your motivation up.

I highly recommend you create your own list of reasons and write them down.  In fact, it's one of the first steps you should take to learn how to quit smoking weed.

When you are consuming a lot of THC, low motivation and short term memory can make it harder to stick to you goal and do the work you need to do to improve your situation.

Instead of thinking about where you’re going wrong, and instead of beating yourself up for smoking pot, take a different approach. Think about all the awesome things that you’ll experience once you quit smoking weed.

Quitting marijuana can be life changing, but there’s no sense in being hard on yourself just because you are a smoker right now. Consider of all the different areas in your life that marijuana has affected, and then visualize a future where you feel the benefits of quitting.

Cognitive function

Marijuana’s widely known for having a negative effect on people's ability to think. Whether you’re enrolled in high school, in college, working, or even if you’re between jobs, you’ll find that once you quit smoking weed, your brain will begin to clear up. Here’s a few of the most important things you’ll notice regarding your intelligence.

  1. You’ll be able to think more  clearly and with more intent
  2. Your mental dexterity will increase
  3. You’ll become more articulate, both verbally and mentally
  4. Your working and spatial memory will improve
  5. You’ll develop confidence to try new things
  6. You’ll be able to learn things more effectively
  7. You’ll become a safer driver and be less paranoid when you're on the road
  8. You’ll be able to finish any task you set your mind to
  9. You’ll be able to focus better when studying
  10. Your ‘mental game’ will be more on-point

Better Physical health

Smoking weed can be pretty taxing on your physical health. It doesn’t take a genius - stoned or not - to know that inhaling tar of any sort is bad for you.

It blocks up your lungs, which prevents oxygen from being transported efficiently through your body, which can cause an endless number of issues. After quitting marijuana, you’ll start to notice some of these things right away.

Considering what we've learned about vaping and the dangers to the lungs.   Weed isn't as researched as tobacco.  Expect more downsides to be exposed.


  1. You’ll be able to breathe better
  2. You’ll have a heck of a lot more energy on a daily basis.  No Burnout!
  3. You won't have weight gain from the munchies
  4. You won’t need as much sleep anymore
  5. The sleep that you do get will be much deeper and of higher quality
  6. You’ll be able to exercise more
  7. You’ll develop healthier eating and exercise habits
  8. Your eyes will be clear and moist, not red and dry
  9. It will become easier to get out of bed in the mornings

20.. You’ll be able to smell things better

  1. You’ll find your muscle tone increases easier
  2. Pulmonary issues like bronchitis and asthma will decrease in frequency
  3. Your immune system will improve and you’ll get sick less often
  4. You’ll be able to better control your physical health and diet
  5. Those mystery pains in your chest will subside
  6. You won’t have to worry about catching cold or sharing germs from exchanging pipes or joints
  7. You’ll lose any extra pounds that you put on from having the munchies
  8. You’ll be able to put on healthy weight by going to work out without burning out
  9. Your eyesight will likely improve
  10. You’ll be able to go out in the sun without feeling like you need sunglasses

Fewer Financial issues - More Money!

Smoking weed can get expensive, especially for people who smoke a lot of weed. I know some people who smoke a half ounce a day. Depending on their sources, this can run them over a hundred bucks a day. It’s a wonder anyone smoking that much weed can still find the time to make enough money to buy it! Even if you don’t smoke that much weed, your financial situation will  still get better once you stop completely.


  1. You’ll be able to perform better at work and might get promoted easier
  2. Performing better at work means that office workers will have less homework

33, You’ll not only perform better, but will enjoy work more than you did when you were burnt out; you’ll laugh, smile and converse more with your coworkers

34, You’ll be able to treat yourself and others to extra things

  1. It becomes much easier to save money
  2. The money that you spend will actually go back into your community instead of your drug dealer’s pocket
  3. There won’t be any more counting spare change to make money for a joint
  4. You won’t have to search the floor and the couch cracks to buy weed
  5. Purchases you make won’t be weighed on whether or not you can afford weed afterwards
  6. You won’t be spending money on lighters, eye drops, rolling papers - it all adds up!

