Marijuana Addiction Treatment Options

What are the treatment options for Marijuana Addiction?

Giving up on marijuana can be the most difficult thing because of societal pressure. Quitting is as difficult as quitting alcohol because there is always this inhibition that will people accept them.

Some people are so addicted to marijuana that they simple cannot control themselves if they don’t take it regularly. They know that consequences of being marijuana addict but still it is hard for them to control their usage.

People who used marijuana on a regular basic are the ones who receive treatment to overcome their addiction and to come back in their normal lifestyle. Such people needs professional help to help them to quit as they have already tried many times before on their own but were unsuccessful.

Getting rid of marijuana           

Compared to heroin or alcohol marijuana may not be physically addictive but what is more powerful is the psychological addiction if you get used to it. Just like how gambling addiction affects the brain, marijuana also works in the same manner.

Though there is lot of misconception regarding marijuana that it is not so addictive like heroin or methamphetamine as the physical symptoms are generally not seen but that should not stop you from seeking professional help or receiving treatment when you need it the most.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment Options

Finding a good treatment program is essential to re-establish their overall health, well-being and happiness.

A person suffering from marijuana addiction can choose from innumerable treatment options. For instance a detoxification aka detox program is recommended for people with serious form of addiction before moving into rehab. Depending on the severity of the addiction patients can also choose inpatient or outpatient facility to recover from their addiction. Once a person has got treated by receiving treatment attending support groups and therapy sessions or living at sober homes are great ways to strengthen the lesson learnt in the rehab.

For every individual treatment options are never the same. Based on the patients needs and situation it can always be personalized. When a patient is actively involved throughout the treatment process that’s when the treatment is most likely to be effective.

So here are some of the options to treat marijuana addiction:

  1. Intervention

Supervised by an intervention specialist, an invention is an action taken by loved ones wherein they convince and encourage the addicted patient to take the treatment so that they can recover back to normal life.

  1. Inpatient rehab

Inpatient drug rehab deals with all aspects of a person’s addiction including marijuana and its program is well constructed. They are always substance free environment meaning there are no substances of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes etc found in these rehabs. Therefore patients live in substance free environment. Medical care and therapeutic support are given to the patient in a continuous way.

Marijuana addicted individual can either be battling long term or short term addiction. So the best option for chronic patients is inpatient rehabs.

  1. Outpatient rehab

Another form of broad ranging action care is known as outpatient rehab. Here the patients stay at home and receive the treatments and therapies that are quite similar to inpatient rehab. The difference is that for treatment sessions they need to visit rehab throughout the week or as specified by the medical doctor while the care is taken at home.

Since Outpatient rehab does not isolate patients from the physical world, this option is the best for those patients whose addiction is in mild form and they have self disciplined attitude to recover.

  1. Detoxification

The first step to treating marijuana addicted patient is detoxification. Detoxification means the flushing out of toxins i.e. drugs from the body entirely. It is carried out on either from moderate to chronic addicted patients.

During drug detox, patients face withdrawal symptoms that can be either minor or extremely painful so a properly assisted medication therapy is required. When the patient no longer requires dependence on drug medication for detox is narrowed down.

5. Sober Homes

Sober living homes are residences with safe housing with supportive and substance free environment provided to patients that are leaving the drug rehab. These patients are on the verge of retuning back to their daily life and are still recovering. This option is best suited when patients want to reinforce the lesson learnt during rehab and are in recovery process. A sober home is less restrictive than inpatient rehab but the patient must stay sober as he/she can relapse back to their addiction problem.

The maximum stay for patient is 90 days but if needed it the period can be arranged. The patients can leave whenever they feel they are ready to be back doing tasks in normal life.

6. Faith-Based Treatment

Faith based rehab centers provide treatments based on faith and spiritual healing. People who are very spiritual and have lost connection with God tend to go for this option. Elements that heal the mind, body and soul are incorporated in the treatment along with curing the addiction.

7. Medications for Addiction Treatment

For speedy recovery medications are often prescribed during detox and other treatments. Larger drug rehabs often also function as methadone clinics and provide methadone-based treatment for marijuna. Other rehabs may also double up as suboxone treatment centers and use suboxone, another popular alternative to methadone, during treatment. During the therapy, doses are adjusted by the doctors so that patients can be sober once again. The treatment works best when used with an extensive treatment program.

8. Marijuna addiction plus mental health problems

If you or your loved one are struggling with an addiction to marijuana, as well as a mental health problem, the best way to seek treatment is to look for dual diagnosis treatment centers. These rehab facilities specialize in treating co-occurring mental health and addictions problems and will help get to the root of the problem for your particular case.


So these were some of the options that you have to combat marijuana addiction.

We know it isn’t easy to recover from marijuana addiction. To achieve sobriety and to get back to the previous self once again it requires lot of will power and self discipline. In this journey of recovering to your former state you are not the only person. While undergoing treatment in the rehab there will be many other patients who have got relatable stories like you and will actually understand what you are going through as they are also going though the similar transition. Apart from the other patients you have also got your family, friends relatives and well wishers who will always be there by your side.

How much effort you are willing to put into the treatment process also determines your recovery from marijuana addiction. So pay attention to what your doctors says and watch the ways how your treatment is done in order to understand what awaits for you.