You May Be A Casual Marijuana User

Should you be concerned?   What steps can you take to keep this problem from getting worse?

Disclaimer: Our quiz is an informal screening tool. It’s not here to diagnose a disorder. For a complete assessment, please seek the support of a professional.

Thank you for taking this quiz.

My name is John Mckee and I’m the founder of QuitMarijuana.Org.

I understand how you feel because I was once heavily addicted to smoking weed.

My addiction caused me to drop out of university and while my friends were pursuing their dreams, I was stuck in a numb haze for over 7 years.

This story might sound familiar, but it does have a happy ending and it's been over ten years since I've smoked weed.

Since overcoming my addiction, I have been working with thousands of weed smokers to help them and family members of weed smokers overcome it as well.

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Should You Be Concerned?

Your score did not meet criteria for a severe marijuana problem. You may be smoking weed regularly, but generally,  your life isn't negatively impacted by marijuana. You may consider your marijuana use as a recreational hobby, but you’re not sacrificing your life to get high.

Your marijuana use doesn't prevent you from completing your daily responsibilities, whether that’s chores, food preparation or other basic living tasks you may have, or attending work or school .

You  are probably present in your relationships with friends and family, have a variety of interests, goals, other hobbies and take care of your basic needs (sleep, diet, personal hygiene).

You may have cravings to smoke more…. being anxious or angry when you can’t smoke is a rare occurrence.  Your weed use isn’t impacting your day-to-day ability to be a normal human being. You may feel like you are not reaching your full potential, but as long you keep your weed use in control it's not have significant negative consequences right now.

Look Out For These Warning Signs

If the description above seems accurate than be mindful to watch out for the following warning signs:

Prevent Problems with Your Marijuana Use

I want to gift you a couple resources …

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2. Click here to grab a checklist on what you can do to prevent your weed use from developing into a problem.

Worried you actually do have a weed problem? Then click here to learn more about what you can do to solve your problems with weed.

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I hope you found value in the quiz.

– John