Quitting Weed Around Friends That Still Smoke

What happens when my friends smoke weed but I don't?

Relationships Change

One of the most difficult things someone who quits marijuana goes through is how friends and friendships change with people who still smoke weed. As someone who has quit marijuana, I know the difficulty of this situation and have some advice. Knowing how to manage your relationships when you first quit marijuana will make the quitting process easier.

We all know that people who smoke tend to hang out with people who smoke. Non-smokers hang out with non smokers. If you want to quit smoking pot, and all of your friend still smoke, it almost feels like you’re not just quitting marijuana, you are also leaving your friendships behind…

Don’t worry. That isn’t always the case. What I found is that real friendships that go beyond marijuana are maintained. While the friendships that are mostly on weed may not be as strong once you quit.

Knowing Who Your Friends Are

When you tell your friends that you quit, you will quickly learn who your close friends are. The people that care about you will support you in your goal, even if they tease you about it. Some of the people that smoke will try to discourage you from quitting. They may even try to sabotage your goal. They do this because the more people that they know that smoke pot, the more comfortable they feel with their own problem. One of the reasons that I started smoking weed was because it was an easy way to make friends with people. There is an instant bond that is created when you smoke with someone. Now that I’ve quit, I am more social and have no issues meeting people. One thing I have found is that it is very difficult to hang around my friends that still smoke marijuana when they are high. We all make our own decisions. I have no problem with my friend who smoke weed, but that when they are high and I am not, we are on different levels.

Watch for Predators!

There are some people who are are going to try to bring you down.   Some do it on purpose, and some do it subconsciously.  You succeeding make them feels like they fail.   When I quit, there were only a couple people who were egging me on to keep smoking.   One of the dealers I knew kept calling me and even offering me free weed.  In the beginning, I think he figured I found a different hookup, but after some consistency, he dropped it.  Funny enough, because we had plenty in common without weed, he was a guy that I kept in touch with after I quit.

Dating / Relationship Management Tips For Quitting Weed

If you are in a relationship, explain to your partner that you will need both support and space for a while. Plan for all of the extra time you’ll have it in the first couple of weeks when you quit smoking, particularly if you don’t plan to hang out with your friends who smoke. Find something to fill in the time. If you do not, you’ll become bored and marijuana will be that much more tempting to you. If you are worried that you will succumb to temptation, don’t put yourself around marijuana smokers. It doesn’t mean you’re ending the friendship forever, but just not exposing yourself to risk.   Let your partner know that you may be a little crabby, moody, depressed, angry…who knows!  If you know how you would like to be supported, share that with them too!

3 responses to “Quitting Weed Around Friends That Still Smoke”

  1. Hi John

    You are so right ,
    I stopped smoking weed about 3 years ago and the gap between me and my friends just keep growing more and more .

    I just feel socially isolated when I’m with them .
    I do not think they do it on purpose , But its very rude .
    Still , The coin have 2 sides , I’m not innocent because at the time i stopped i kinda got away from my friends .

    The few times that i have opportunity and we met i still do not found a shared conversation topic with them
    like there is any block that prevent us to communicating in a real way .

    I am glad of the decision that i took 3 years ago , It made me more mature , more responsible and gave me the knowledge to look at things in a more “healthier ” perspective


  2. If you quit they will quit you. They will want you back on it as it’s spiritual warfare. Weed is a long known pagan occult weapon. (Secret) satin knows that when your high your not low and humble requirement to know God. Weed is satins main tool hence all the rubbish facts about it. When you quit the unseen spirits will set up circumstances thru his people to.entice you.

  3. James can you tell me more? I have been trying to get past it please tell me what to read. I made the switch to CBD and lost all my friends who smoke. Even my childhood friends. Now that I am satisfied with something legal, and that I quit cigarettes, my only friends are on my PS4. What can I learn that I didn’t want to know about weed? 3 months no tobacco my lungs feel so much better thank God. Email me magnumti81@yahoo.com

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