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For over 7 years, We've helped more than 10,000 people quit marijuana.

  • Are you sick of your marijuana habit ruining your day-to-day life?
  • Are you broke because you spend all of your time and money smoking weed?
  • Do you want to quit smoking weed easily and without massive withdrawals?

I can help!  My name is John Mckee, and I have been helping people from all walks of life take the steps they need to quit smoking marijuana and more fulfilling, less stressful lives.   I've taken all of my research, lessons learned, tips and advice and created an online course and community that can help you quit marijuana forever.

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What I once thought was an impossibility, is slowly, but steadily, becoming a reality. Your articles, words of encouragement, have put me on the path to recovery, and has made a difference in my life in a relatively short period of time. I've been weed-free since just after Thanksgiving of last year, and I can honestly tell you, I'm feeling the difference in my mind, body, and wallet! You have encouraged, and inspired me to all I can be, and I thank you so much for being a blessing in my life.

- Vincent, Quit Marijuana Member

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