Marijuana Addiction Test for Smokers

Are you worried about your marijuana use?   Then take this marijuana addiction test to you see if you have a problem.

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About Our Weed Addiction Test

The weed addiction quiz was made to see if weed is a problem for you.  

First, the questions ask about how your weed use effects things like:

  • •self-worth
  • •productivity
  • •motivation
  • •work & money
  • •health
  • •memory
  • •legal issues
  • •friends & family

If you keep smoking weed when it causes problems, then it is a sign of addiction.

After you finish the quiz you will see a results page. It will tell you if you are a casual, at-risk, or problematic marijuana user.   In addition, you will get free resources that can help.

Finally, Please note that this test is not a substitute for professional advice, therapy or counseling.  It was made from the Marijuana Problem Scale: