How to Stop Smoking Weed and Crush Your Withdrawal Symptoms

If you think you need to quit smoking do!..and I am here to help you.

Don't worry...this isn't a lecture. It's just that I know the pain and frustration of being addicted to weed and the struggle to quit.

In fact, I spent nearly 10 years of my life, if you could call it one, baked morning, noon and night. I smoked just to get to sleep....only to wake up and do it all over again. I was seriously stuck.

...QuitMarijuana.Org is the only place with the proven tools, training and social support to help you kick weed to the curb and dramatically improve your life"

July 02, 2020

Fact: Marijuana Addiction Can Happen To Anyone...

It's not your fault and you're not alone... I've helped 1000's of people regardless of age, race, gender, social or educational status quit weed and get on with their lives.

And I will tell you right now...Yes, you can stop your weed addiction in its tracks...even if you have tried many times before, and I will show you exactly how to do it.

But first I want to share with you....

My Personal Marijuana Addiction Journey

It seemed pretty innocent at first...Didn't it? Getting high felt amazing. The lights were brighter. Laughter was contagious. Music sounded heavenly.

But so slowly, so gradually that I didn't notice, I wasn't getting high anymore. I was barely getting by.

I became more reclusive and anti-social. Friends disappeared, opportunity passed me by. Quicksand, I sunk into the deep, dark pit of dependence...and stayed there for years.

Deep in my heart, I knew I couldn't keep living in a haze. I Had to Quit...NO MATTER WHAT....

But I couldn't find any REAL information on marijuana addiction.

Nobody even thought it was addictive...and withdrawal symptoms were a myth...So I dedicated my life to researching marijuana addiction and quitting.....

And It worked...I cracked the code on how to quit weed, survive withdrawal and never go back.

I was my old self again...and my confidence and self-esteem skyrocketed once weed was out of my system and out my life.

And honestly, If I hadn't taken drastic action to quit marijuana, I wouldn't have got unstuck, got promoted, got married and got on with living the life I wanted.

Now... I'm achieving my goals....And My #1 goal is to continue to help the people who really want to quit.

I really meant it when I said you are not alone... because I became overwhelmed with emails and simply couldn't keep up with all of the requests for help on an individual basis....

and some of the people I helped told me to write a book of my proven I dug through my 7 years of research and  put together a course for people who wanted to quit....something that provided every last one of the strategies and techniques that ACTUALLY WORK in one place...

Do You Want To:

  • Get Your Mind and Memory Back. No more brain fog, slow mornings, and needing to get high to feel normal.
  • Find freedom the paranoia, anxiety and fear of reeking like weed, looking stoned in public, or getting busted by the cops
  • Breath better with cleaner lungs and less mucus congestion
  • Live your true values and vision for yourself
  • Save thousands of dollars to spend on hobbies, activities and life goals that REALLY matter
  • Have Better relationships with your partner, friends and family you love. Be completely present.

The Quit Marijuana Action Plan is A System....A system that allows anybody to quit weed instead of running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

The system will teach you to quit....but it will also teach you how to get what you want in life....That is what this is all about.

The Quit Marijuana Action Plan will teach you how to quit smoking weed with a comprehensive No B.S. process that works every time.

The Quit Marijuana Action Plan will Teach You EXACTLY How To:

  • Harness today's most powerful and proven strategies, to not just quit, but never go back
  • Get started immediately even if you are totally lost and overwhelmed
  • The smartest way to scrub your brain to reduce and eliminate marijuana cravings
  • Prepare for and Overcome Withdrawal naturally and easily
  • Uncover and permanently defeat your triggers and temptations for weed
  • Deal with family, friends and toxic people who will try to drag you down
  • How to conquer insomnia and get to sleep without smoking weed
  • The single most important secret for quitting marijuana. Violating this rule is the most common cause of failure.
  • Follow a step-by-step system to get through the first 24 hours, first week and first month

Bottom Line:  The Quit Marijuana Action Plan is designed to make quitting as SIMPLE and PAIN-FREE as possible.

Don't just take my word for it...

Introducing: The Quit Marijuana Action Plan

Here's What People Say About The Quit Marijuana Action Plan

ianquitjpgSmoking weed gave me a false sense of happiness, when you smoke you think it improves your life but it truly does not.

When you quit you go through the "emotional rollercoaster" that includes paranoia depression, anger, sadness, amongst many other things.

John from quitmarijuana has been there for me thru every step with support, knowledge and tips and tricks to help me stay strong and keep peace of mind.