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Social interactions

Social interaction is a huge part of human life. Even the most introverted people have to interact with people on a fairly regular basis, and smoking marijuana can affect these interactions in a negative way. Once you quit smoking weed, you’ll notice huge improvements in your social skills and in the situations you put yourself in, and you’ll find your relationships will get stronger and last longer.

  1. You’ll develop better, more genuine interactions with people
  2. Your wittiness will return and be much more on-point
  3. You can relate easier to people on a deeper level
  4. It will become easier to listen to people speak and truly hear what they’re saying
  5. It will become easier for you to get your point across
  6. People will begin to see you as a strong and emotionally mature individual
  7. It’ll become easier to stand up for yourself after accomplishing something like this
  8. You’ll find it easier to express gratitude and likely feel grateful more often
  9. You’ll no longer have to deal with being labeled a stoner
  10. You won’t have to worry about how red your eyes are any more
  11. You ability to improvise socially will improve
  12. You’ll become a more trustworthy person once you’re sober
  13. Even if you were honest as a stoner, you’ll now be recognized as honest by more people
  14. You can be an inspiration to others who are struggling to quit smoking marijuana
  15. Relationships with friends, lovers and family will become more vibrant
  16. Much like a ‘contact high,’ folk around you might feel a ‘contact accomplishment’ from your excitement after going sober
  17. You’ll be more excited and less afraid to share personal creations like poetry
  18. You’ll be able to consistently inspire others
  19. A more natural sense of humour will emerge
  20. You’ll be able to better control your responses to people
  21. You’ll be able to be confident in displaying emotion instead of resorting to apathy
  22. You can leave the house without having to make sure you have your weed and pipes
  23. Developing genuine, heartfelt responses will become easier
  24. You might become more comfortable asking others for help
  25. You may develop a better sense of humility
  26. You’ll be more present for your friends, family, and partner
  27. Your social confidence will increase
  28. You’ll be less afraid of stepping out of your social comfort zone
  29. You’ll be more able to follow a conversation without tripping over your words
  30. Managing the highs and lows of life without drugs will teach you how to help others manage their problems
  31. For those who find that marijuana makes them anxious, this will no longer be a problem
  32. Your friendships will now be based on mutual interests instead of drug use
  33. If you have children, you’ll be more able to interact with them without worrying about burning out
  34. You’ll be more motivated to improve as a mother or father on a consistent basis
  35. You can work on relationships with non-smokers instead of anxiously awaiting the moment you can leave to go smoke
  36. It’ll be easier to truly fift in as a team member in group activities or projects
  37. You won’t have to hide the smell of marijuana from your friends, family or peers
  38. Your philosophies, when developed sober, can make sense to non-stoners
  39. Eye contact will be easier to make, especially with strangers
  40. You’ll no longer have to worry about whether or not new people smoke or approve of smoking

Emotional health

Smoking marijuana - or anything, really - causes a huge number of emotional changes. It’s hard to tell when these changes occur, since the process is generally gradual and most pot smokers don’t even realize that their emotional state is different than before they started smoking pot. This can make it difficult to appreciate these benefits until after you’ve stopped smoking, but rest assured, these are some of the benefits that will impact your daily life the most.


