Using Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Weed

How Hypnosis Can help you Quit Weed

Once you'vSelf Hypnosise decided you want to overcome your addiction to weed, you are already halfway there. You are now out of the state of denial and the next big goal becomes persistence.

How do you implement a stop smoking weed plan and more importantly how do you stay hooked up to the quitting plan? If you are committed to fight the dependence with all your heart, hypnosis can help you quit smoking weed.

What is it like Being Hypnotized?

Hypnosis is a fascinating phenomenon. However, the reality of it is different from what you see in the  movies. The practitioner doesn’t lead you into a semi-sleep state where “your eye-lids are heavy” and you are staring at a chained ball and responding to the hypnotist commands mindlessly...

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking WeedWhen you are hypnotized, you are hyper attentive and have absolute control over your free will.

Through hypnosis, you get in touch with the highly focused state of your mind and creates a trigger for the change to occur in your body. It works like a trance and in a hypnotic state, your attention span is vastly narrowed down to a selective realm.

You give control to the practitioner to only lead or guide you so that you both can work collectively for the desired change. This is done by altering the thought, feeling and behavioral processes around weed.

Unlike in movies, the reality is far more different as you are not sleeping but are rather relaxed and your focus is heightened to a specifically help you work on quitting, much similar to losing yourself in a pleasant activity like reading a book or watching a movie.

At any given time during hypnosis, you are completely aware of your present state, active and responsive. You escape from your surrounding because you are not giving it attention....

You don’t obey the hypnotist, you listen and direct your mind. You are conscious and you can back out if you are willing to stop the process.   This is why self-hypnosis works so well.  You are in control.

Will Hypnosis Help Me Stop Smoking Weed?

marijuana hypnosis spiralHypnosis has opened countless possibilities for healing as it has been essentially used to counter chronic pain, anxiety, depression and various habit disorders and it can work to help you

quit weed and reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Hypnosis has remained a controversial topic for clinical researchers as a technique to overcome addiction. The heated debate is now coming to an end as major psychological societies are accepting hypnosis as a practical and result oriented technique to fight addiction.

Needless to say, there are various factors that affect the efficiency of any process and hypnotism is not any different. The most important aspect, not to be overlooked at any cost, is the expertise of the practitioner. Some experts say it doesn’t work all the time, but you can’t completely ignore it.

Will it Work For Me?

Hypnosis is not magic. You don’t walk in as a pot-head and walk out as completed 'cured'. Though, it doesn’t require physical effort, it doesn’t mean you’ll get the reward just by being there.

Hypnosis can do wonders for you if you have a commitment to change, you are willing to adapt and change, and your own perception of hypnosis working is positive

The input required for hypnosis is mental responsiveness to the hypnotherapist’s commands. You also need a good imagination, preferably a vivid one, to lose yourself and realize the subconscious state of the mind.

Your imagination is linked with emotions so if you imagine something you consider as depressing, then you’ll feel depressed. Likewise, if you imagine something that triggers positive emotions, you’ll feel good.

Quitelevitation hypnosis simply, hypnosis directly attacks your temptation to smoke weed, which lessens you desire, making it easier to resist the call to smoke, consequentially freeing you you’re your addiction.

While hypnosis alters both the intensity and frequency of the desire to smoke weed, the desire is still there and it may pop up at the most unusual times. Like anything, dedication is a prerequisite for hypnosis to work.

Research conducted by psychology professor Ray Williams at Pennsylvania State University suggests that Hypnosis elevates emotional sensitivity to the pain of withdrawal.  Additionally, hypnosis also counters the physical sensation of withdrawal such as nausea and its associated discomfort.

Hypnosis helps you control and eliminate the urge to smoke weed and addresses craving. This is done by controlling the mental triggers that causes the addiction without any physical effort.  It's not a magic bullet, but using Hypnosis is very useful.

A Sample Hypnosis Session for Quitting Weed

What do you think?

Leave your comments below and let me know what you think about using hypnosis to quit.   Would you like to see more hypnosis sessions?


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