I could not have done it without his and my fiances support, but with them it has been an easy ride on the roller coaster. I would recommend him and his program to anyone that's trying to quit anything.   Thank you

--Ian, United Kingdom

Here's What You Get in the Quit Marijuana Action Plan

The Quit Marijuana Action Plan is an interactive program that includes lessons, videos, and exercises that guide you through the entire process of quitting.

It's the blueprint for quitting weed as simple as possible. 

No more failure, no more guilt, no more saying your going to finally quit then smoking again in the same day.

Follow the Steps and You will be on Quitting Auto-Pilot!


The Quit Marijuana Action Plan
Step by Step Blueprint

  • How To Start Instantly by Getting Your Head in The Right Space
  • Know Your Enemy - What Your Dealer Doesn't Disclose
  • The 3 Why'smen - Why You Smoke, Why You're Quitting, Why You'll Succeed
  • Mastering Marijuana Mind Control - Turn off Triggers and Kill Cravings
  • Ready, Set, Go - Putting Your Plan in Place
  • The Withdrawal Guide - How To Avoid and Overcome Weed Withdrawal and Why Detox is BS.
  • Quit Day to Day 30 - How to Breeze Through the First 30 Days
  • Bumps and Setbacks - Spot problems like a hawk so you stay quit forever.

I Know You Can Do It!....

...And there is truly NOTHING better than looking back and seeing how far you have come.   But you need to start somewhere.  And you need to start today.

I wasted too much time of MY life...I don't want you to do the same to yours

Don't let another day go by.    Because Days turn into months, months turn into years, and  you don't want to be where you are today a year from now...



Your Satisfaction is More Than A Guarantee...It's a Promise

If you aren’t completely satisfied with The Quit Marijuana Action Plan and your Membership to QuitMarijuana.Org I will give your money back with No Hassles up to 30 days from the date of purchase.

I am committed to helping you quit smoking weed and providing the best resources available so that you can quit weed.

No Hassles, No Worries!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


The Quit Marijuana Action Plan Is The Solution To Ending Your Marijuana Addiction

  • All 8 Modules of The Quit Marijuana Action Plan
  • Lifetime Updates at QuitMarijuana.Org
  • Exlusive Access to Members Only Forum and Content
  • 30 Days of Personal Email Coaching
  • Instant Access to all of the above

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This site is awesome. It helps so much to hear about what works.

Day 25 for me. I'm loving have my head out of the clouds for once, I'm gaining confidence in myself in every aspect of my life.

Now the days are starting to zip by again. Weed will only control you if you let it. I do whatever it takes.

--Arjun, Toronto Canada


Founder of QuitMarijuana.Org

P.P.S.  I believe that the Quit Marijuana Action Plan will make a huge difference in your life.   Albert Einstein said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

Even If you are struggling, even if you have failed to quit before, try something new that's proven and guaranteed to work.  I want you to help you live the life you want by making quitting weed as simple as possible.

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It may not be physically addictive but it certainly does take over your life if you let it.

I have been free of it for 53 days and I see a difference in my attitude and health. ..Smoked it all day everyday for 7 years.

Failing drug test when you really need a job makes you feel like a looser and makes you want to smoke to forget about it.

I have been around someone else smoking it twice and really did not even want to do it and realized how it makes you dumb.

Its been nice socializing and getting out of my own head and actually having a nice life and being a productive person again.

I have not thought about smoking in at least 35 days. Thanks for the outlet.

--@TexiCali, Texas

Hi John, Guess what??

I quit cold turkey and have never felt better. I realised it was my time as I am 63 yrs old with much of my previous life in a paranoid daze isolating myself from all who loved me out of guilt and self loathing.

As you age memories are very important and I realised the last few years I had none, very scary.

The key to quiting is not to give up on trying . I can honoustly say this is it for me as time is precious and not to be wasted.

My friends are coming back as well as my relatives that I had ignored for most of my life.

I started smoking at 15 yrs so there is a lot to catch up on. Life is wonderful!!!

To move out of your comfort zone is liberating.  My only regret is that it took so long for me to understand this reality. I feel reborn and energised and ready to take on life as it is a blessing.

I am quite successful in many ways materially but that pales in comparison to how one can feel inside when you have conquered!! Having your support has meant more than you probably realise.

Feel free to use my testimony and if it can help others to realise their potential, all the better! If we continue to do the same things, we get the same result . It's a simple rule but if one opens oneself to change, an amazing outcome is inevitable.

--Des, Australia

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I understand that If I am not completely satisfied with the Quit Marijuana Action Plan and my QuitMarijuana.Org membership I’ve got 30 days to get my money back 100% Risk Free.