  1. Your ability to improvise with creative tasks will greatly improve
  2. You’ll begin to recall memories that you may have forgotten about
  3. You’ll find yourself less depressed, and more able to work through whatever causes your depression
  4. The past few hours will cease to be a haze, and the future will become more important
  5. You’ll become aware of what it feels like to make progress, which will make it easier to continue doing so
  6. There will be no more panic sessions when you run out of the green
  7. You’ll be eager to try new things that may not have appealed to you before
  8. You will no longer crave marijuana when you’re stressed or unhappy
  9. You can develop better connections with your partner
  10. The feeling of joy will come naturally instead of being inhaled
  11. You’ll develop a stronger sense of self-respect
  12. There’s no longer going to be a mental burnout lurking around every hour
  13. You’ll become more patient
  14. The present moment will be easier to seize and take advantage of
  15. Your positive feelings towards other people will take on new vigor
  16. The first few months of feeling emotions you haven’t felt in ages will be incredible
  17. Separating natural emotions from those induced by drugs gives you a feeling of clarity and control
  18. You’ll be able to easily forgive yourself for other mistakes after overcoming addiction
  19. You’ll be better able to understand others struggling with addiction
  20. Your sense of apathy could turn into a sense of empathy
  21. Following your recovery, you’ll likely want to become a better person in other ways
  22. Being dedicated to personal growth also inspires you to help other people grow
  23. Stressful situations will now inspire you to find a long-lasting alternative to eliminate stress
  24. You’ll no longer have to constantly worry about when you’ll be able to quit smoking
  25. You’ll develop a sense of optimism that isn’t dependent on your ability to smoke weed
  26. You can develop mature and long-lasting coping mechanisms
  27. You might find it easier to release material things that don’t benefit you
  28. You’ll become less angry or irritable compared to the times when you’re burnt out
  29. You’ll be able to transition between moods more easily
  30. Communicating your feelings to others will become easier and more natural
  31. The next chapter of your life can finally unfold
  32. You can once again feel in control of mind
  33. You can work through stress easier, and more effectively
  34. Simple pleasures will become more enjoyable
  35. You’ll find more motivation to enjoy life without the need for marijuana
  36. Your neural networks will begin to re-establish themselves
  37. You’ll be more excited to greet the sunshine in the morning
  38. Natural things, like trees and birds singing, will be able to charge you like marijuana did
  39. You will be better able to control your emotional responses
  40. You can open solid, long lasting connections to the spirit world as a sober person that aren’t dependent on your ability to smoke weed
  41. You will become confident enough to be ‘alternative’ in ways besides using drugs
  42. If weed makes you paranoid, you won’t have to deal with this anymore
  43. You’ll no longer need to worry about whether or not someone thinks you’re stoned
  44. You can develop a feeling of wholeness that’s not dependant on external input
  45. There will no longer be feelings of guilt associated with smoking weed
  46. Those who find marijuana gave them panic attacks won’t need to worry about this anymore
  47. There’s no longer an imposed time limit on how long you can feel good for
  48. You’ll become more independent once you’re not reliant on a substance
  49. Your relationship with yourself will become more honest, which is  integral to your personal growth

Community and Legal issues

benefits of quitting - legal issues header

The most dangerous part of being a chronic isn’t really the health issues associated with smoking weed. Smoking weed carries the risk of doing serious damage to your future or the futures of those that you love, through criminal charges, judgment, probation, job loss and all sorts of other things. These are some of the most prominent legal benefits that you’ll reap once you quit smoking pot.

  1. You won’t have to worry about hiding your usage from your family
  2. There will be no worry about being arrested for marijuana related offenses
  3. You can travel without worrying about getting busted for a leaflet of weed being stuck in your shoe
  4. You’ll be able to go take classes in public without worrying about what people are thinking
  5. You can clear the negative image of being a stoner from the eyes of your community
  6. You’ll be more easily accepted into public activities
  7. There will be no reason to fear whether or not your clothes smell like weed when talking to authority
  8. Interactions with police will no longer give you a reason to be afraid
  9. You can buy candy in the grocery store without people laughing at you
  10. You’ll no longer feel like people are making fun of you on the street
  11. You won’t have to waste time waiting for your pot dealer

142, You’re no longer contributing to criminal activity

  1. There’s no more sense of paranoia when someone makes an unexpected stop at your house
  2. You’ll be consuming less resources (electricity if you grow weed, lighters, papers, etc.)
  3. You won’t be risking your future by risking getting a criminal charge
  4. You’ll no longer be associating with a crowd that’s more likely to be targeted by authorities


Personal life

Marijuana abusers have very different personal lives than those who don’t smoke marijuana at all. Since they’re living in a haze, constantly smothered in a cloud of smoke, serious potheads often have difficulty performing as well at certain things than sober individuals do. These are some improvements you’ll notice at home, at school, or even just in your free time, once you quit smoking weed.


  1. You’ll have more free time and the motivation to use it.
  2. You won’t be enslaved by the necessity to find marijuana
  3. The smell of breath will improve
  4. You can pick up new skills and actually remember them
  5. You’ll be able to quickly memorize tricks and tactics for your favourite games or hobbies
  6. There’s no more worrying about where and when you should be somewhere
  7. During a crisis, you’ll be able to react quickly and effectively
  8. Your newly developed optimism and confidence will spread to the people in your life

155.You’ll no longer spend time dealing with shady dealers

  1. Your living space will become a lot cleaner
  2. It’ll be easier to organize not only your personal possessions, but your thoughts as well
  3. You can start to dream again, and will likely have to most vivid and awesome dreams you’ve ever had
  4. You’ll have more energy to get out and go on adventures
  5. You’ll reach a state of lucidity that’s genuine and more beneficial than while you were stoned
  6. You might start using all the things you bought because they were cool when you were stoned and quickly forgot about
  7. You’ll be able to explore the world and actually remember the nooks and crannies
  8. Your self-esteem will greatly improve
  9. There won’t be any more hours spent staring into a fridge that you know is empty
  10. You won’t wake up thinking you have food only to find out that you ate it all in a stoned blitz
  11. It’ll be a lot easier to actually follow through with what you say you’re going to do
  12. There will be a lot less stress about health issues that may not be real
  13. Your house won’t smell like smoke anymore
  14. You won’t constantly need to check the time to see when you can get high
  15. There’s no more changing bong water and carrying that smell around with you
  16. You won’t have to skip class anymore to go get stoned
  17. Your education will progress at a much healthier pace
  18. You could start reading all the books you bought when you were stoned and never got around to
  19. Your speaking voice will become clearer
  20. Problems will cease to be simple irritations and can now be obstacles to overcome
  21. Your singing voice will improve; you’ll be able to hit notes easier
  22. You’ll find more love, and a more natural kind of love, in your life
  23. You’ll find yourself communicating more often with the people in your life
  24. You’ll rediscover parts of your personality that you might have fallen out of touch with
  25. You’ll look a heck of a lot better rested
  26. You won’t have to worry about your clothes smelling like smoke

Timeline of Benefits of Quitting Weed

Everyone is different in how they respond to weed and how they respond to quitting.   The Truth about Marijuana Withdrawal book gives a great timeline on getting through the withdrawal phase.

The acute phase of withdrawal is in the range of 7 days to 30 days.   You'll start to see benefits in your physical health almost immediately.    Some people find quitting stressful, so don't be surprised if you get a little sick or develop a cough.   Your body knows how to heal itself when you remove the smoke.

Physical, Financial and Community benefits start to stack up as soon as you quit.    Emotional, psychological, and relationship benefits sometimes take a little longer.  Sometimes during withdrawal, you will be more moody, more stressed and anxious than before you quit, but after 30 days, you will start to see improvements.

Sometimes the improvements aren't noticeable if you are looking every day, but when you compare yourself to how you felt 30 days ago, 60 days ago, and a year ago, the differences are very obvious.  The longer the timeline, the more obvious the benefits.   The benefits stack up on each other and magnify each other.   The sooner you quit, the sooner you'll be enjoying the benefits in this list and moving along the timeline.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it. 180 awesome reasons to quit smoking marijuana. This list was compiled over the years by people who once struggled with a marijuana problem much like you might.    There are so many benefits to quitting.  I hope this helps you have found some of yours.

Updated 07/9/2020

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